Cryolipolysis: reviews, before and after photos, results, contraindications. Cryolipolysis at home: reviews of doctors

Opinions on the ideal figure in different centuries differed significantly. If at the beginning of the last century a beautiful woman was considered beautiful with magnificent forms, today fatty deposits are more a disadvantage than a dignity. Most girls tend to model parameters 90-60-90.Huge importance in this case has genetics. One woman has to sit on strict diets in order to have a good figure, while the other eats everything and does not get better at all.

Some members of the weaker sex can not get rid of extra pounds with the help of strict diets and physical exertion. In this case, you can not do without the help of a specialist. Popular today is the procedure called "cryolipolysis".Reviews, before and after photos of women who took advantage of the service, are impressive. Representatives of the weaker sex get rid of fat deposits with little effort.

What is cryolipolysis?

This is a modern method of correction of the figure, based on the thinning of the fat layer by affecting the subcutaneous fat. A noninvasive technique was born relatively recently due to the Harvard scientist Rox Andecrson. The action is based on local cooling of fatty tissue. Due to this, the layer essentially thinens, and the woman acquires harmony. The exposure occurs within a certain period of time( usually 1 hour).The upper layers of fat cells die. Together with this, other tissues that are exposed to cold do not suffer at all.

cryolipolysis reviews before and after photos Has an ambiguous evaluation of cryolipolysis. The doctors' comments show that the procedure is completely safe. The death of fatty tissue is not threatened by a general deterioration of the patient's well-being. Such operations do not end with an inflammatory process, so they can be performed without problems in the absence of contraindications. However, it is not recommended to go to the procedure without first consulting a doctor. Preference should be given to proven clinics that have all the necessary certificates. Cryolipolysis at home can also be performed. However, before proceeding to the procedure, all the nuances should be studied.

Indications for the procedure

In all areas where there is fat deposits, cryolysis can be carried out. Where to make the procedure? Most often, women are struggling with fat deposits in problem areas. This is the hips and stomach. In addition, the cryolipolysis procedure can be performed on the face, back, legs, waist, buttocks and knees. Effects on fat cells by cold refers to a number of medical interventions. Therefore, it is not recommended to go to the procedure without first consulting a doctor.

cryolipolysis reviews of doctors Cryolipolysis apparatus has its indications and contraindications. First of all, this is a procedure that is aimed at improving the health status of a patient suffering from overweight. Cryolipolysis is indicated for those who suffer from alimentary-constitutional obesity. Most often, this problem occurs in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and eat incorrectly. Fat deposits occur on the hips, buttocks, abdomen. At the initial stage, the problem is easily solved with the help of diets and physical exertion. If the body mass index significantly exceeds the norm, without additional means of combating obesity is indispensable. Here just comes to the rescue cryolipolysis. Reviews, before and after photos made by those who took advantage of the procedure, are impressive. Patients do manage to become young immediately for several years.

Unfortunately, obesity can be not only the result of an incorrect lifestyle. Quite often, extra pounds arise in people who already have health problems. Dangerous is obesity by the hypothalamic type. Men and women may be disturbed by the work of the nerve center responsible for eating. As a result, the patient begins to eat much more, the metabolism is disturbed. Also obesity can be a symptom of endocrinological disease. First of all, the patient needs to identify the cause of excess weight, and only then get rid of fat. Cryolipolysis only makes the figure slimmer, but does not solve the main problem.

Who does not fit?

Like any other medical procedure, cryolipolysis has its contraindications. First of all, it is a genetically embedded intolerance to low temperatures. Some people even with the slightest freezing on the skin, there is redness, which can be accompanied by itching and flaking. Cryolipolysis is based on the effect of low temperature on the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Men and women who suffer from a rare form of allergy, this option of fighting overweight will not work.

cryolipolysis photo review before and after Without consulting a doctor, it is not necessary to perform cryolipolysis at home. Contraindications, expert reviews - all this must be studied beforehand. Do not perform the procedure during pregnancy and lactation. There are also a number of other contraindications. These include diseases such as diabetes mellitus, asthma, a hernia in the problem area, poor blood coagulability, Raynaud's syndrome. In the presence of visible lesions and wounds on the skin, the procedure should also be postponed.

Cryolipolysis procedure can not be performed also with excessive obesity. With the help of cooling, you can kill only fatty tissue, which is in the upper layers. Before you begin to improve the figure in the cabin, it is worthwhile to establish a way of life, to find out the cause of obesity, to start playing sports.

How do cryolipolysis in the cabin?

Cryolipolysis refers to the category of painless procedures performed on an outpatient basis. You can remove subcutaneous fat by cold in any salon that has the appropriate permits and certificates. The procedure should be performed by a qualified specialist who has previously studied the patient's tests, his health status.

cryolipolysis where to do Very important is the preparatory stage. Previously, the doctor examines the patient, clarifies whether there are contraindications to the conduct of cryolipolysis. If everything is normal, the specialist photographs the problem area, measures the thickness of the subcutaneous fat. This is necessary in order to evaluate the result of the procedure after it. Depending on the thickness of fatty tissue, an applicator is also selected, with the help of which cryolipolysis will be carried out. The result directly depends on the experience of the specialist, as well as the equipment that is used.

The procedure begins with the application of a special thermal bandage to the problem zone with the gel. Its main component is propylene glycol, which facilitates the rapid penetration of the gel under the skin. Thanks to this preparation, the skin quickly moistens and reacts better to cold. In addition, the dressing with gel acts as a uniform heat conductor. The skin remains protected from burns and other damage.

