Moscow Scientific-Practical Center of Narcology of the Department of Health: branches, reviews

The Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Narcology is a state institution where they provide emergency and planned assistance to people with drug, alcohol and game addiction. The clinic has developed programs that are selected for each patient depending on its inclinations and contribute to an effective recovery.


The Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Narcology has appeared on the basis of the SPC for the prevention of drug addiction. The staff of specialists is staffed by doctors of the highest category, many of whom conduct scientific and research activities, have extensive experience working with complex cases of diseases. Patients receive the full range of services in the units: dispensary, inpatient, day hospital and rehabilitation center.

The Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Narcology is a state medical institution and conducts work on the organization of activities aimed at preventing the use of narcotic and other psychoactive substances. Also in the MNPT of narcology, studies are conducted in core areas, the work of all similar institutions that operate in Moscow is coordinated.

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Directions of activity

Patients with diagnoses of drug addiction, substance abuse, alcoholism, game dependence are accepted for treatment. Free service is provided to residents of Moscow. Patients from other regions are hospitalized by state programs on a free basis. Also, inpatient care is guaranteed to any Russian citizen in the presence of a referral from the Department of Health. The main condition for obtaining qualified care is the patient's desire, since any dependence has psychological reasons.

The activity of the MNPT of narcology develops in the scientific, clinical, outpatient areas, where all efforts are made to treat patients from addictions, develop new methods of prevention and treatment. The institution's specialists adhere to the principles of the phased integrated use of medical and rehabilitation programs, which has a greater success rate than other methods of overcoming specific diseases.

Moscow scientific practical center of narcology

Divisions of

The Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Narcology consists of three main divisions, each of which has its own peculiarities. The clinic's resources are designed for simultaneous servicing of 1,700 patients.

Main divisions of the MSPT of narcology:

  • The clinical department was founded in 2003 and focuses on the round-the-clock operation of the emergency service, better known as the "helpline".Rendering of consultations are occupied by leading doctors and psychologists. The main direction is urgent hospitalization, rendering psychological help and support to people with addictions in critical situations, as well as their relatives.
  • The outpatient unit provides medical, diagnostic, psychological and other assistance to patients with addictions. The outpatient department includes the departments of resuscitation, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, laboratory, day hospital, prevention. Patients are hospitalized in specialized departments, where the profile of the disease( alcoholism, substance abuse, drug addiction, etc.) is taken into account. For HIV-infected patients, there is a separate department. The outpatient department includes all narcological dispensaries in the city of Moscow.
  • The scientific division of consists of departments of clinical narcology, medical genetics and experimental immunology. The subjects of study are children's narcology and problems of its psychotherapy, rehabilitation. The institution develops scientific methods for identifying hidden forms of drug addiction, alcoholism, and also determines the genetic factors of the emergence of addictions in childhood. On the basis of the results obtained, programs and recommendations for existing specialists are being formed.
  • Educational activities and education. The Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Narcology of the Department of Health is the educational department of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences after graduate education of specialists.

Moscow Scientific and Practical Center for Narcology reviews

Stages of comprehensive treatment of

The Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Narcology of the Department of Health has developed and implemented a set of measures for the treatment of drug and alcohol addictions. The specialists of the clinic are not limited only to medical measures, but also carry out work on the social rehabilitation of the patient.

The program consists of the stages:

  • Advance. It is in the active formation of the patient's persistent desire to be cured of dependence. In the process involved employees of the institution and the immediate environment of the patient( relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.).
  • Copying. Conclusion of the patient from the abstinence state or withdrawal of the syndrome of withdrawal. Carried out by medicamental methods under the supervision of an experienced doctor.
  • Treatment. Stabilization of the patient's physical condition, removal of depressive syndromes, control of attraction to narcotic substances or alcohol. At this stage, patients often leave the program, if there was not enough motivation for treatment. Refusal or participation in treatment programs are voluntary, the clinic has no right to keep the patient violently.
  • Therapy and correction. About 30% of the successful cure is during this period, when patients solve their own intrapersonal problems and conflicts with the psychotherapist and psychologist. In addition to working in psychological groups and individual sessions, drug treatment is provided.
  • Rehabilitation. At the final stage, the patient is taught to recognize internal risk factors, symptoms of disruption and pathological attraction. Having learned to hear their own "demons" and control themselves, the patient can return to normal life. More than half of the success of therapy is at this stage. During this period, the patient's family members are involved in the treatment process, general consultations and work with a psychologist, a psychiatrist-narcologist are conducted.

