Sanatoriums for the treatment of joints in Russia: treatment programs, photos and reviews

When you have something hurts, life stops. This is especially true if the pain affects the joints, limiting the mobility of the limbs. Achieving a good result in ambulatory treatment is difficult, since an integrated approach is important. Of course, with acute pain it is necessary to undergo a number of procedures in a clinic or a medical center. However, this can not be stopped.

Rest in the sanatorium after the main course allows you to fix the result. Having received a number of injections, you, most likely, within a month will return to the doctor with the former complaints. After restorative therapy, it is possible to stretch remission for a much longer time even with chronic diseases. sanatoriums for the treatment of joints in russia

Treatment at home

Despite the fact that it is now fashionable to go to improve health abroad, it is fair to say that sanatoriums for the treatment of joints in Russia are not working for the first decade, and the results they achieve are world-famous. Of course, when choosing a medical institution, it is better to consult a therapist. Today we want to offer you an overview of the most popular sanatoriums that deal with these problems.

Pros of rest

No polyclinic will present such a complex of services, so if you want to relax and restore health simultaneously, then sanatoriums for joint treatment in Russia will be an ideal choice. To achieve a good result, natural, natural remedies are used. First of all, this is dirt. They have a number of useful properties

In addition to mud, mineral water is widely used. They accelerate the process of tissue regeneration. Proceeding from this, it is easy to conclude that you can safely choose a sanatorium for the treatment of joints in Russia, which have thermal and mud sources.

Altai Territory, Belokurikha

Let's go directly to the review of health centers. Very well-known are sanatoriums for the treatment of joints in Russia, located in this amazing corner of a great country. Many good reviews are devoted to the work of a health resort called "Altai Spring".This is actually a life-giving source of health for your musculoskeletal system. The use of modern methods of joint treatment in combination with natural features of ecologically clean Altai region, which allows achieving excellent results. treatment of joints in Crimea

Restoration and rest

Not all sanatoriums for the treatment of joints in Russia can boast such a rich experience in this direction. The rehabilitation program on the basis of the sanatorium "Rodnik Altai" allows to return the patient to a full life. In addition to the necessary procedures, guests can walk in the fresh air, which also contributes to an effective recovery.

The curative program includes the following types of impact on the musculoskeletal system:

  • Pant baths.
  • Halochamber using dry sea salt.
  • Phytotherapy.
  • Reflexotherapy, which includes acupuncture and medication.

Vladimir region

The oldest and most famous sanatoriums for the treatment of joints in Russia work here. And to correct their health come here not only residents of Vladimir, but Muscovites. Today we want to talk about the biggest sanatorium in the region, which bears the name of Abelman. The whole department here is engaged in the treatment of joints, using for this various modern methods and techniques. sanatorium treatment of joints russia reviews

A little more details

All health programs in this area necessarily include phytotherapy with the use of oats and burdock. On the territory of the sanatorium there is a source of mineral water, which finds wide application in the treatment of joints. Patients receive a course of whirlpool baths, visit various massages and showers. With success are used mechanotherapy and aerophytotherapy, heat and light treatment, phytosauna and cedar barrel.

Treatment of joints in Russia is one of the highest priorities. However, not all health resorts have the necessary conditions to conduct really effective therapy. Judging by the responses of regular customers, here all the staff works for the result and fights for the full life of everyone. It is the integrated approach that gives such a high percentage of recovery.


Kislovodsk is a legendary resort area, formerly of all-Union significance. All conditions for the treatment of diseases of various etiologies are created here. Caucasian mineral waters are a place where you can come to the sick, and go away happy, restoring your physical and emotional health.

Sanatorium treatment of joints in Russia is most effective in Pyatigorsk. Therefore, you do not need to go through many options, come here. Sanatorium "Ginal" specializes in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Here, nature itself has prepared the necessary conditions for this. Own pump rooms with mineral water give an opportunity to spend time with health benefits, and first-class medical-diagnostic base and attentive staff truly perform miracles. Therapy includes:

  • Use of mineral water sources. This is drinking and irrigation, bathing and therapeutic showers.
  • Phytotherapy, the use of medicinal herbs, decoctions and infusions.
  • Solar baths and the purest mountain air.
  • Sulphide sludge mud.
  • Natural caves and mines, or, in scientific terms, speleotherapy.

Not all sanatoriums on joints in Russia can boast of such achievements as "Ginal".This is a unique center, which was the first to become a laureate of the Russian government's quality award. Tourists know and appreciate it. Qualified doctors and first-class equipment, together with the possibility of a relaxing holiday in the open air, give chances to achieve excellent results. joint treatment in russia

Touristic subtleties

If to speak about sanatorium treatment of joints in Russia, I would like to note that the most suitable natural factors for effective recovery are in the resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. These are radon baths and hydrogen sulphide springs, therapeutic mud of Tambukansky lake and much more. Proceeding from this, treatment of joints became a priority direction of sanatoria in Pyatigorsk. We do not have the opportunity to list all of them, there is still a lot of interesting material ahead. Therefore, we will mention only one more and move on to other regions of Russia.