An important stage of cryolipolysis is cooling. Through the applicator with the help of vacuum, a certain area of ​​the skin is sucked into, which is exposed to cold. During the procedure, the doctor should monitor the density of contact of the applicator, as well as the temperature of the patient's body. The whole procedure lasts no more than an hour. The first results can be estimated almost immediately. Do not be afraid of small bruises that appear on the body. They come off within a few days.

What equipment is used?

There are several cryolipolysis devices. The Italian LIPOFREEZE is most commonly used today in the salons. With the help of such equipment, a certain area of ​​the skin heats for five minutes to +45 degrees Celsius, and then it is cooled to +20-22 degrees. The device helps in several sessions to get rid of the double chin, small deposits on the abdomen and hips. A great popularity in modern salons is enjoyed by cryolipolysis of the face.

Cryolipolysis apparatus If you need a deeper penetration, use the American apparatus Zeltiq. Such equipment does not imply the preheating of the skin area. Fatty fat immediately cools to +5 degrees Celsius. This method is more suitable for people with a high body mass index. Cryolipolysis of the abdomen or thighs in people weighing more than 100 kg may be performed.

Is the procedure really effective?

Cryolipolysis is absolutely painless and does not harm your health if you follow the procedure in accordance with all the rules. Before the beginning it is necessary to pass or take place inspection, to clarify, whether is not present contraindications. During the session, you can safely read a book or communicate with a doctor. In many salons the films are broadcast. The patient can relax and forget about the problems. Some even manage to sleep.

The results are usually noticeable after the first procedure. The most pronounced effect is for those who perform cryolipolysis of the second chin. The problem zone is reduced by 30%.On the abdomen and waist fat deposits are reduced by 25%.The least correction is the buttocks. After the first procedure, the fat layer in this zone can only decrease by 10-15%.

How long does the effect last?

After cryolipolysis, almost everyone can find the desired harmony. The greatest effect is seen three weeks after the procedure. Experts argue that fat cells need time to completely exit the body. However, it is not a panacea for cryolysis. The doctors' comments show that the effect can last no more than a year. Then the fat layer will increase again. However, this applies in most cases to those patients who lead an incorrect lifestyle and do not care about their health.

cryolipolysis of the face Those who performed the procedure of cryoliposuction, it is recommended to revise their diet. Do not eat a lot of fatty foods, fast foods, as well as bakery products. It is also desirable to forget about smoking and alcohol. Not too small will be moderate physical activity. A small run will help prolong the effect of cryolipolysis.

How much do I have to pay for the procedure in the salon?

Cryoliposuction can not be called a cheap pleasure. This procedure is more suitable for lazy people with good financial capabilities. After all, you do not need to sit on diets, exhaust yourself with work in the gym. It is only necessary to visit a specialist who, with the help of cold, will remove subcutaneous fatty tissue.

The cost of the procedure depends primarily on the nozzles that are used. The cost of one session with a deep penetration will be at least 20 thousand rubles. For the use of more sparing applicators will have to pay 12-15 thousand rubles.

What does the doctors say about this?

Specialists say that the fatty layer in the body plays an important role. Few people know that the normal fat content in an adult body should not exceed 10 kg. But there should not be less. Today cryolipolysis is very popular. Reviews, photos before and after are impressive. It's no accident that girls even with great shapes tend to look even better. Doctors also remind that women with a normal body mass index cryolipolysis can cause even harm.

cryolipolysis at home Small deviations from the norm can be corrected by exercise and proper nutrition. It is enough only to consult a dietician who will tell you what products should be avoided. Cryolipolysis also allows you only to acquire harmony, but does not solve the basic health problems. Often excess body weight is only the result of an incorrect lifestyle.

Cryolipolysis at home

The last time on the market appeared devices for carrying out cryolipolysis at home. Thanks to this, many women and men were able to save on the services of a specialist. But here to save on one's own health is undesirable. Today cryolipolysis is really very popular. Reviews before and after, photos of thin patients are impressive. It is no accident that many people start using special equipment at home without first consulting a doctor. However, it should not be forgotten that the procedure has many contraindications.

If you managed to get a doctor's permission, you can use the device at home. However, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions for use. At the beginning of the session, the cold in the area of ​​exposure may be felt. However, the body quickly becomes accustomed to such manipulations. Do not perform the procedure longer than indicated in the instructions. At the initial stage, the session should not last more than half an hour.

It should be prepared for the fact that after the procedure on the body there will be small bruises and abrasions. They quickly descend. At home, you can perform the procedure on the areas of the body that are closed with clothing. But in the salon it is better to perform cryolipolysis of the face. Reviews, photos before and after - all this must be studied before contacting a particular specialist.

Patient Reviews

Women and men who once managed to use the procedure, in most cases, leave positive feedback. The result is noticeable almost immediately. Even more slim figure gets a few weeks after the procedure. Especially noticeable is the effect in those patients who passed the session on the second chin. The person literally changes and gets younger at once for several years.

And here about performing cryolipolysis at home you can hear a lot of negative statements. This is due to the fact that people do not fully study the instructions, neglect their own health. The procedure has serious contraindications, which should not be forgotten.

Excellent results will not keep you waiting, if the mind is cryolipolysis. Reviews, before and after photos of slim patients are impressive. Trust your figure is only proven professionals with sufficient experience.