Indigestion - symptoms of treatment and prevention.

Indigestion means a feeling of heaviness and discomfort that a person feels after a bulk meal. This symptom can manifest itself and individually, as a reaction to certain products. Ignoring this state of affairs can lead to serious consequences, for example, the occurrence of gastritis, ulcers, inflammation of the intestine and even stomach cancer.


Indigestion: symptoms.

When a person over-eating, the walls of the stomach are greatly stretched, overflowing with gases, gastric juice and food. As a consequence, there is an unpleasant eructation, severe nausea and swelling, and vomiting arise. All this is accompanied by a stabbing pain in the abdomen. Indigestion of the stomach: causes.

The main cause of this problem is regular overeating, fast food, as well as the body's response to certain foods. For example, many people experience a severe heaviness in the stomach after eating bakery products. Provoke this reaction can immature fruit, especially when they are used as a dessert after fatty dishes. Nutritionists recommend eating fruit before dinner or dinner, but not vice versa. Otherwise, the intestinal microflora is broken, because the stomach slowly digests fatty foods, which contributes to the fermentation of fruits and the release of gases.

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Indigestion symptoms

However, indigestion may be caused by external factors, including stressful situations and depressive state. When a person is in this state, he feels a decline of strength, and in the body special hormones are called, called cortisone and adrenaline. They then break the bloodstream, directing it from the digestive tract to the muscles.

Often there is indigestion in children, because the organism of babies is at the stage of formation. He was not strong enough to quickly digest heavy food. That is why the child's diet needs to be carefully monitored. If your child complains of nausea and abdominal pain that occurs after eating, analyze what foods he used. Perhaps in this way the body informs about allergies to anything. In any case, a specialist's consultation will help you to understand the causes and solve the problem faster.

Indigestion in children

Often indigestion manifests itself due to non-observance of elementary rules during nutrition. In order to prevent such unpleasant symptoms, one should control the amount of food. Remember that the feeling of saturation comes only 20 minutes after eating. If it's hard for you to stop, you can use a little cunning: a half-hour before a meal, drink a glass of water. The liquid will fill the stomach, and you will not be able to eat much. You can not eat at night, you need to consider that at least three hours the body will need to digest the remains of food, only then the sleep will be healthy and strong. Of course, one should adhere to proper nutrition, that is, buy only fresh and natural foods rich in vitamins and beneficial microelements.