DDT: what is diadynamic therapy and what are the indications for the procedure

There are a number of diseases in which a patient is prescribed to undergo the DDT procedure. What is diadynamic therapy and what is its effect on the body?

At a time when the acute stage of the disease is safely overcome and the body enters the recovery phase, physiotherapy is applied. Often this method is the most suitable for the patient, as it is quite capable of replacing the use of medications.

DDT method: what is

DiaDynamotherapy is a physiotherapeutic method, in which an electric current affects the patient's body. Inflammatory processes that occur in various diseases, violate the proper functioning of all human organs. ddt what is

The energy of the electric current directly affects all processes occurring in them. Diadynamic currents are able to relieve pain syndrome and difficulty in movement due to the supply of energy to all body tissues. The procedure is as follows:

  • , the effect of the current is directly on the skin through two electrodes with different charges;
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  • , a certain part of the body of the sick person is exposed to an electric field formed by the use of electrodes;
  • DDT several times during the procedure affects the affected area of ​​the tissue, changing the charge level each time;
  • every session of DDT improves the activity of the affected tissue.

What is the

device? To get relief from pain, and at the same time to be able to move freely after the first time of the procedure - all this allows you to achieve physiotherapy. Device DDT - a device that has the ability to create a number of levels of functioning, with different parameters. The procedure of DDT is considered to be easy to conduct, but it is only allowed for medical personnel. ddt physiotherapy contraindications

Effect of DDT on the body

DDT is able to activate processes in those tissues that contain water, because as a result of the passage through the water the charge increases its speed. This explains the achievement of a positive result precisely when exposed to soft tissues of the body.

  1. By using the device, the nerve roots are blocked. Thanks to this, the effect of anesthesia in the tissues of the diseased organ occurs. The impulse of pain is also transmitted when the charge passes, and therefore with the help of DDT it does not reach the brain for a certain time.
  2. During the pain in the muscles there is a spasm, which is also removed by the device.
  3. The vascular effect is achieved by actively passing an electric charge through the blood, which contains a large amount of water.

ddt physiotherapy with osteochondrosis

There are many diseases in which the passage of DDT sessions is prescribed. However, if some patients notice an improvement in the state of the body after undergoing a course of procedures, others note its side effects.

Positive properties of DDT

  1. Rapid achievement of a positive result, which occurs immediately after passing the first procedure.
  2. The simplicity of the procedure, allowing it to be used in a variety of diseases that cause pain and stiffness in movement.
  3. The method of diadynamic therapy is safe and does not cause serious side effects.

Negative properties of DDT

A significant drawback of the method is the probability of the disease returning after a certain period of time.

In rare cases, DDT can cause allergic reactions to the skin, so there is an individual intolerance to this method.


The procedure can be assigned for many reasons.

  1. Some diseases of the nervous system.
  2. Disorders in the work of the digestive tract.
  3. Very good effect is physiotherapy DDT with osteochondrosis. With the help of this method, spasms and pain syndrome in each part of the spine are successfully removed.
  4. In the treatment of such a serious disease as a hernia, the DDT method is also prescribed. What is the intervertebral hernia and what unpleasant symptoms are accompanied by this ailment, many people in our time know firsthand. With this disease, several courses of DDT are prescribed, the passage of which allows you to permanently get rid of his symptoms.
  5. Also with the help of DDT, it is possible to treat deforming arthrosis at the initial stage of its onset.
  6. For various fractures, gypsum is applied to the damaged area. After it is removed, the patient faces difficulties in movements, which can also be eliminated with DDT.
  7. In the recovery process after various soft tissue damage, the DDT method is used.

physiotherapy apparatus ddt

Contraindications to the procedure

For various diseases of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system, DDT physiotherapy has a beneficial effect on the body. Contraindications to this procedure still exist, and in order not to cause adverse reactions, it is necessary to inform the attending physician about the presence of the following ailments:

  • heart diseases such as arrhythmia or a previous myocardial infarction;
  • skin diseases;
  • trauma and fracture in acute stage;
  • oncological diseases both in acute stage, and during remission;
  • bleeding disorder.

after physiotherapy ddt the temperature rose

If after the physiotherapy of DDT the temperature rises, this indicates the presence of a foci of inflammation in the body. It can be a viral or bacterial infection. Some patients who have such diseases are unaware before treatment of DDT that this can happen, and do not inform the doctor about their presence, and this can lead to complications during the procedure.

Modern high-quality devices allow you to carry out procedures without having a negative effect on the body, and therefore in most cases the procedure is well tolerated. If there is a deterioration in the state of health, the patient must necessarily inform the provider.