Triderm for children: reviews, indications, instructions for use

"Triderm" is a medicament intended for external use in infectious diseases of the skin. The agent has a rather powerful effect, therefore, it is not used for prophylaxis."Triderm" for children, according to reviews, is prescribed to reduce inflammation in dermatoses or dermatitis.


This drug is manufactured by pharmaceutical company SCHERING-PLOUGH LABO N.V in Portuguese or Belgian enterprises. The drug can be found in pharmacies in the form of an ointment or cream. Shampoos or gels under the name "Triderm" do not exist. Ointment or cream is produced in aluminum tubes having a weight of 15 or 30 grams. They are the same in composition and concentration of active substances.
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Composition of the active ingredients is as follows:
  • Betamethasone dipropionate 643 μg in 1 g.
  • clotrimazole 10 mg in 1 g.
  • gentamicin 1 mg( 1000 IU) in 1 g.

The concentration of the active ingredient in both the ointment andcream is the same, only in different auxiliary components. The ointment contains petrolatum and liquid paraffin."Triderm" for children( feedback is confirmed) is used quite often. The cream contains several kinds of alcohols: propylene glycol, benzyl, cetostearyl, macrogol, as well as phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide and dihydrate sodium dihydrogen phosphate.

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It should be said that the cream and ointment are hormonal preparations that contain synthetic glucocorticosteroids( betamethasone dipropionate).This substance successfully copes with the inflammatory process, itching and allergic reaction. But here there is one problem: this hormone is considered potent, it quickly becomes addictive, so doctors do not recommend using the ointment as a preventive or permanent remedy. Corticosteroid is characterized by serious side effects that can bring a lot of problems to a person. This is confirmed by the instructions attached to the preparation "Triderm".Children appoint him with caution.

Uncontrolled use of creams and ointments with this hormone, can cause diseases of various kinds, for example, hormonal perioral dermatitis. The disease is treatable much more difficult than all other types of dermatitis. As a result, the situation will become much more serious than before the application of the drug. From this it follows that the agent must be used only for the purpose of a specialist and for a short time.

Therapeutic effect

Judging by the feedback, "Triderm" for children can be prescribed. This drug has a combined effect: anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antipruritic, antifungal, antibacterial. The removal of inflammation, allergy and itching symptoms is ensured by betamethasone, the antifungal effect is clotrimazole, and gentamicin acts as antibacterial. As already mentioned above, the hormone copes with the symptoms "perfectly," and the effect persists for a long time. Clotrimazole kills bacteria that cause dermatomycosis, candidiasis and pityriasis. Gentamicin, which is an antibiotic, successfully eliminates streptococcus, staphylococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli, aerobacteria, proteas and Klebsiella. Indications for "Triderm" are given below.

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Why use?

Both forms have the same type of indication. In this case, these are dermatoses complicated by the appearance of a secondary infection. It is caused by microorganisms sensitive to gentamycin and clotrimazole. Assign "Triderm" with dermatitis, allergic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, eczema, lichen, dermatomycosis, especially concentrated in the groin or other skin folds.

How to use

According to reviews, "Triderm" for children is used in the form of ointments, it is justified in the presence of large affected areas. The cream is prescribed if the skin lesions are minor. It should also be said that the cream is absorbed faster and leaves no traces, so if you need to use the drug under your clothes, it is better to give preference to a creamy consistency. If you treat wet areas, then you should also use the cream, because it better desiccates the skin than the ointment. The agent is applied to the affected areas in a thin layer, so that a portion of healthy skin surrounding the sore spot is captured. It is applied twice a day: morning and evening before bedtime. This confirms the instructions to the "Triderm" tool.

Children need to rub the medicine daily, during the entire course, which the doctor appointed. Do not let ointment or cream get on open wounds or damaged skin. In this case, gentamicin can be absorbed through the blood and provoke side effects. Observe the safety measures when applying the medicine to children.

If you use the drug for three to four weeks, but there is no improvement, you should stop using it and consult a doctor for a more thorough examination. If the drug has been used for a long time, then it should be canceled gradually. This drug is categorically prohibited in the treatment of eye diseases and periocular areas.

