The preparation "Ladipasvir": reviews, indications, instructions for use, side effects

To date, there is a huge number of different diseases that modern medicine is trying to combat. Every year, new medicines appear that can overcome diseases. Unfortunately, not all ailments are curable. In order to detect the disease in time, you must regularly visit qualified specialists, eat right, and also play sports.

Hepatitis C is a very dangerous viral disease, which every year takes away a large number of lives. Therefore, the search for new drugs that are more effective in fighting this disease does not stop. One of those is the drug "Ladipasvir", reviews about which in most cases are positive.

ladipasvir reviews

General information

Hepatitis C is a common disease that is very difficult to treat. If the patient is not assigned timely treatment, then the lethal outcome is imminent. To date, to fight the virus using "Interferon" or "Ribavirin", but the proper effect of these drugs do not bring. Therefore, the world's leading pharmaceutical companies do not stop looking for a new medicine that would simplify treatment for hepatitis C. One of the modern medicines is "Ladipasvir."India is the producer country of this medicine.

The cost of the drug

Every year more and more doctors use "Ladipasvir" to fight hepatitis C.Reviews about this drug are in most cases good. The only drawback is that the cost of the medicine is too high. The average person can not afford to buy the drug for a full course of treatment.

At the same time, the manufacturer does not specify the cost price of the medicine, but only compares the amount that will be required for the entire rehabilitation course, with the cost of a liver transplant operation. The latter, naturally, will be much more expensive, because people prefer the medical product.

In America, for one of its tablet you need to pay about 1100 dollars. As for the full course of therapy, it will cost the patient a staggering $ 189,000.In Israel, where the medicine is developed very well, the cost of treating hepatitis C with the help of the medicine "Ladipasvir", which is confirmed by its effectiveness, will be cheaper than in the USA.One tablet of medicine costs 1070 dollars. At the same time, some pharmacies return 15% of the cost, which are attributable to VAT.

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Where to buy?

Today, the acquisition of "Ladipasvira"( India is its direct supplier) is also available in Russia. This can be done through various Internet sites that carry out direct deliveries with or without prepayment. Delivery in most cases takes about two weeks from the time of order, but this information is better to check with the seller.

Generics "Ladipasvira"

Ladipasvir, the price for which is quite high, in our country can only buy the most wealthy people. The vast majority of patients with hepatitis C prefer to buy generics, which in their composition are a complete copy of "Ladipasvira."Thus, you can buy a medicine that has a similar effect and effectiveness, at a lower price.

These include:

  • "Ladykep" is an Indian drug that shows good results in the fight against hepatitis C. In Europe, its cost is on average 650 euros per package. When ordering from Russia directly from the manufacturer, the full course of treatment will cost $ 930.
  • "Hepzinat LP" - another generic. One package, consisting of 28 tablets, costs 350 USD.For the full course you will have to pay 1050 dollars.
  • "Майхеп Лвир" - one package of the drug costs 320 dollars.
  • "Ladyfos" - for 28 tablets you have to pay 330 dollars.

When buying generic "Ladipasvir", the price of which is much lower, you should be very careful, carefully studying the instructions. Never buy medicines that are not accompanied by a certificate of quality. When choosing an online store, it is better to give preference to those that provide payment for a medicinal product upon delivery. So you can not fall into the hands of scammers, who, taking money from the client, do not eventually bring anything.

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"Ladipasvir": description of

The drug was developed by US specialists from the pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences. The drug, about how to take "Ladipasvir" will be discussed further, inhibits the replication processes of unstructured proteins, thereby suppressing the spread of the virus in the body.

The hepatitis C virus has a very complex structure, which makes it difficult to combat it. With the long absence of treatment, the virus begins to mutate and produce new cells that have other antigenic properties. This is the reason that immunity is not able to kill the virus by itself. While the body produces antibodies, the virus will reproduce new cells. Therefore, special drugs are used to fight hepatitis C, which block the mutation of the virus. One of these is the preparation "Ladipasvir".Its main feature is that it is not an independent drug, therefore it is not possible to cure a patient of hepatitis C.He acts only as a blocker. Doctors prescribe it together with other medicines that kill the virus.

The most common combination used in the fight against the disease is Sofosbuvir with Ladipasvir, in conjunction with which Ribavirin is also used. As shown by clinical studies, the use of these three drugs can completely heal a patient from hepatitis C in 12 weeks.

In turn, in order to reduce the cost of production, the pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences created and patented a modern drug, which is a combination of Sofosbuvir and Ladypasvir, named "Harvoni".From the use of "Ribavirin" decided to abandon, because without it the effectiveness of treatment is the worst by 5%.

During clinical trials, no major side effects were found in the vast majority of patients. Only a few patients had short-term migraines, drowsiness, and a decline in strength. It should be noted that when using the drug in conjunction with "Ribavirin" side effects were significantly more.

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Features of the drug

To date, one of the most effective drugs to fight hepatitis C is "Ladipasvir."Treatment is assigned to patients only after carrying out all the necessary studies that are necessary to obtain a clinical picture of the patient and the appointment of an appropriate treatment program.

