Treatment of Allergy with Folk Remedies.

Allergy in the modern world is a widespread disease. This disease occurs with increased sensitivity of the body to various factors called allergens, it can be chemicals, foods, microbes, pollen of some plant species. Each person manifests an allergy individually. Therefore, the treatment of allergy folk remedies should be made taking into account the individual characteristics of each person and his predispositions.

Household allergens very often cause allergic diseases of the respiratory tract( cough, runny nose, choking) and conjunctivitis. Almost all known food products can become food allergens, but most often eggs, milk, meat, fish, citrus fruits, strawberries and chocolate. Food allergies can cause problems in the gastrointestinal tract: diarrhea, vomiting and even fever. The causes of allergies that cause the appearance of dermatitis can be in the action of various industrial allergens: mineral oils, dyes, turpentine, nickel, chrome, formalin and others.

In some cases, an allergy may occur on cold and heat. With the development of civilization, the number of allergens is constantly increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to systematically train the body so that it becomes resistant to external influences. To do this, you must choose the right diet, exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. Treatment of an allergy with folk remedies consists in choosing those remedies that will have a positive effect in each specific case. Therefore, the recommendations given below are only general in nature and should be selected experimentally under the supervision of a physician.

Infusion of succession.

For an allergy sufferer, it is necessary several years in a row before a full recovery to drink fresh infusion of alternatives instead of tea or coffee. Such a popular treatment of allergies will help change the body's response to the action of harmful substances. The infusion of the turn should be brewed like tea and you can drink it in 20 minutes after brewing without restrictions. The brewed infusion should be golden in color, if the color is green or the infusion itself is muddy, then this indicates that the turn to use is unsuitable. Drink infusion only fresh and can not be stored. Collect and dry the shade in the shadows you need yourself, industrial-briquetted string does not give such a therapeutic effect.


Treatment of allergy by folk remedies is well done with the help of mummy reception. This is a well-functioning strong tool, but it is necessary to be sure of the high quality of the mummy. Dilute it in the amount of one gram per one liter of warm water, while the quality mummy dissolves instantly and does not give any turbidity. This solution can be taken from allergies, even to children. Drink it better in the morning every day, children under 3 years of 50 ml, up to 7 years - 70 m, older than eight years and adults already have 100 ml of the solution mummy. With a very strong allergy, you can drink the solution a second time a day, but the dose should be reduced by half. Mumiye has a laxative and diuretic effect. If the solution is made more concentrated( one gram of mummy per 100 ml of water), then they are recommended to lubricate the foci of eczema on the skin.

Honey combs.

A good treatment of allergy by popular means is chewing honey combs. Antiallergic effect is exerted by the wax remaining in the honeycombs after evacuation of honey. Healing properties also have fresh collected honey. It can be taken during each meal for a dessert, one spoonful.

From different types of allergies, there is a large number of folk remedies and recipes for their preparation. However, for full-fledged treatment, you should always follow the doctor's recommendations.