Moscow Scientific Practical Center of Narcology Rehabilitation Center

Adaptation of

The treatment program is designed for a 30-day stay of the patient in the hospital, after which they receive compulsory treatment for three months to six months in an outpatient setting. One of the mandatory conditions for success is social rehabilitation and a return to normal life. The MNPC narcology actively cooperates with the city employment services, helping all wishing to find a job and re-socializing, acquiring new working skills or recovering lost ones.

The Moscow Research and Practice Center of Narcology as part of the rehabilitation program recommends patients to visit self-help groups in communities of anonymous alcoholics or anonymous drug addicts. For each patient, a group is selected in which he will feel himself involved in the process and will get the most out of communication.

In the after-treatment period much attention is paid to the patient's family. For a full effect, family psychotherapy sessions are held. The aim of the work is to train relatives in ways of psychological protection from an alcoholic or drug addict, develop options, ways to change the internal environment of the family to overcome the system of intra-family relationships that led to the emergence of dependencies. Lectures, seminars for family and close patients of the center are held every Monday and Thursday at a convenient time after the end of the working day( 17: 00-20: 00).

How to get help from

Anyone from Moscow can ask for help, for this it is necessary to find a territorial narcological clinic and call the help desk to determine the date of admission by a specialist.

Moscow Research Center for Addiction The Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Narcology has branches in the districts:

  • Central District.
  • North-Western District.
  • In the northern district there is a department of the dispensary No. 1 and No. 2, a day hospital for drug addicts and a rehabilitation center.
  • South-eastern district.
  • Southern District.
  • South-west.

Ten branches in different parts of the city are the Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Narcology. Branch 4 is located on Shcherbakovskaya street, in building No. 57/20.Prevention and treatment of smoking and non-chemical addictions are carried out in a branch in Ostozhenka Street, building 53A.

To receive assistance, you must have a package of documents: a passport, a MHI policy. Anonymous assistance, support and advice are provided through a hotline. The State Municipal Clinical Hospital of the MNPT of Narcology provides information on the phone, which can be found on the official website of the institution.

Hospitalization Regulations

The Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Narcology( Lublinskaya Str. 37/1) conducts hospitalization in a hospital according to the following rules:

  • Scheduled work on receiving patients and their distribution by departments is conducted in the reception room around the clock. Addresses of hospitals: Lublinskaya street, building 37/1, Bolotnikovskaya street, building 16, Warsaw highway, building 170 Г, building № 1.
  • Placement for in-patient treatment is carried out after written voluntary consent of the patient submitted to the director of MNPC, where consent is givenfor the treatment, processing of personal data, etc.
  • The patient, upon admission to hospital treatment, provides a passport where the place of residence is indicated. For Muscovites hospitalization is free of charge. For residents of other cities, the direction of the Moscow City Health Department is required. For residents of other areas, hospitalization is possible on a commercial basis.
  • Children and adolescents under 16 years of age are placed in an inpatient department at the request of parents or guardians.
  • For hospitalization, indications are behavioral and mental personality disorders associated with substance abuse. Also, the reason for treatment in the hospital is the pathological aspiration to gambling.
  • Emergency hospitalization is carried out by emergency services, accommodation is carried out at addresses - Lublinskaya street, building 37/1 or Warsaw highway, building 170 G, building No. 1.
  • Patients without a specific place of residence are hospitalized if they have a passport / temporary certificate / direction of the Department of HealthMoscow.
  • Self-addressed citizens are hospitalized in agreement with the administration of the MNPTs of narcology, provided there are no diseases( viral hepatitis, HIV, AIDS, syphilis).
  • Patients with viral diseases can also be hospitalized in a special department. For this, a fluorographic examination, referral from the appropriate supervisory authority( MGOTS AIDS) should be attached to the standard package of documents.