If ointment or cream causes severe irritation, another infection is attached, treatment with the drug is immediately stopped. Indications "Triderma" should be strictly observed. tridermis

If you use other antibiotics at the same time, carefully monitor the child's well-being, as a cross-allergic reaction may develop. If you use cream or ointment on large surfaces of the skin, there may be side effects that manifest themselves in the form of adrenal insufficiency, Cushing's syndrome, obesity, muscle atrophy, skin thinning, steroid diabetes, cardiomyopathy, osteoporosis, hirsutism, amenorrhea and steroid psychosis. The signs of obesity are very specific: fat deposits are localized on the face, neck, back and in the abdomen. In addition, side effects can be manifested in the form of a significant growth of microorganisms exhibiting resistance to the action of gentamicin. These symptoms are eliminated by abolishing the drug, carrying out symptomatic treatment.

For children and pregnant women

Pediatricians prescribe the use of the cream "Triderm" to children only for acute need from the age of two. The fact is that the hormone that is part of the medicine has a much stronger impact on the children's body than on adults, respectively, the risk of developing side effects is very high. Betamethasone has a peculiarity of being absorbed into the blood, therefore serious complications are caused: oppression of the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands, Itenko-Cushing syndrome, growth retardation, slow weight gain, rising intracranial pressure, fontanelle bulging, headache and edema of the optic nerve. Considering all the above, use this tool with caution, in small doses, a very short( up to seven days) period of time. Is it possible to give babies Breastmilk "Triderm" ointment? This is a common question.

It is better for a baby to prefer a cream, as it is absorbed faster. It should be remembered that "Triderm" is used only in the presence of dermatitis, complicated by infection, that is, in cases when it is impossible to do with means that do not contain hormones and antibiotics in their composition. As a rule, after the use of this drug, there is a steady improvement in the condition. As for using it during pregnancy, the conditions of use are the same here as in childhood. When treating diaper rash in infants "Triderm", the benefit of the drug should prevail over the danger of getting serious complications. cream triderm application

If there is no certainty about this, it is better not to use the medicine, so as not to jeopardize the child's complications. If such a need arises, you can not use ointment or cream on a large area of ​​the skin, and also use the medicine for a long period. The fact of penetration of the drug into breast milk is not established, but considering all the side effects mentioned above, it is better to refuse breastfeeding for the period of drug use. Often used "Triderm" in atopic dermatitis in children. Is this justified? In this case, it is important to follow the doctor's recommendations.

Use of the drug is not as directed by

Many people use this drug for other purposes: from otitis media, by analogy with the drug "Sophradex".The compositions of both drugs are very similar and the principle of action is similar. However, it should be understood that dexamethasone, which is part of the ear drops, acts more sparingly than synthetic corticosteroids, which are a component of the "Triderma".Therefore, for the treatment of otitis and other ear ailments, it is recommended to use authorized means intended specifically for the ears in order to avoid complications.
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Side effects of

There are often cases of perioral dermatitis due to the use of ointment or cream with betamethasone. It manifests itself immediately after the drug was canceled. If you start to rub the cream or ointment again, all the manifestations will immediately disappear. But the fact is that over time the dose of the medicine becomes more and more, as a strong dependence on the hormone is established: the skin requires more of it. Various rashes and irritation of the skin will appear with a fair amount of frequency.

In this situation, it is necessary to consult a competent doctor and gradually cancel the drug, replacing it with another medication. In addition to these manifestations, there may be other symptoms. For example, a burning sensation, erythema, dermatitis, itching, wet skin, dryness, increased hair growth, acne. Unfortunately, this drug can not be considered a panacea for all types of dermatitis. The medication has its contraindications and limitations in use, which must be taken into account.


The drug can not be used with skin tuberculosis, syphilis with skin eruptions, chicken pox, herpes, post-vaccination reactions on the skin, and under the age of two years. Absolute contraindication to it is a special sensitivity or allergic reactions to the components of the drug. Can anything be found cheaper than Triderma? triderm for atopic dermatitis in children


Synonymous action will have drugs that have a similar active substance. As analogs, medicinal agents with a similar effect, but other active components, are used. If there is no allergy on Triderm, it is well tolerated by patients, perhaps a cheaper drug with the same effect. If there are side effects when using the drug, it is better to replace it. Sometimes it is better to resort to the help of analogues of "Triderma".Cheaper means: Belosalik, Betasal, Diprosalik, Cleore, and Rederm. As preparations with the same active substance it is possible to recommend: "Akriderm", "Kanison".


According to reviews, "Triderm" for children with fungus is often used. It works well if the child's skin is irritated. Side effects occur rarely, especially if the treatment is not too long. Without the appointment of a doctor, it is not recommended to use it.