What tests are prescribed?

Comprehensive examination of the patient is mandatory. The soft tissue of the liver is taken for analysis or elastography is performed, which allows doctors to determine the structure of the organ and the level of damage to its tissues. An alternative option is a biochemical blood test that allows not only to determine the degree of liver damage, but also the stage of the development of the necro-inflammatory process.

During the complex examination, patients are prescribed:

  • blood tests: general, detailed and biochemical;
  • analyzes for genotype and genotype determination;
  • determination of the number of cells of the virus in the blood;
  • various liver tests;
  • blood test for the presence of cancer cells in it;
  • study of antigens in the blood serum;
  • tests for hormones and vitamins;
  • ultrasound examination of internal organs and consultation with profiled specialists.

Only after the doctor has a detailed clinical picture of the patient's condition, can be appointed "Ladipasvir", side effects when taking which almost never occur.


Indications for use

"Ladipasvir" is assigned to patients in the following cases:

  1. In the diagnosis of hepatitis C 1, 4, 5 and 6 genotypes.
  2. If a patient has HCV 1 and 4 genotype caused by HIV disease.
  3. If a large number of virus bodies are found in the patient's blood.

It is important to understand that "Ladipasvir", the treatment of which is very effective, is prescribed only to adult patients. This is due to the fact that during clinical trials, patients under the age of 18 years did not participate.


The main contraindications to taking medications that contain "Ladipasvir" are:

  1. If a patient has hepatitis C with two or more genotypes.
  2. The presence of HIV and any hepatitis C genotype in the blood except for 1 and 4.
  3. Intolerance to any of the components that make up the drug.
  4. The presence of any inflammatory process, which is accompanied by degenerative changes in the soft tissues of the brain and a violation of its normal functioning.
  5. Diagnosis of ascites in a patient with hepatitis C, which in most cases accompanies cirrhosis of the liver.
  6. The drug is not recommended for pregnancy.

Before beginning treatment, the instructions of "Ladipasvira" must be carefully studied. This will avoid a lot of negative consequences, as well as achieve the most effective treatment.

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When is the drug prohibited?

The use of the drug is prohibited in the following cases:

  1. "Harvoni" can not be combined with "Phenytoin", "Tenofovir", "Tipranavir", "Emtricitabine", St. John's Wort, Elvitegravir, Rosuvastatin.
  2. The medicine "Ladipasvir" is not recommended during pregnancy, at the stage of planning the conception of the baby, and during breastfeeding.
  3. In addition, it is better to refuse its admission to patients who have renal or hepatic insufficiency.

Regardless of whether you have one of the above or not, taking medications containing "Ladipasvir" should be taken only under the clear supervision of a specialist.

How to take the drug correctly?

For hepatitis C to be easy to treat, follow the dosage indicated in the medication instructions. One tablet contains: lepidasvira 90 mg and sophosbuvira 400 mg. These components are active, and they are responsible for blocking the mutation and activity of the virus, as well as fighting it. In addition to them, some additional components are present in the formulation.

Tablets are taken in quantities of one per day, regardless of food intake. However, to reduce the likelihood of side effects, it is not recommended to take the medicine on an empty stomach. The duration of the drug is determined by the doctor, but the treatment takes at least 12 weeks. If hepatitis C has progressed to a more severe form, then therapy can be extended to 24 weeks. If during the reception of "Ladipasvira" no changes in the patient's condition are detected, then the medicine will most likely be canceled.

Do not forget that the reception of "Harvoni" and its generics should be carried out only after a careful study of the instructions of "Ladipasvira".

Buyers 'comments about the drug

Apart from consumers' dissatisfaction with the too high cost of "Ladipasvira", reviews about the drug are in most cases only positive. Nevertheless, thanks to the availability of generics, dissatisfied with the high price is not so much.


Many patients who have experienced hepatitis C, note the high efficacy of the drug. In most cases, treatment using "Ladipasvira" is going well, and doctors manage to completely cure this terrible disease. When using generics of this drug, the full course of treatment will cost the patient approximately one thousand dollars.

In conclusion

Hepatitis C is one of the most terrible viral diseases that carry many lives. That is why its diagnosis in patients sounds like a sentence. For quite a long time, the fight against hepatitis C was a very difficult task. This is due to the fact that the virus constantly mutates, and it is very difficult to suppress its progression in the body. But medicine does not stand still, and leading experts in the field of pharmacology are constantly developing new medicines that will show great effectiveness in the treatment of this ailment. One such medication is "Ladipasvir", consumer reviews about which are mostly laudatory.

This medicine gave hope to hundreds of thousands of hepatitis C patients around the world and made it possible to quickly and without any consequences save Hepatitis C from sickness. As for the high cost, it is important to understand that any effective drugs are expensive, and the savings on themselves can be very bad. Always look after your health, because life is given only once, so you need to live it beautifully and in pleasure.