Why do I need blue lenses for brown eyes?

In recent years, contact lenses have become quite a fashionable accessory. But now they are already being used not only as an alternative to points. Very often women want to try on blue lenses on brown eyes. What is the reason for such desires? This is worth exploring in detail.

A simple desire for

Women are always somewhat dissatisfied with their appearance. Some people are not embarrassed by an absolutely perfect figure, others want to have more curvy hair. All this is originally laid in the female nature and no one is surprised. However, the desire for excellence sometimes makes one commit the most unpredictable acts. For example, recently some representatives of the fair sex have ceased to arrange the color of their own eyes. How to be in this case, and can you change what is inherent in nature itself? Specialists-ophthalmologists, going to meet whimsical beauties, suggest insert, for example, blue lenses on brown eyes.

blue lenses on brown eyes

It turns out that with such a request a huge number of patients are drawn to them. Surprisingly, most of them are simply unhappy with the dull brown color. The desire to stand out from the crowd forces us to look for unorthodox solutions. That's when they turn to the doctor with a request to make them blue lenses for the brown eyes. Of course, because people always believed that a blue-eyed girl looks much more attractive and brighter. Although many may argue on this score.

Advantages of color

Someone considers the change in eye color as an irrelevant and unnecessary interference in appearance. But if you still try and put any woman a blue lens on your brown eyes, then you immediately understand the obvious advantages of such an act. Mainly, a new shade can cause hair color changes. For example, a brunette will transform into a blonde. This will entail not only external adjustments, but will also change her manner of behavior over time. After all, everyone knows that blonde women behave somewhat differently. They are more gentle, feminine and sometimes even unpredictable. Sometimes such a transformation can only benefit the overly courageous people. This will allow them to get rid of excessive coarseness and sharpness in communication. Men rarely like categorical and powerful personalities who seek to suppress everyone around and take a leading position. They always want to see a woman sweet and affectionate. It is this behavior that is characteristic of blondes.

Features of application

Quite often people use one-day contact lenses for vision correction. They help during the day to correct visual defects, and at night give the eyes an opportunity to relax. This is much more convenient than glasses. Such things can not be left on the table or forgotten in the transport. Eyes are permanently protected, and nothing hinders the normal perception of the world around them.

one-day contact lenses

In addition, experts have developed color lenses, can also change the color of the iris. This allows even short-sighted or far-sighted beauties to change something in themselves. I must say that one-day contact lenses have many advantages over long-wearing products:

1) Every time a person gets a brand new pair from a sterile package.

2) There is no need for treatment in chemical solutions.

3) These things are not terrible to lose, because there is always a new pair of people at hand.

4) The risk of infection and the appearance of conjunctivitis is minimal.

5) Having packages with lenses of different colors, you can change your image at any time.

Such unique adaptations help a woman to become more self-confident and give her complete freedom.

Product properties

Those who wish to purchase blue lenses should know about them as much as possible. To begin with, it is necessary to understand that such things can be of three kinds:

1) Tinted.

2) Colored.

3) Products with indicator staining.

In the first case, the blue hue has only that part of the lens that is opposite the pupil. And, the intensity of staining is so small that through it you can clearly consider the individual rainbow pattern. Such lenses only enhance the intensity of the already existing color. The second option is radically different from the previous one. It has a bright color pattern with a complete imitation of the details of the iris.

lenses of blue color

These lenses are also called cosmetic. People with poor eyesight can not wear such products. The applied drawing is completely opaque, which eliminates the possibility of correcting the existing defects. The latter kind is the simplest variant. The lens material is painted completely in light blue or slightly greenish color. This is done purely for aesthetics and convenience in handling. The shade does not interfere with the adjustment at all. In addition, the color lens is easier to distinguish in terms of reusable use.

Justified choice of

Most women with good eyesight still choose colored lenses. Blue shades, as you know, best cover any natural colors. In addition, there is an opportunity to become different for everyone around. Companies producing such products produce products that have different properties. Some only make their own color more vivid, while others completely change it. The second variant is more suitable for the brown-eyed beauties. But even here the producers do not stop there. On sale there are lenses that:

1) Change the color of the eyes, while preserving its naturalness.

2) Completely cover the natural color, replacing it with a new one. Sometimes shades may not even be entirely natural( neon).Everything depends on the client's desire.

There are also such amateurs of abrupt changes who express the desire to have before their eyes, besides the blue color, also the original drawing. It can be a star, a smile or a soccer ball.

Here, manufacturers can please even a beauty with an unconventional outlook on life and a sophisticated fantasy. The main thing is that she likes it.