Sanatorium "Bobrovnikovo", Veliky Ustyug: treatment, nutrition, reviews

Every city dweller wants to enjoy fresh air and cleanliness of nature. But people who live in small settlements often do not notice around themselves the beauty of the surrounding places. Therefore, the sanatorium "Bobrovnikovo" in Veliky Ustyug offers a break from daily activities and cares in an ecologically clean area. There are all conditions for active recreation, there is an opportunity to undergo various procedures for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

Where is and how to get there

The Bobrovnikovo health resort in Veliky Ustyug is located in the Vologda region, 7 km from the district center, near the village of Bobrovnikovo.

health resort Bobrovnikovo Veliky Ustyug

You can get here by train "Moscow - Veliky Ustyug".During the winter holidays, he stops at the station of the district center. This is due to the organization of children's excursions to the patrimony of Russian Santa Claus.

Another time the train "Moscow - Veliky Ustyug" arrives at Yadriha and Kotlos stations. From here, by bus or taxi, you need to get to your destination. The journey takes about 1.5 hours.

Also twice a week there are flights from Moscow to Cherepovets to Veliky Ustyug. The planes fly from the airports of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

How the sanatorium

works The "Bobrovnikovo" sanatorium in Veliky Ustyug hosts guests throughout the year. Residential buildings are equipped with a heating system, guests feel warm and cozy in the frigid cold.

There is also a children's health camp on the territory of the sanatorium. In it year-round children of school age have a rest. Cognitive and entertaining excursion programs are constantly organized for them.

You can book a ticket on weekdays from 8.00 to 16.00.There are various programs for recovery, including the option "Mother and Child".

Description of the sanatorium "Bobrovnikovo" in Veliky Ustyug

This area is famous for its beauty and clean air. The sanatorium is located on the bank of a large and full-flowing river Northern Dvina. On its banks are juicy meadows and beautiful meadows, surrounded by trees.

Velikoustyugsky district

The sanatorium occupies a rather large territory - about 10 hectares. It has its own park area - 50 hectares. Here grow spruce, pine and birch. At any time of year, nature is full of colors.

The climate in this zone is able to fill any holidaymaker with new energy and energy to continue to lead an urban, bustling life.

Several buildings are located on the territory of the complex. From the first to the third there is a children's health camp. In the main four-story and several two-story cottages are placed vacationers. Wellness procedures are held in separate buildings. Near the main building there is a dining room.

Living conditions of

Guests of the sanatorium in Velikoustyugsky district can choose at their discretion the number they liked. Rooms vary in comfort and capacity. In the building № 4 there are economy class rooms.

They can comfortably accommodate from 2 to 3 people. In the rooms there are:

  • standard single beds;
  • TV;
  • bedside tables;
  • cabinet;
  • chairs;
  • shower and toilet.

A recreation room is organized on each floor, with soft sofas and armchairs, a desk and chair, a TV and a place for playing chess. In this room in the evenings there are entertainment events, or neighbors on the floor communicate here in a free mode.

health resorts of Vologda region

Building № 5 is a detached two-storey cottage. There are rooms of high class comfort. In the hall of the cottage there is a soft corner, a refrigerator, an ironing board and an iron. In the rooms are quite comfortable beds, wardrobe, TV, bedside tables. The rooms are equipped with shower cabins and toilet. Near the house there is a spacious area where you can spend time playing with children or reading your favorite book.

health resort Bobrovnikovo prices

Building № 6 is also a two-storey detached cottage. There are standard rooms with single beds. Of the necessary - TV, chairs, refrigerator, wardrobe, desk. The bathroom has a shower and toilet.

Dining at the sanatorium

On the territory of the dining room. Vacationers receive a full 5-meals a day. Guests can order a regular or diet menu. In the dining room there are experienced chefs who carefully monitor the quality of the products from which they are cooked.

For holidaymakers in the dining room a separate area with numbered tables is organized. Guests eat throughout the rest on their own, allocated to them, places. Children from the health camp come to the dining room at a separate time. Nobody interferes with each other.

Moscow Great Ustyug train

There are a variety of dishes in the menu, meat and fish dishes are regularly prepared. On a mid-morning snack seasonal fruits are served. For dessert, guests are offered all sorts of sweets and delicious pastries. Every day, the menu includes lactic acid products.

