Medical Center "Doctor Ost", Novosibirsk: reviews, address. Treatment of the spine in Novosibirsk

The clinic "Doctor Ost" has representative offices in several cities of Russia - in Magnitogorsk, Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg. The main advantage of the network of institutions is the complex approach in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and accompanying complications.


Medical centers "Doctor Ost" are united by uniform rules of activity and directions of rendering assistance. According to statistics, spine diseases are the third most common among the adult population in the world. In Russia, the population aged 25 to 55 years in 90% of cases has degenerative diseases of the osteoarticular tissue, osteochondrosis and other dystrophic changes of the spine.

The clinic "Doctor Ost"( Novosibirsk) specializes in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, using non-surgical methods of therapy. The main areas of care are:

  • Neurology.
  • Diseases of the spine.
  • Diseases of the joints.
  • Rehabilitation after a stroke and heart attack.
  • Treatment of dizziness, headaches.
  • Sports medicine.

The specialists of the clinic cooperate with the leading world and national highly specialized research institutes, including the Department of Neurology of the Chelyabinsk Medical Institute, the Rehabilitation and Balneology Center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Doctors of the center constantly raise the level of qualification, master new methods of treatment to assist patients.

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activity Doctor of Ost( Novosibirsk) clinic treats diseases of joints and spine with the help of methods of non-surgical restoration of functions, helping patients quickly and painlessly return to their habitual way of life. This approach is promoted by modern equipment used in the medical center, some devices are used in Russia only in the network of clinics "Doctor Ost".

The medical center in Novosibirsk implements programs for the treatment and rehabilitation of various diseases of the spine, including scoliosis, vertebral hernia, protrusions, osteochondrosis, etc. The clinic staff, besides medical activity, conducts active research work, lectures, participates in specialized seminars.

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Non-surgical treatment of the spine in Novosibirsk offers the "Doctor Ost" center. The clinic believes that it is true to diagnose the disease - it's only part of the success, the main task quickly and without complications to eliminate the cause of its occurrence, saving the patient from further visits to medical institutions.

"Doctor Ost" - a medical center in Novosibirsk, where they practice the treatment of diseases with the help of laser equipment manufactured in Italy. The use of innovative techniques allows you to run the internal forces of the body, stimulating the growth of cells for the renewal of joint tissues, intervertebral discs, etc. New possibilities can save patients from pain and often help to avoid prosthetics. The clinic operates on a commercial basis and on VHI policies.

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In Novosibirsk, services are provided in the following areas:

  • Treatment of spine diseases( pain relief, treatment of hernia, replenishment of cartilage defect, etc.)
  • Joint therapy( pain removal, suppression of inflammatory processes, strengthening of immunity, restoration of cartilage tissue, etc.)
  • Neurology( radiculitis and its consequences, Parkinson's disease, osteochondrosis, neoplasms in the brain and spinal cord, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, consequences of craniocerebral injuries, etc.)

General impressions

Clnickname "Doctor-Ost"( Novosibirsk) feedback from customers with laudatory stories received for the modern equipment which allowed many to avoid surgery. Women who complained of a headache resulting from osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebrae, after a course of procedures, got rid of migraines and improved the condition of the spine as a whole. An additional result of work on the musculoskeletal system was improved health, freedom of movement, disappeared crunch in the knees, straightened posture.

Not everyone liked the "Doctor Ost" center. Prices in the public domain exist only in the registry or become known at the reception of a specialist, which indicates the non-transparency of the formation of the cost of services. This fact causes patients bewilderment and many believe that the price policy is deliberately manipulative and dishonest.

The Novosibirsk clinic is open only recently, and clients have not yet left feedback on its work, but the impressions of the activities of all network members allow you to understand some features in interaction with the organization. For example, in order to clearly represent the methods of treatment, the cost and duration of the course, it is necessary to be persistent in taking the doctor and the registry.

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Methods of treatment

Treatment of the spine in Novosibirsk since 2017 has gained new opportunities due to the appearance in the city of the clinic "Doctor Ost".The use of modern techniques and high-tech equipment gives patients the opportunity not only to get rid of pain, but also to receive qualified therapeutic help.

The following methods of treatment are used in the center:

  • Shockwave therapy - quickly removes pain syndrome, activates immune cells, speeds up metabolic processes in the affected tissues, and also promotes rapid restoration of cartilage, muscle functions, ligaments, etc.
  • Interstitial electrostimulation. The method eliminates inflammation in the joints, neck, waist. Effective in muscle spasms, trigeminal neuralgia, and also suppresses fat cells, restores the tone of blood vessels, etc.
  • HIL-therapy is indicated for arthrosis, arthritis, epicondylitis, radiculitis, chondropathy, osteochondrosis, soft tissue hematoma, diabetic foot, etc.
  • Intravenous cleansing of the blood with a laser. The method is indicated for arthritis, bronchial asthma, diabetes, skin diseases, atherosclerosis, VSD, etc.
  • Alloplant according to E. Muldashev's method.
  • Plasmolifting and PRP-therapy. These two methods are similar in effect and allow you to quickly restore motor functions, eliminate inflammation and edema, and help reduce post-operative and post-traumatic rehabilitation periods.
  • Tapping - application of special adhesive tapes( tapes) at the site of damage to fix the position of the tissues during dislocations, bruises, sprains, swelling, etc.
  • ultrasound therapy, pharmacopuncture, intracranial blockade with medicines and much more.

