The saggy breast will become elastic again.5 secrets of beauty

Breast - this is the true wealth of a woman, a symbol of her beauty and femininity. In all ages, the female breast was that part of the body that was admired. This was her poems. She was the inspiration and muse of artists and sculptors. Yes, and men are crazy about this part of the female body. They are ready to consider her for hours, noting her dignity, and saying compliments aloud.

Every woman knows how important it is to be right, and the main thing to regularly take care of the decollete and chest area. Here the skin is very delicate. She needs constant attention. Agree, not very beautiful looks sagging breasts. Why does the skin of the chest so quickly grow old and stretch? What reasons? Is it possible to preserve the youth of this part of the body? Let's talk about it.

Why does my chest hang?

The reasons for the fact that a woman's sagging breasts - plenty. First, it's a burden. The larger the breast size, the greater its weight. Women who have a small chest, you can not worry that their dignity will hang for this reason. Secondly, it bumps the breast due to aging of the skin and loss of muscle elasticity. Third, the sagging breasts are characteristic of women in the menopause period. During this period, the hormonal background is completely reconstructed, atrophy of the mammary gland occurs. And, finally, the fact that a woman feeds her children with breast milk, is also the cause of an increase in breast mass, muscle stretching and, as a consequence, she has a sagging breasts.

Is there a way to preserve the elasticity of the breast?

Only lazy and unwilling to always look beautiful and elegant woman will believe that it is impossible to maintain the elasticity of the breasts. Everything is possible. There are at least two ways to make the breasts tight and supple. The first - correction of breasts is carried out operatively. Modern plastic surgery works wonders. It is capable of increasing or decreasing the mammary glands, as well as raising them and pulling them up, changing their shape. What do you need for this? Of course, the funds, a qualified plastic surgeon, a firm resolve and the courage to lie on the operating table and allow your body to be cut with a knife.

The second method is non-operational, but no less difficult. Tighten the chest and keep it elastic until old age is quite realistic if you follow the 5 rules.

Wonderful rules for a perfect breast

Yes, there are certain rules, with regular observance of which you can permanently preserve the beauty and youth of the chest and décolleté zone. The first rule is health. All diseases of the breasts destroy her beauty, accelerate the process of withering and aging. A woman should visit a mammologist regularly and check her mammary glands.

The second rule says: perfect posture is a contribution to the beauty of the breast. If you walk or sit, hunched, do not be surprised that you have saggy breasts.

The third rule concerns those who always sit on diets with one dream - to lose weight. Sharp and frequent weight loss promotes stretching of the skin of the decollete zone. No less dangerous for the chest and a sharp set of weight.

The fourth postulate states that regular and regular exercise will help the muscles to hold the chest. After a good workout, you must take a contrast shower and massage your breasts with water.

The fifth rule concerns care and care of a breast. Creams, masks and compresses are required. It is very important to choose the right means for skin care of the breast and decollete zone. The longer you retain the youthfulness of the skin, the greater the assurance that the sagging breasts are not terrible for you. It is also important to be able to choose a bra for yourself. This garment should not be tight or too loose.

As you can see, these 5 rules are not so difficult to observe. It's enough just to turn the rule into a habit. And then you can still be proud of your beautiful breasts and her youth for a long time.