Vitamins "Complivit Trimestrum": instructions, analogues and reviews

During pregnancy, any woman needs a reinforced dose of vitamins, minerals for a fully-fledged baby."Compllyit Trimestrum" is specially designed for pregnant women and will come in handy. A balanced content of vitamins and minerals will support the health of the mother, prevent the development of various pathologies, save the fetus and allow the baby to be born healthy and strong.

Complivit Trimestrum

Necessity of taking vitamins

There are cases when vitamin deficiency causes premature termination of pregnancy."Compllyit Trimestrum" helps a pregnant woman to calmly treat her condition and not to worry that the body and the baby are missing the right substances. The body with the intake of vitamins is constantly receiving additional nutrition, so the condition of the future mother is quite normal.

This complex was also developed for those who are just planning a pregnancy."Complivit Trimesterum 1" allows you to prepare the body for bearing fruit, replenishes the lack of vitamins, strengthens the immune system.

Pregnancy is very important to prevent the manifestation of hypovitaminosis. Excellent copes with this "Complivit Trimesterum", women's reviews confirm this fact. All who took this complex, perfectly tolerated pregnancy and the birth process. Doctors recommend taking the drug and after delivery, during lactation. The daily balanced dose will fill all the gaps and lack of elements necessary for the body of the mother, while on lactation this affects very positively.

According to consumers, the drug gives women the opportunity to feel good throughout the trimesters. Indications for the use of the drug are the following conditions:

  • is required to increase immunity with simultaneous therapy of chronic and infectious pathologies;
  • inadequate or unbalanced nutrition;
  • prophylaxis or treatment of hypovitaminosis;
  • deficiency of minerals and vitamins.

compliments trimester reviews

"Compllyit Trimestrum": instruction for the use of

This line of vitamins for pregnant women consists of three preparations. Each corresponds to a certain trimester of pregnancy. All the funds are developed taking into account the needs of the organism for one or another period of pregnancy. The intake of dietary supplements allows you to prepare for the conception, bearing a fetus, to ensure a comfortable pregnancy throughout the term. The body of the mother and child will not need the most important microelements.

Take medications better for the doctor's prescription. The doctor will advise a balanced option that will help fill the body's lack of minerals and vitamins. It is recommended to take vitamins with frequent stress, with malnutrition, when living in adverse environmental conditions.

As mentioned above, "Compllyit Trimestrum 1" is recommended for admission in preparation for conception and in the first trimester of pregnancy( before 13 weeks).The increased dosage of iodine, folic acid, vitamins B12, B6 ensures the right development of the fetus from the first days.

"Complymitis Trimesterum 2" maintains the pregnancy at the proper level from 14 to 27 weeks of gestation. It also calculates the norms of vitamins and minerals for this period. The complex helps the body of the future mother and baby.

"Compllyit Trimestrum 3" is recommended from 28 weeks before delivery. During breastfeeding it is also useful to take these vitamins. They have a good effect on lactation and milk quality.

"Complymitis Trimesterum":

composition All three preparations have the same composition of elements, but the dosage is calculated exactly as required for a certain trimester of pregnancy. One tablet contains a daily requirement of the body in minerals and vitamins in a balanced combination. So, let's take a closer look at what is included in one tablet and what effect each of the elements has on the body.

Complimentary trimester instruction manual

Retinol( vitamin A) is indispensable in the growth of bones, ensures the normalization of productive function. Regulates the division and differentiation of the epithelium. Retinol is involved in the formation of the skeleton and the organ of vision in prenatal development.

A-tocopherol( vitamin E) is an antioxidant action. It inhibits free oxidation of radicals, resists the formation of peroxides, which damage the cell membranes. Provides the fetus a normal development. The risk of increasing blood pressure in a woman during pregnancy decreases.

Thiamine( vitamin B1) is involved in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. Reduces nervous excitement in the synapses. The risk of fetal congenital malformations decreases.

