"Immunokind" for children: instructions for use and feedback

Drugs to enhance the body's natural defense are not shown to use by all people. Appoint such drugs should only a competent specialist after a preliminary examination. Especially often in such a correction need older people and young children. In this article we will talk about the tool "Immunokind."The instruction, composition, application, analogues will be presented to your attention.

immunokinder for children

Components of the drug

The drug "Immunokind" - homoeopathic tablets. The instruction informs that the composition of the drug includes such components as gagermani calcium carbonicum D6, fluoratum calcium D6, sulfurur zhodatum D12, phosphoricum calcium D6.All components are used in an amount of 20 milligrams.

The drug is available in a plastic tube. It contains 150 tablets. The design is packed in a cardboard box, on which there is a name "Immunokind."Instructions for use for children are attached to each unit of the drug. The average cost of a homeopathic remedy is 800-900 rubles.

immunokind for children instruction price

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Indications for prescribing

What does the instruction for the Immunokind preparation for children say? In the attached annotation it is indicated that the composition is immunomodulating, increasing the natural resistance of the organism. The medication is used to treat various infections of the respiratory tract, otitis, bronchitis and so on. It can also be used for preventive purposes.

It should be noted that with progressive disease, doctors often recommend complex therapy, in which, in addition to the composition of "Immunokind", additional medications are prescribed.

Immunokind instructions for use in children

Contraindications and the possibility of occurrence of adverse reactions

The composition of the preparation "Immunokind" for children says that it has no contraindications and side effects. This statement is due to the composition of the tablets. It is generally accepted that homeopathic remedies are absolutely safe and can never be harmful. However, this opinion is erroneous. Doctors have a different point of view on this.

Doctors report that you should not use the formula with lactose intolerance. Since this substance is a part of the tablets. Also it is not recommended to take the drug with individual intolerance to the components. Among the side effects can occur such reactions as nausea, vomiting, disruption of the stomach and intestines, manifested by diarrhea or constipation. Remember that even homeopathic preparations should be used only in a doctor-controlled dosage.

Immunokind Tablets Homeopathic Instructions

"Immunokind" for children: instruction for use

This medication should be taken after consultation with a doctor. It is the doctor who determines the pattern of drug use and duration of use. If the doctor did not give you individual recommendations, then it is worth keeping to the conditions described in the instructions.

The manufacturer says that the medication is prescribed exclusively to children under 6 years of age. At an older age, it may simply be ineffective. The composition should be taken one tablet three times a day. It is recommended to observe the same time intervals between doses. The drug is kept in the mouth until it dissolves completely. Do this for half an hour before a meal or 30 minutes after a meal.

It should be said about some features of the application. If the medicine is prescribed to children of the first year of life, then it is recommended to dissolve the tablet in a teaspoon of clean water. Up to three years, you can give the drug in a crushed form. The duration of use depends on the condition of the child and can vary from 2 to 8 weeks.

Substitutes of the drug

What is the analogue of the preparation "Immunokind" for children? The instruction informs that the composition of tablets is unique. There are no more such drugs. This suggests that there are no absolute substitutes.

If necessary, you can select analogues, similar in effect. These include Oscilococcinum. This drug is also homeopathic, which increases the protective functions of the body. Also, substitutes can be called such compounds as "Anaferon", "Ergoferon", "Likopid", "Immunal" and others. immunokind instruction instruction composition analogues

Reviews about the tool "Immunokind"

Consumers say that the described drug has a rather pleasant sweet taste. Children use it with great pleasure, like candy. At the same time, there is no need for drinking water with the drug. Also parents say that "Immunokind" is a very effective tool. Many children after the course were less sick. And this is not surprising. After all, the drug reduces the likelihood of recurring diseases.

Doctors often prescribe this remedy for prolonged infections. Such babies have to take antibacterial drugs with every cold. After the course "Immunokinda" parents simply forgot about antibiotics. Even if the child falls ill, recovery comes quickly. The peculiarity of the composition of the drug allows you to take it for a long time without interruption.

Instead of the conclusion of

, you read the review of the drug "Immunokind" for children. Instruction, price, reviews about it and analogs are presented to you. Do not trust all positive reviews and independently assign to your child this remedy. Before applying, it is always necessary to contact the pediatrician and ask for his recommendations. Health to you and your baby!