Sanatorium "Russia", Essentuki: address, rest, treatment, reviews

Sanatorium "Russia"( Essentuki) rightfully bears the title of one of the oldest health resorts of the resort. The first guests were received by these walls back in 1977.To date, this health resort is one of the largest, because there are as many as three buildings on 9 floors and one four-storey. All of them are intended for treatment and diagnostics. Conveniently, all the buildings are connected by tunnels, so you do not even need to go out for the transition. This is especially important if a person went out after the procedures or in the winter.


health resort russia essentuki Has a reasonably favorable location of the sanatorium "Russia"( Essentuki).Address of him: st. Razumovsky, 7. It is located in the heart of the resort recreation area. Nearby there is a spa park, a drinking gallery and many other sanatoriums. Thus, vacationers can see interesting sights, drink healing water, and most importantly, that they will be bored for sure. Moreover, due to the neighborhood with the park, fresh air is always here, which is very useful for health. It is especially pleasant to make morning walks, even ordinary tourists are very fond of running around this park. It is here that mineral waters of famous brands are made, for example, "Essentuki-17".This water is known for its beneficial effect on the human body.

Diagnostic base of

Those who wish to improve their health, it is necessary to come to the Stavropol Territory, Essentuki. Sanatorium "Russia" provides a fairly wide range of diagnostic services, namely:

- complete endoscopic examination of the entire digestive system;

- ultrasound analysis of the state of the organs of the abdominal cavity, mammary glands, thyroid gland, and urogenital organs;

- examination of the musculoskeletal system and digestive system using X-ray;

- all kinds of tests and samples for all organs and hormonal systems;

- a comprehensive study of the cardiovascular system, as well as a study of the respiratory system.

Therapeutic base of the sanatorium "Russia"

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In addition to the diagnostic measures, the sanatorium offers a huge number of medical procedures. Consider some of them:

- the adoption of healing baths( healing is proposed with the help of mineral, coniferous-pearl, iodine-bromine and other types of medicinal baths);

- treatment with mud of useful composition;

- a huge number of hydropathic procedures, such as whirlpool baths, underwater shower massage and much more;

- a variety of types of massage, for example classic, the use of massage chairs;

- treatment by apparatus physiotherapy, for example, laser magnetic therapy;

- various kinds of improving gymnastics and physical culture;

- procedures for intestinal health;

- the urological direction;

- procedures for women's health;

- wellness manipulations for the respiratory tract;

- dental procedures;

- reception of the psychotherapist;

- acupuncture;

- pressure chamber;

- sessions of manual therapy;

- aromatherapy;

- cryotherapy;

- phytotherapy.

The spectrum of procedures is so wide that it can support the body, establish many processes, heal from diseases, and here you can conduct a rehabilitation period after all sorts of operations and stressful situations.
In addition, an additional aspect of the healing is the ecological zone, in which the sanatorium "Rossiya"( Essentuki) is located. The phone of the health resort, by the way, can be found on the site of the that to call her and clarify all the incomprehensible moments regarding the treatment of special work will not be.

Services provided to holidaymakers

sanatorium russia essentuki address The sanatorium has a large swimming pool, which is located indoors, you can swim in it at any time of the year. Every day, aerobics classes are held here, which is especially necessary for excess weight or for disorders of the musculoskeletal system. There is also a wonderful sauna, which will also help to get rid of excess weight and respiratory diseases. There is a gym and a sports ground for guests.


stavropolskiy krai ессентуки health resort russia

As a rest, we offer billiards, tennis, for chess intellectuals there is a chess club. The administration organized wonderful thematic dance evenings. Performers of art, brass band, poets and many other talents.

There is a large library in the sanatorium, where there is always something interesting to read. For a more productive rest, you can use the services of a tour desk and pick out a tour to your liking.

The territory of the sanatorium has access to the Internet. Therefore, at any time you can contact your relatives. Also for the convenience of visitors on a personal car guarded parking lot.

Number of sanatorium "Russia"

sanatorium russia essentuki phone Two buildings are allocated for accommodation of the guests. Each room has a private bathroom with a bath and shower. There is a fridge, TV.Each building has an elevator, so guests with luggage will not be difficult to reach. The room fund includes:

- Single room( standard). There is a private balcony and a bathroom, a tea set. There is also a telephone and a TV.

- Double room( standard). The room has all the necessary furniture. Separate balcony and bathroom, tea set. There is also a telephone and a TV.

- Double family room consisting of two rooms and a bathroom. The room has all the necessary furniture. Separate balcony and bathroom, tea set. There is also a telephone and several TVs.

- Luxury rooms. The apartments have a bedroom with a large double bed, a cozy living room with soft furniture and a large TV.Also there is a refrigerator, necessary utensils and a tea set. There is a separate bathroom with a shower and a bath, a hairdryer, a set of mini-cosmetics.

Children's service in the sanatorium "Russia"

You can come to Yessentuki with children. Practically every sanatorium in the resort has a wellness program for young guests. In the health resort "Russia" a settlement with children is possible only from the age of 4 years. Also, you need a certificate of the health of the child for the settlement. For toddlers there are special procedures, there are playgrounds and a small pool. An additional bonus for the child is air, especially it is important for those children who suffer from respiratory diseases.

Why do many choose the sanatorium "Russia"( Essentuki)?

Reviews of holidaymakers

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The first thing that the guests of the sanatorium celebrate is its successful location in the center. Nearby is a beautiful park with healing water. The health resort is open all year round. For this purpose, all conditions have been created. The rooms are well heated, the buildings are connected by insulated crossings. The city of Yessentuki, generally speaking, is in itself a single clinic. The air itself and water already contribute to a quick recovery. Near the sanatorium "Russia" is the famous mud baths.

Guests are welcomed by friendly staff. Registration takes several minutes. At the reception each visitor receives food stamps and keys. The rooms are very comfortable and cozy. From the balconies in clear weather you can contemplate Mount Elbrus.

Food is excellent, although mainly consists of dietary dishes. Treatment procedures are assigned according to the diagnosis, which is displayed in the spa map after the diagnosis. Queues for procedures almost never happen, because each guest has his own time.

sanatorium russia essentuki reviews

The attendants take care of the comfort of the residents. Staying in a health resort does not cost very much, but the price is fully justified. The cost of the tour( Essentuki sanatorium "Russia") per person is from 3100 rubles.per day. The period of stay is 21 days. The price depends on the number of people, the chosen apartments and the time of the year.

Sanatorium "Russia" is a wonderful place where you can not only fully rest, but also improve your health. Here they go for fresh air, medicinal water and picturesque landscapes, which open directly from the balcony.