Riboflavin( vitamin B2) takes part in tissue respiration and regulation of oxidation-reduction processes, in fat, protein metabolism, in the synthesis of hemoglobin. Lack of this element during pregnancy can lead to such pathologies: to deformation of limbs, to hydronephrosis, to cleft palate, to congenital heart defects.

Pyridoxine( vitamin B6) is a participant in the metabolism. Ensures the normal functioning of the peripheral and central nervous system. When toxicosis protects against nausea, calls for vomiting. Promotes increased absorption of magnesium in the intestine. If previously taken contraceptives, replenishes the lost amount of pyridoxine.

Ascorbic acid( vitamin C ) regulates redox processes. Takes part in tissue regeneration, blood clotting, carbohydrate metabolism, increases resistance to infections. Lack of vitamin C can cause an abortion.

Complimentary trimester instruction

Vitamin PP( nicotinamide) is a participant in the metabolism of proteins, fats, purines, tissue respiration. It is necessary to reduce the risk of vices.

Folic acid - a participant in the synthesis of amino acids, RNA, DNA.Promotes stimulation of erythropoiesis. In early pregnancy reduces the risk of miscarriage. Prevents the development of fetal heart disease and nervous system, limb development.

Calcium pantothenate - an important role in metabolism, in carbohydrate, fat metabolism, the synthesis of steroid hormones and acetylcholine. The regeneration processes are accelerated.

Cyanocobalamin( vitamin B12) is a participant in the processes necessary for the synthesis of DNA.Member of the formation of myelin( a component of nerve fibers).Increases the ability to regenerate, resistance to hemolysis of erythrocytes.

Kolekaltsiferol( vitamin D3) is a participant in calcium phosphate metabolism. Promotes the formation of teeth, skeleton, mineralization of bones. Provides normal functions of the parotyroid glands.

Rutin( rutozid ) - angioprotector: helps to reduce the rate of water filtration in capillaries. With venous insufficiency reduces swelling of the lower extremities.

Lipoic( tiovik ) acid is a participant in energy metabolism in the body. Antioxidant, lipotropic effect, improves liver function and nutrition in nerve cells, affects cholesterol.

The lutein carotenoid supports retinal function. It protects them from UV radiation, oxygen radicals at various radiations.

Iron is a participant in erythropoiesis, a constituent of hemoglobin. Transports oxygen to the tissues. Protects the body from anemia.

Manganese - is involved in the metabolism of cells. Protects the body from peroxide radicals. If the balance of this element is disturbed, processes of fetal ossification are disrupted, retardation of intrauterine growth occurs and in the first year of life - a lag in physical development.

Copper - assists the assimilation of iron, the formation of blood cells and connective tissue. Deficiency leads to a disruption in the newborn's breathing.

Zinc is a participant in the metabolism, stabilization of cell membranes. Participant of various chemical processes. Immunomodulating effect. Zinc is a participant in cell differentiation. Deficiency of the element can lead to the birth of a small, immature fruit.

Magnesium - reduces the excitation of nerve cells. It participates in the formation of bone and muscle tissue, in the synthesis of proteins. Reduces the risks of intrauterine growth retardation. A pregnant woman does not allow an increase in the tone of the uterus.

Calcium - forms bone tissue, controls blood coagulability, nerve conduction, muscle contractions, stabilization of cardiac activity.

Selenium - is present in every cell of the body. It shows antioxidant protection, helps the immune system.

Iodine - is involved in the synthesis of thyroid hormones. Normalizes the function of the thyroid gland. Member of lipid and protein metabolism. Iodine deficiency is unacceptable for pregnant women. This leads to an early miscarriage. Violated the formation of the thyroid gland, the musculoskeletal system, there may be defects in the development of the brain and even intrauterine fetal death.

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How to use

The drug is available without a prescription, it can be bought at any pharmacy. The price for "Complivit Trimestrum" ranges from 270 to 330 rubles. The package contains 30 tablets - calculated for the month of admission.

