Cough remedy "Rengalin": instructions for use, analogues, reviews

A cough is called an unconditioned reflex. It is necessary not only for cleaning the respiratory tract from foreign objects, but also testifies to the existing disease of the ENT organs. from cough Rengalin

How to get rid of such an unpleasant phenomenon? To do this, consult an otolaryngologist. After examination and delivery of medical tests, many doctors recommend coughing "Rengalin".What this means is and how it should be taken, we will tell below.

Pharmaceutical form, composition and packaging

Cough "Rengalin" is available in the form of tablets. They have a facet, a risk and a flat-cylindrical shape. Such a drug is intended for resorption and contains in its composition antibodies:

  • to bradykinin;
  • to morphine;
  • to histamine.

We can not say that such an antitussive drug includes the following components: isomalt, citric anhydrous acid, magnesium stearate, sodium cyclamate and sodium saccharin.

You can buy tablets from cough "Rengalin" in contour cells made of foil aluminum or PVC.As a rule, they are packaged in cardboard packs.

In what other form are the medicines "Rengalin" produced? Syrup for oral administration is intended for the treatment of children. This tool contains the same components, but comes on sale in bottles with a measuring spoon in the kit. rengaline price

The main properties of the oral preparation

The medication "Rengalin", the price of which will be indicated below, shows pronounced bronchodilator as well as antitussive properties. Due to its components, it provides anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anti-allergic and analgesic effects.

According to the instructions, the drug in question inhibits( selectively) the central links of the cough reflex and significantly reduces their excitability. This process is due to the modification of bradykinin-dependent activation of B1 receptors and histamine-dependent H1-receptors.

By inhibiting centers of pain sensitivity in the thalamus, this medication is able to block the transmission of impulses( pain) in the brain. In addition, this agent inhibits the fluxes of these impulses from the periphery. This is due to a decrease in the release of algogen( plasma and tissue).

Features and the result of using

The preparation "Rengalin", analogues of which are listed below, does not promote drug dependence and does not depress respiration. Also, it does not have sedative and narcogenic properties.

After using this remedy, all the symptoms of laryngitis, acute pharyngitis and bronchitis are relieved. Also reduces bronchospasm.

It should be noted that "Rengalin"( tablets and syrup) effectively cures the symptoms of allergic manifestations. rengalin analogues

Pharmacokinetics of medicament

Unfortunately, the sensitivity of modern methods of analysis( both chemical and physical) does not allow specialists to fully appreciate the content of doses of antibodies in human tissues and organs, as well as in its biological fluids. Therefore, the study of the kinetic properties of the drug in question is impossible.

When to take from a cough Rengalin?

Depending on the form of release, this drug is prescribed for adults and children. Usually this drug is prescribed for influenza, chronic bronchitis, laryngotracheitis, acute pharyngitis, acute respiratory viral infection and obstructive laryngitis. In addition, the mentioned medicine can be used for inflammatory, allergic and infectious diseases of the respiratory tract( lower and upper divisions).

Contraindications to the use of

The preparation "Rengalin" for children is not prescribed for up to three years even in the form of a syrup. It should also be noted that this remedy is contraindicated for hypersensitivity to its ingredients.

Instructions for Use

The tablets and syrup to be taken should be taken orally. This drug should not be washed down with water. rengalin for children

For severe coughing, adults are advised to use the medication in tablet form. This remedy should be kept in the mouth until dissolved. Its one-time dosage is one tablet. As for the daily dose, it depends on the severity of the disease and the age of the patient. With an average and mild degree it is recommended to dissolve about three tablets. In more severe cases, the patient is prescribed up to 6 tablets per day.

For effective therapy, you should always visit an otolaryngologist before taking this medication.

How to prescribe syrup "Rengalin" for children? The dose of this drug should be determined only by the pediatrician. It is necessary to use a measuring spoon. To treat the respiratory tract, it is enough for the baby to take 5 ml of the solution two or three times a day.

Adverse reactions

This drug is well tolerated by adults and children. Sometimes, against the background of its admission, the patient still exhibits undesirable reactions. Usually they arise due to intolerance of individual components of the drug.

It should also be noted that side effects after taking this medication very often develop after exceeding the recommended dose. Dyspeptic reactions are noted in the patient. For their elimination, symptomatic treatment is performed. rengalin tablets

Interaction with other drugs

Until now, no information has been received regarding the drug interaction of the Rengalin preparation with other agents. It should be remembered that before using this medication in the form of a syrup or tablets, you should always contact a doctor. This is due to the fact that if the medicament is misused, the course of the disease may worsen.

Drug cost and similar drugs

How much is a remedy like Rengalin? Its price is not very high and is approximately 210-215 rubles.

If you can not purchase this medication, you can replace it with a similar remedy. So which drugs act like "Rengalin"?Analogues of this medicine are sold in almost all pharmacy chains. Among them, the following are especially popular: Broncholitin, Kodelak-Fito, Terpinkod, Kodelmikst, Glikodin, and Konderfin."Alex-Plus", "Cophanol", "Codelac", "Bronchocine."


What do patients say about the facility in question? According to their reviews, this drug really helps to cure a productive and unproductive cough. A few days after the initiation of therapy, the patient feels a significant relief. rengalin syrup

Also, many consumers are pleased with the inexpensive cost of this drug, its availability, as well as the possibility of applying to children and replacing the analogs.