Is the Coxsackie virus dangerous to pregnant women? Influence on the fetus, methods of treatment

As a rule, the Coxsackie virus does not present a serious danger. This is a common enterovirus infection. In adults, it passes quickly and does not affect the overall health.

Coxsackie virus in the second trimester of pregnancy. Reviews

But there are special warnings for pregnant women from doctors. In the than the feature of the Coxsackie virus? Is it dangerous for pregnant women? And if so, how much?

What is the Coxsackie virus?

Coxsackie virus, which gives an intense itchy rash, is in fact distributed by in all reservoirs of worldwide. This disease has long been known and is mainly a child's disease. Mostly sick children from 3 to 9 years, who often pull dirty toys into their mouths. In our medicine, this disease is simply called hand-foot-mouth syndrome. The name is because the rash occurs precisely in these parts of the body.

What is the Coxsackie virus?

Causes a rash of enterovirus, which spreads and air-dripping by , and is contact. The disease spreads very quickly, causing epidemics. The virus, getting on the oral mucosa, penetrates into the blood, then into the intestine. And multiplies already in the intestines.

Coxsackie is a heat-loving virus, therefore epidemic outbreaks usually occur during the hottest summers. Any contact with the patient's personal belongings or his sneezing next to you is already sufficient to get sick.

The incubation period is about 6 days. With high humidity and hot weather, the chances of getting sick greatly increase.

Symptoms of infection

To confuse with other infections Coxsackie virus is difficult. He has characteristic signs, which can be determined without the participation of a doctor.

Coxsackie virus during pregnancy

Bright signs of infection are as follows:

  • rash is predominantly in the mouth, on the palms and feet;
  • itching;
  • fever;
  • sometimes pain in the muscles.

However, in most cases, there may not be any manifestations. This intestinal infection, it happens, simply multiplies asymptomatically in the intestine, and the person, without knowing it himself, is a dangerous carrier of enterovirus. Rash and redness are classic manifestations of the disease, but there are other forms.

Forms of the disease caused by the Coxsackie virus

The disease, as we said, can not be manifested and develop secretly. But, depending on various factors, the disease can manifest itself in several forms.

Coxsackie virus. Is it dangerous for pregnant women?

We list them:

  • Flu-like form. Runs relatively easily. The patient has a slight increase in temperature and symptoms resemble the lung ORZ.If the child or an adult has had this syndrome, there are no unforeseen complications.
  • Enzantema enterovirus. Classical form, expressed in rashes. Usually heavy consequences also do not happen.
  • Pleurodinia - the syndrome is accompanied by severe pain in the muscular tissues of the chest. There is inflammation of these muscles.
  • Intestinal form - proceeds very sharply. The temperature rises to 39-40 0C.The patient is often vomiting, upset stomach. Usually in children this form is easier.
  • Syndrome with the manifestation of hemorrhagic conjunctivitis. Symptoms of this form are: pain in the eyes, lacrimation, suppuration.

The latent form is the most dangerous, as the infection of remains in the body and can not be cured in any way, but the consequences do not keep you waiting. And although the disease at first glance is harmless, is worried about serious complications, up to the defeat of the cerebral cortex. But such lesions rarely occur.

The virus itself has 2 types:

  • Coxsackie A( 24 subtypes);
  • Coxsackie B( 6 subtypes).

The Coxsackie virus is not that simple. Is a set of symptoms such as a rash, pain in the pectoral muscles, or vomiting dangerous for pregnant women? These manifestations are not dangerous, but deviations may occur in an unformed fetus.

How does the Coxsackie affect the fetus?

This is exactly the kind of disease that is dangerous for the future of the child .Even if the woman herself easily tolerates the Coxsackie virus, infection often leads to a delay in fetal development or anomalies. The virus overcomes the placental barrier. What does this lead to? There can be several variants of pathologies:

  • Child suffers from in utero from hydrocephalus and is born with dropsy.
  • Pregnancy fades and the female body gets rid of the fetus. That is, a miscarriage occurs.
  • The fetus as a whole develops normally, but the heart suffers. The child will be born with severe heart disease.
  • There are also possible defects in the genitourinary system.

If a person was sick with this syndrome, he has already formed antibodies. But if the woman first met this virus during pregnancy, then neither nor the of her can be protected by her immunity, weakened by the same pregnancy, in principle can not. Therefore, the consequences in this case are the most serious .

If a woman "picks up" a group B virus, there will most likely not be a miscarriage, but the risk of infecting a child is high in the process of delivery. This is also very dangerous for the of the newborn organism. Very common consequence of such infection during childbirth or in the first hours after them are severe neurological abnormalities in the child .

In which trimester of pregnancy is the most dangerous virus?

So, what do we know about the Coxsackie virus? Is it dangerous for pregnant women and fetuses? The most dangerous period, of course, is 1 trimester, when the neural tube and the main internal organs are laid. What do we know about the effects of the Coxsackie virus during pregnancy? The consequences for the fetus and the mother are not optimistic. The probability of miscarriage in the first 10-12 weeks is very high.

Coxsa virus in pregnancy. Effects

At this time, you can not be exposed to the danger of infection. It is necessary to avoid contaminated reservoirs of , public pools. A pregnant woman should often wash her hands and do not eat vegetables or fruits dirty, right from the garden.

Coxsackie virus is also dangerous in the second trimester of pregnancy. Comments already sick women about this experience are sad. You can not leave this disease without attention in any trimester, but the shorter the period, the is more serious consequences.

Complications in newborns

We described the Coxsackie virus, whether dangerous for pregnant women, also discussed. Now let's talk about the consequences of infection with the virus of the newborn .

Coxsackie virus. How does the fetus

Children suffer from the following complications:

  • pericarditis;
  • hepatic failure or congenital hepatitis;
  • encephalomyocarditis;
  • pneumonia.

Children with encephalomyocarditis often die. And if succeeds in saving , then such infants after the of the transferred are disabled.

Even if the child contracted from the mother during childbirth, doctors recommend continuing breastfeeding. In fact, the mother's antibody is transmitted to the baby when fed.

Treatment of enterovirus Coxsack during pregnancy

The first thing to do if someone is sick with is this syndrome - it's to isolate it into a separate room and give personal utensils. A pregnant woman should not be in contact with a sick person. After all, what is the Coxsackie virus? It is an infection that can penetrate the placenta and cause significant harm to the fetus. How to treat the Coxsackie virus during pregnancy?

Usually treatment is symptomatic. The patient is given all the known antipyretic agents for fever. But since most pharmacy drugs are contraindicated when a woman is waiting for an child , she is given interferon in small doses. But until 14-15 weeks even it is forbidden to use it.

The of the child should develop its own interferon. An artificial preparation can cause a miscarriage. In general, during pregnancy, one can not independently treat infections. You should immediately go to the doctor.

Prevention of

Infection The Coxsackie virus during pregnancy is said to be very dangerous to the fetus. How to prevent infection? First, you need to thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables. Do not overcool. It is forbidden to bathe in rivers with standing water. It is necessary to walk more often in fresh, clean air.

If the house has a senior child , make sure that he also constantly washed his hands with soap after the street, and not just rinsed.

How to treat a coxsack virus in pregnancy?

All toys brought from the street must be disinfected. The virus can stay in the environment without a carrier for a long time. But if someone has become infected, the disease quickly passes to all family members.

Compliance with these simple rules will help reduce the risk of infection with such a dangerous enterovirus as the Coxsackie virus.