How to accelerate the metabolism in the body

The metabolism in the human body is a complete process of converting chemicals that are necessary for growth, development and activity. If it is slowed down, the fat burning process is inhibited.

In order to look good, you need to bring the body into a state of optimal balance of muscle, fat and water. The more muscle mass compared to fat, the faster will be consumed by the incoming calories( about 20 times).

You can accelerate the metabolism in the body if you strictly dose your food intake, avoiding overeating at a time. Allowable framework is easy to overstep, so if you tend to overeat your diet should be planned.

Also negative, like overeating, in metabolic processes can be affected by a sharp reduction in the intake of calories. Therefore, skipping meals does not lead to the desired loss of excess kilograms, but to the slowing of metabolism. The body tries to conserve energy, spending it more slowly. This also leads to loss of muscle mass. When you try to lose weight sharply, an imbalance of the enzyme lipoprotein lipase( fat-preserving enzyme) is observed, which leads to the fact that it is simply impossible to lose weight really.

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You need to eat in small portions, quite often, to keep the metabolism in the body at a stable level, and also to maintain the sugar level in the blood. With this approach, the processes of fat burning will take a longer time. The same level of sugar prevents hypoglycemia, leading to heaviness and fatigue. The optimal break between meals is 4 hours, while the last before going to bed - 2-3 hours later. For a couple of hours before bedtime, it's good to drink a glass of kefir.

The diet should have more protein than carbohydrates and fats. Protein-rich foods accelerate metabolism by 30%, maintaining its high speed for another twelve hours after eating.

Never miss a morning meal. That breakfast is the most important in the daily diet. It starts the process of metabolism for the whole day. Low-fat, protein-rich breakfast will provide the body with the necessary energy for almost a day. If you miss it, then after a period of sleep, when food is not received at all, the body will be in a state of hunger and begin to translate itself into a state of energy economy, slowing down all the processes occurring in it, including metabolic processes.

The metabolism in the body determines the shape, especially the physique. With a decrease in the intensity of metabolism, fat deposits begin to actively appear, depression and apathy appear, immunity decreases, a decline in strength occurs, and various diseases develop more rapidly.

Which products contribute to the acceleration of metabolism? This carbohydrate, rich in fiber, calcium, iodine. And avoid stress, which like nothing else can spoil a good figure.

The metabolism in the body also speeds up a normal full-fledged sleep. During the sleep period, a growth hormone is produced, on which metabolic processes depend.

It is very important to consume enough water throughout the day. It is directly involved in metabolic processes, because it is its basis. In a day you need to drink two liters( minimum).

In summer, if possible, you need to provide yourself with the opportunity to stay in the sun, because under its rays, vitamin D is produced, which accelerates metabolism. Also, the body needs oxygen, which promotes rapid burning of subcutaneous fat.

Those who are wondering how to improve metabolism in the body, should focus on the fact that maximize the metabolic processes are capable of aerobic exercise. Do physical exercises need to be systematically.