Feedback on treatment methods

The clinic "Doctor Ost"( Novosibirsk) has not yet received feedback on its work and qualification of specialists. There are stories about other centers of the network, where high-tech equipment and author's therapies are successfully applied. According to clients, for many, the treatment was effective. In special cases, stories are being told about the restoration of the cartilaginous tissue of the knee joint with the help of laser therapy, physiotherapy. The patients claim that all the measures taken helped to avoid the replacement of their joint with an artificial implant.

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There are positive reviews of the course of shock wave therapy, kinesitherapy, many grateful words are addressed to masseurs. Patients are often prescribed a course of 3D traction. Those who have completed the full cycle of treatment on the Exten Trac Elite device claim that as a result, they have received a significant improvement in the general condition, the body has got rid of clamping, back pain caused by spasm of tissues or compression of the nerve roots has disappeared. Patients with osteochondrosis mention a wonderful feeling of lightness, which appears after the first session.

In the clinic "Doctor Ost"( Novosibirsk) reviews about rehabilitation after a stroke describe the high effectiveness of the methods used - patients are returned intelligible speech, mental activity improves, own body is improved, the mood is leveled, the majority starts to walk on their own.

No one has spoken out negatively about the treatment methods, but there are remarks that prescribed therapy for some patients has proved to be a waste of finance and time. Clients who have not received the effect of the procedures, specify that the clinic does not bear any responsibility to its patients and does not guarantee the achievement of the result. Sharing impressions about the work of the clinic, visitors mention that the technology presented in the centers is unique only for Russia, and in foreign countries its inefficiency has long been proven.


Many diseases of the spine, joints and tissues are associated with neurological damage. The neurologist in Novosibirsk, in particular at the clinic Doctor Ost, is the leading specialist of the institution.

The doctor should be consulted in the presence of such symptoms:

  • Headaches, fainting, frequent dizziness.
  • Violations of coordination, limb tremor.
  • Numbness of the limbs, skin, separate parts of the body.
  • Convulsions, sleep problems, memory impairment.
  • Periodic pain in the lumbar region, scapula, spine.
  • Nervous tics, inhibition of perception, periodic stammering.
  • Unjustified hearing loss, feelings of anxiety and fear.
  • Panic attacks, pain in the left side of the sternum, pain in the cervical spine, etc.

A neurologist in Novosibirsk advising patients at the "Doctor Ost" clinic is conducting a thorough examination, trying to find the root of the problems to eliminate the cause of the disease. According to the observations of doctors, many diseases arise from dysfunctions of the nervous system caused by the destruction of intervertebral disks, as a result of which the roots of nerves are pinched.

This situation leads to pain in the sacral spine, impaired functioning of internal organs, damages hearing, eyesight, causes acute pain in the heart and many other seemingly unrelated diseases.

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Hardware treatment

In the clinic "Doctor Ost" patients are offered treatment by means of technical means for overcoming many diseases, one of them is the unique equipment of the Italian company Exten Trac Elite.

The robotic traction device is designed for 3D traction and is effective in diseases:

  • Intervertebral hernia, osteochondrosis, chronic pain in different parts of the back.
  • Headaches, numbness of limbs, dizziness, pressure jumps.
  • Diseases of the joints( periarthritis, spondylarthrosis, "tunnel syndrome", etc.).
  • Damage to the facial nerve, neuropathy, trauma of the sciatic, ulnar nerve, etc.
  • Children's scoliosis( from 12 years).

Indications for the use of the action of the Exten Trac Elite are also various injuries, rehabilitation of athletes, postoperative therapy, prevention and minimization of complications of osteochondrosis and much more.

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Reviews about the hardware treatment of

The center "Doctor Ost"( Novosibirsk) has few reviews, this branch was opened in September 2017.But many patients from other cities, where there are clinics of the network, say that they tried the action of the hardware therapy and got an excellent result. It was noted that stretching on Exten Trac Elite after the first session relieved the pain, and the full course of treatment fixed the result.

Clients liked the attitude of the staff to the problems and condition of the visitors, the sisters and doctors tried to remove the pain and inflammatory syndrome as soon as possible in order to begin to identify the causes of the disease and further treatment. Positively appreciated courtesy of all staff, cleanliness in the premises, the possibility to make an appointment and procedures at a convenient time.

The clinic "Doctor Ost"( Novosibirsk) received reviews with negative reviews for a schematic approach to therapy. When determining the cause of the disease, doctors often use standard methods and prescriptions, not taking into account features or contraindications. As a result of this approach, many patients became much worse, the pains not only renewed, but also became stronger.

Some visitors claim that the cost of treatment and prices are constantly changing and it is only with final calculation that you can find out how much you have spent on medical services. This entanglement does not allow you to plan spending and understand exactly what particular amounts have been assigned for.

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Useful information

The spine treatment center opened in the city in September 2017 and only earns the image and reviews of patients. The medical center has modern equipment, author's methods of treatment of many diseases are used. Reception is carried out by appointment by phone or directly at the clinic "Doctor Ost"( Novosibirsk).

Address - N. Ostrovsky street, building 120. Working hours: from 09:00 to 21:00, without days off.