Treatment and prevention of diseases

Guests are happy to undergo health-improving procedures in the sanatorium "Bobrovnikovo".The prices for these services are included in the cost of the tour. Here you can successfully undergo treatment and prevention of many diseases:

  • digestive organs;
  • of the nervous system;
  • respiratory system;
  • skin;
  • of the urinary system;
  • joints and spine.

The complex employs professional medical staff from Monday to Saturday. Round the clock in the main building, a nurse is on duty who has all the necessary medicines for first aid.

Mineral water

Not only with the help of specialized procedures is the treatment in a sanatorium. In special pump rooms you can type medical Bobrovnikovskuyu mineral water. It has a lot of useful properties and is used to treat certain diseases:

  • reflux esophagitis;
  • chronic gastritis( with any acidity of the stomach);
  • peptic ulcer disease;
  • abnormalities in the work of the intestines( constipation and diarrhea);
  • liver and gallbladder disease;
  • rehabilitation after operations on the digestive tract;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • obesity;
  • a violation of salt metabolism;
  • abnormalities of the genitourinary system.

Mineral water is taken in the required amount according to the prescription of the sanatorium doctor. Its temperature can vary from 18 to 40 degrees. This indicator is also determined by the doctor's recommendation.

Mineral water is drunk strictly before meals for a certain period of time, which directly depends on the nature of the disease. The regime and amount of water intake is prescribed in the resort map of each vacationer.


Not all sanatoria of the Vologda region can boast such a variety of medical and preventive procedures as "Bobrovnikovo".Here, vacationers can pass:

  • galvanization;
  • medicinal and mud electrophoresis;
  • UHF therapy;
  • light and laser therapy;
  • water procedures;
  • massages;
  • inhalation;
  • magnetotherapy;
  • exercise therapy, etc.

In the complex there is a speleoptera. Staying in it favorably affects the respiratory system and significantly strengthens the immune system. For a fee, vacationers can experience the effect of hirudotherapy, acupuncture, shower-massage underwater and peeling fishes of garra rufa.

treatment in the sanatorium Bobrovnikovo

Not all sanatoriums in the Vologda region are provided with such equipment for diagnosis, as here. A full examination of the guests of the sanatorium can take place in a few days. By its results, the necessary procedures and their duration are appointed.


On the territory of the sanatorium in the Veliky Ustyug region, thematic events are often held. Here, traditional celebrations are organized with the participation of folk groups and animators.

Periodically organized field trips to the sights of the region for all comers. They are particularly active in winter, when you can visit the fabulous residence of Father Frost. During the New Year holidays, funny folk festivals and fairs are arranged here.

In winter, a fairly high hill is built here for sledging and plows. On the territory of the residence there is a small cinema hall for viewing on the big screen of cartoons and movies.

For those who like relaxing, the library works. In the evening, in the buildings, guests come together to chat and spend time playing board games.

Children will have plenty to play and play on the court. There are swings, carousels, labyrinths and stairs. This area is quite spacious, children have enough space for active games.

Sanatorium "Bobrovnikovo": reviews

On the Internet there are many comments about the work of the sanatorium. Holidaymakers note that in the main building rooms are very modestly furnished. Here there are beds of old type and in the winter quite blows from the balconies.

health resort Bobrovnikovo reviews

Also guests say that in these rooms it's time to replace the plumbing. In cottages the arrangement of rooms is several levels higher, but still there are certain comments about the heating and operation of the cranes and showers.

Dining in the canteen is comfortable for most holidaymakers. Guests note that there are plenty of dishes and large portions. According to reviews, even fastidious children are happy to eat here.

Vacationers are satisfied with the variety and quality of the provided treatment procedures. They note that the staff is maximally friendly, tries to respond to every request or comment. In the pump room is always clean, there is enough space for everyone.

Parents point out in their comments that children who have rested in a camp at a sanatorium are always busy with useful things and do not remain without the attention of staff. Children, according to their coursework, qualitatively and regularly undergo the prescribed procedures.

Guests of the sanatorium with pleasure walking in the park area and enjoying clean air. During the events, vacationers of any age take part in them with excitement, have fun, dance and sing.