Sanatorium "Rus"( Essentuki)

This is a medical and recreational institution of a new type, such in our country no longer exists. Until now, this level was achievable only on a single western spa resorts. It is very pleasant that sanatoriums for the treatment of arthrosis in Russia, where nature so generously provides water and dirt, also began to raise their level.

Here rheumatoid arthritis and arthrosis, diseases of muscles and tendons, post-traumatic conditions are treated with great success. The combination of therapeutic factors, the latest diagnostic base and really talented medical personnel leads to a rapid reduction and disappearance of pain and edema. Movement becomes freer, the affected joint ceases to affect your life.

Hundreds of tourists visit this health resort every year. According to many of them, this is the best sanatorium for the treatment of joints in Russia. It's hard to call this an exaggeration, since people do come back with amazing results. sanatoriums in Russia

Moscow region

Residents of the capital can not travel far from their hometown. In the Odintsovo district sanatorium is located, which is considered to be the best in the field of treatment of the musculoskeletal system. One of the most important areas on the basis of the magnificent health resort "Blue River" is the rehabilitation of patients after joint replacement.

Treatment of the spine in the sanatorium has been carried out since 2000.Doctors have accumulated a lot of experience in this direction, which allows to get good results. Methods of restorative therapy are widely used here. The most effective natural factors are used: dirt, radon, light and heat. An additional result is provided by the efforts of the masseurs and LFK specialists.

Thanks to such a wide choice of instruments, physicians can quickly achieve a significant slowdown in the progression of the disease, facilitate its course and allow the patient to feel the joy of life again. The reviews emphasize that for a relatively low price here you can get professional medical help. sanatorium treatment of joints in Russia

Treatment in Crimea

Sanatorium "Yurmino" is located in the Crimea. Its main profile is the therapy of diseases of the spine, arthritis and arthrosis. Treatment of joints in the Crimea is an amazing rest on the beach and at the same time a restoration of health.

"Yurmino" is famous for its successful treatment and restoration after the most serious diseases. Numerous reviews suggest that the highest level of specialists can treat inflammatory and metabolic, degenerative joint pathologies. Treatment of joints in the Crimea will facilitate the progress of such diseases as post-traumatic arthritis, chronic osteomyelitis.

After a three-week course, all patients note a significant improvement:

  • Increases motor activity.
  • Pain symptoms decrease.
  • The functions of vertebrogenic nature are stabilized.

Treatment on the basis of the health resort is performed with the help of the famous Sak mud. The patented method of "compact dirt" technology allows to multiply the effect many times. The bottom line is that the mud is superimposed in three layers, followed by covering the patient with a warm electric blanket. After that, it is not used again.

According to the survey results, 96% of guests who completed the full course of treatment in the sanatorium, got rid of back pain. The remission period lasted from one month to a year.80% of the interviewed people had headaches and normalized sleep. Everyone's mood has improved, and the vitality has risen. sanatoriums for the treatment of arthrosis

Sanatorium "Poltava"

And we continue to consider the health resorts of Crimea. Our task is to present to your attention only the best sanatoriums for the treatment of joints in Russia. Feedback from tourists will help you navigate. It is located between Lake Saki and the sea. It is one of the oldest sanatoria, it was opened in 1974.The medical profile is the diseases of the musculoskeletal system. However, we are interested in the methods used here to achieve results.

First of all, it is mud cure. The silt, sulphide mud of Lake Saki allows achieving excellent results in the shortest possible time. Dirt is used in the form of general and local applications, as well as intracavitary tampons.
Balneotherapy in the health resort area is represented by the possibility of using a swimming pool with sea or thermal water to choose from, as well as various baths. It can be pearl, coniferous, iodide-bromine or lavender.
Additional methods are: physiotherapy, aromatherapy, inhalation and massage and physical education.

Treatment at sea

The ideal option is a vacation on a gold, beach beach, and in parallel taking care of your health. Even the air here is special, it helps to recover after the most severe ailments. Sanatoriums for the treatment of joints in Russia at sea are built throughout the Black Sea coast. One of the most famous is the "Sacropol".Here, polyarthroses and inflammatory processes outside the stage of exacerbation, the consequences of fractures and rheumatoid arthritis are successfully treated.

Correction methods include diagnostics, mud applications, brine baths and wraps. By appointment, a doctor can take a course of massage. All this combined with sea air gives excellent results. All tourists, returning after the course of treatment, note a significant improvement.

All these health resorts are characterized by the highest level of service. On the basis of each of them there is a well-coordinated team of doctors who can conduct a thorough diagnosis and make an effective treatment plan. Fresh air and beautiful nature make the holiday simply magnificent.