Moscow Scientific Practical Center of Narcology, Branch 4

Special approach

1 The Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Narcology deals not only with the surface problems of adults, but also children who are involved in the consumption of alcohol or drugs. For them, two dispensary departments have been set up, which provides counseling, outpatient, diagnostic, medical and rehabilitation care.

You can apply for treatment and consultations at Ostozhenka street, building 53A.Medical and social rehabilitation activities are held in the department at Leninsky Prospect, building 89A.A complex program has been developed for patients, including group and individual psychotherapy, occupational therapy, medication, art therapy, etc. Family therapy sessions are held. When staying in a hospital, patients are under the supervision of doctors and educators.

Not only standard programs operate in the asset of the Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Narcology. Branch No. 8 offers extended outpatient rehabilitation programs for patients:

  • "Catechism" - is based on the Orthodox faith.
  • "The first step" is the starting program for those who will undergo rehabilitation according to the "12 steps" method.
  • "Insight" - will be interesting and useful for people with a scientific approach to understanding the world and its structure.
  • "Return" is the final program for people who have been treated in the rehabilitation center of the MSPT of narcology.
  • "Island" completes the "12 steps" program.
  • "Family" - the nearest relatives of patients with addictions are involved in the program.

The branch has departments:

  • Dispensary No. 1 is located on Barclay Street, 5, building 6.
  • Dispensary No. 2 is located on the Borovskoye highway, building 46.
  • The narcological office providing services to the population of the TAO is located in the village of Desenovskoye on Novovatutinskiy avenue, in the building12A.
  • The day hospital and rehabilitation department are on Kastanaevskaya street in house number 26.

Moscow scientific-practical center of narcology ul Lublinskaya

Rehabilitation center

Complex treatment and individual approach to each patient are the priorities on which the work of the Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Narcology is based. The rehabilitation center helps patients who decide to get rid of addiction, to conduct the procedure in full accordance with the methods. Stay and treatment in the center is voluntary, for residents of Moscow the entire course is free.

For the rehabilitation course, patients who have completed a full range of treatment activities from the following hospitals of the MNPT of Narcology are admitted:

  • Branch # 1( Bolotnikovskaya Str., Building 8).
  • Head office on the street. Lublin, building 37/1.
  • Branch No. 2( Varshavskoe highway, building 170G).
  • Day hospitals of any affiliate of the MNPP of narcology.

Patients come to the rehabilitation center for transportation. The program and its duration are determined individually for each person. The complex of measures includes medication, psychological and social adaptation.

Upon completion of the course, each person receives personal recommendations, which include a plan for further work with intrapersonal problems, recommendations for attending meetings and self-help groups. Patients are focused on improving intra-family relationships, socialization, working life and much more. Address - Stupino district, Staraya Sitna village, Hospital street, building No. 1.

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The Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Narcology reviews with positive assessments was received from patients who found the strength to undergo the entire course of treatment and rehabilitation program. Many doctors from different branches are addressed with words of gratitude from patients and their relatives for their understanding, professionalism and patient attitude.

The majority of those who undergo treatment say that this was one of the most difficult periods of their life, often wanted to quit treatment and return to their old habits, but the perseverance of all the staff of the clinic has saved times from reckless steps. Patients claim that now they are ready to overcome all the difficulties with the qualities of character, rather than avoiding them with the help of drugs or alcohol.

Not all were satisfied with the treatment provided by the Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Narcology. Reviews with negative ratings tell us about the severe drug treatment prescribed for patients, after which complications often occur. Also, some participants in the rehabilitation program indicate that living in the center is uncomfortable. Premises for a long time do not know repair, there are cases of theft and disrespectful attitude from the staff.