According to the instructions, the drug is taken once a day during or immediately after a meal. For a day you need to drink one pill, if there are no special doctor's instructions. Independently dosage should not be raised in any case. Take "Compllyit Trimestrum" is necessary only in consultation with the doctor.

If you notice that after taking this dietary supplements there is nausea, then it is best to take the drug after lunch - in the afternoon.


"Complymitis Trimesterum" has certain contraindications, which must first be studied. It is not recommended to take the drug:

  • to persons under 14 years of age;
  • if hypersensitivity to any component of the drug exists( examine the above composition);
  • in the presence of glucose-galactose malabsorption;
  • for hypervitaminosis A, D;
  • with pernicious anemia, which can develop with a lack of vitamin B12);
  • with increased content of iron and calcium;
  • with urolithiasis.


"Compllyit Trimestrum" reviews are mostly positive, but some cases cause caution. Seriously take the drug to avoid overdoses and other undesirable consequences.

When taking this complex, do not use drugs that contain similar substances in their composition, otherwise it can lead to the development of hypervitaminosis, its unpleasant consequences.

Please note that Trimestrum 3 contains the highest concentration of minerals and vitamins when compared to Trimestrum 1 and 2, so a sharp increase can trigger hypervitaminosis. Ask your doctor when to go to the next stage and how.

During the period of feeding, do not forget about the full nutrition, do not count only on the wonderful action of the complex. However, make sure that the daily dose of vitamin A does not exceed 5000 IU.

When the complex is taken, it is possible to stain the urine in a bright color. This is a normal effect of the dyeing properties of riboflavin, which is included in the dietary supplements. This phenomenon in no way threatens neither the mother nor the development of the child. After the termination of reception of vitamins this consequence will disappear independently.

Compliments trimester composition

Side effects of

The instruction for "Complicant Trimesterum" and numerous reviews suggest that the drug as a whole is easily transferred. But allergic reactions are not ruled out. If you feel nauseous, vomiting occurs, you should determine what caused it - additives or toxicosis. If "Trimester" provokes such symptoms, then you should cancel the dietary supplements and inform the doctor.

Overdose of

If recommended doses are exceeded, intoxication may develop, which manifests itself as an allergic reaction, weakness, nausea, and stooling may occur. In such cases, it is necessary to induce vomiting, drink activated charcoal and immediately call a doctor.

Interaction with other drugs

Some reviews on the Vitamin "Complivit Trimestrum" report that each patient the doctor must tell what kind of interaction can occur with other drugs. Everyone receives a warning that:

  • Calcium and iron slow down the absorption of antibiotics( tetracycline series), as well as antimicrobials related to the fluoroquinolone group.
  • When combining sulfonamides and vitamin C, the threat of development of crystalluria( or salt diathesis) increases.
  • Assimilation of iron deteriorates if drugs with magnesium, calcium and aluminum are simultaneously taken.
  • When taking diuretics-thiazides, there is a risk of hypercalcemia.


vitamins compliment trimester reviews

Vitamins "Complymitis Trimester", of course, have analogues, the main ones can be attributed to vitamins for pregnant "Complivit Mama."But the question of replacing the drug with an analog should be coordinated with your gynecologist.

"Complystit Mama" is also designed to maintain the health of the mother and future baby, for the correct development of pregnancy. What is different from "Trimestrum"?The composition contains phosphorus, but there are no such elements as rutin, lipoic acid, iodine, selenium, lutein. Kolekaltsiferol( D3) is replaced here by ergocalciferol( D2).Minerals are also represented in other forms.

In the absence of medical advice, it is also indicated that one tablet per day is taken.

The following preparations can also be referred to analogues: each of them has its own purpose: Vitrum, Multi-Tabs Prenatal, Magnesium Plus, Multiproduct for pregnant women, 9 months.