Famous American cigarillos "Marco Polo"

Cigarillos "Marco Polo" is a product that is perfectly familiar to real connoisseurs of good tobacco. Many Russian smokers also had the opportunity to assess its excellent quality. What is so good about this product and what do cigarillas in general represent?

Detailed description

For those who first hear about such products, it is first necessary to explain that the cigarilla is a special smoking pipe. It consists of a shell, inside which is shredded tobacco. Some cigarillos are additionally equipped with a filter. This makes them somewhat similar to ordinary cigarettes. But not everything is so simple. The cigarillos shell is of two types:

  1. One-piece tobacco leaf. This product is similar to a cigar.
  2. Homogenized sheet or "foil", made of pressed and rolled into a thin layer of tobacco dust.

cigarillos marco polo

Cigarillos "Marco Polo" - these are products that refer to the second kind. As a filling for their production, tobacco of five different varieties imported from different countries of the world is used. First, it is fermented, dried to the desired stage, and then cut and create a certain original blend. The crushed product is wrapped in a thin homogenized leaf of a pleasant chocolate color. And to soften the characteristic astringency, a special acetate filter is used. Produces cigarillos "Marco Polo" company Prime Time International. It presents its products on the world market relatively recently. Created in America in 1993, it quickly began to gain momentum. Thanks to the excellent quality of the goods and a fairly democratic price, this firm has taken a worthy place among the recognized leaders of the American tobacco industry.

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Product Varieties

The manufacturer produces Marco Polo cigarillos of four different types:

  1. Classic. These products are preferred by connoisseurs of good original tobacco without any flavor additives. During the smoking of these cigarillos, the entire charm of the exquisite blend is felt.
  2. Cherry. The aroma of cherries partly softens the strength of tobacco.
  3. Vanilla. The aftertaste of sweet vanilla makes the process of smoking itself especially enjoyable.
  4. Cappuccino. This aroma is especially liked by coffee lovers.

Each representative of this line has its own supporters. The manufacturer chose the most popular fragrances for its products. In addition, they perfectly match the taste of good tobacco, creating a fairly balanced and harmonious composition. Any of these cigarillos will be an excellent addition to a quality strong alcoholic beverage. They will be pleased to smoke one for raising their spirits or in the company of good friends for a warm, casual conversation.

Unconfirmed opinions of

Russian smokers are not very familiar with the cigarettes "Marco Polo".Reviews of those who were lucky enough to try them, are ambiguous. Among the positive characteristics is unobtrusive and very pleasant taste. Of course, because for the filling is used a mixture of five of the best varieties. In addition, tobacco burns slowly and this gives an opportunity to slowly enjoy its unique taste. You can smoke this cigarette for about 20 minutes. But just put it in the ashtray, as it immediately fades. This is very good and says that the manufacturer does not use any additives to enhance traction. But many buyers are still confused by the coverslip homogenized sheet. Some even argue that during smoking in the mouth there is a taste of glycerin. But this opinion is extremely rare. Almost all buyers note the low price of the product. However, some do not like its soft packaging.

cigarillos marco polo reviews

Aspiring to comfort, many prefer rigid cardboard bundles. But this was the main idea of ​​the manufacturer - to make the packaging in the spirit of the Old World. In other respects, the quality of products is considered worthy and quite acceptable for daily smoking.

Strength of cigarillos

Before you buy a new product, you need to learn more about it. What can you say about the cigarillos "Marco Polo"?The content of nicotine in them is unknown. On the packet it is not indicated. Nevertheless, it can be confidently asserted that this figure is much higher in them than even in the strongest cigarettes. After all, the filling and the shell of cigarillos are made from tobacco.

cigarillos marco polo nicotine content

Therefore, it is necessary to smoke such products in a special way. They can not be dragged out like simple cigarettes. Strong smoke will not allow a deep breath. Such products need to smoke like cigars, enjoying the aroma of smoke in your mouth. This is inconvenient to do on the go. Cigarillos are not created for this. They should smoke slowly, taking a shallow breath. From the outside, it may seem that a person is just starting to smoke. This is a classic way that cigar lovers usually use. Nevertheless, such a product is often chosen even by women. Perhaps, it is for them created delicate aromas of vanilla, cherry and cappuccino.