Effective folk and cough remedy for a child up to a year

Cough is a symptom of many unpleasant pathologies. Also, this sign can appear independently without any diseases. A cough remedy for a child up to a year must be selected exclusively by a doctor. The specialist conducts an evaluation of all the accompanying symptoms and only then gives his recommendations. Also, many parents use folk remedies to cough up a child for up to a year. This option is recognized by doctors as safe, but not always effective, because it is worth remembering in this case about a possible allergy. This article will tell you about what there is a cough remedy for a child up to a year.

cough remedy for a child up to a year

Before starting treatment. ..

If you heard a cough from your baby, then do not rush to run to the drugstore for medicine. Before you start correction, it is worthwhile to understand the cause of the appearance of the symptom and determine its nature.

Cough is the reduction of bronchi and lungs. It occurs reflexively. The reason for this may be physiology( sudden change of cold air warm) or pathology. The last kind of cough( pathological) always requires treatment in contrast to its predecessor. It is worth noting that the cough can have a viral or bacterial origin, be a symptom of an allergic reaction or arise from the foreign body entering the respiratory tract. Also the nature of the symptom is dry and wet, productive and protracted.

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cough remedy for children 2 years old

Dry cough

If you hear that your baby's bronchial tubes and lungs are constantly contracting, but there is no sputum, then it is a dry matter. A cough remedy for a child up to a year in this case can be of two kinds. Some drugs will help make the symptom productive and moist. Others simply block the cough receptors. What exactly to choose - you will be prompted only by a specialist. First, you need to listen to the breath of a child with a stethoscope. If you hear whistling, squeaking and wheezing in the airways, you should definitely use medications that dilute and expectorate phlegm. Such compositions include Lazolvan, Ambrobene, Ascoril, ACTS, Mukaltin and many others. They are available in the form of syrups, tablets for the preparation of medical fluid and capsules.

When the baby's lungs are clean, but the cough does not give rest, the appropriate drugs are selected. They block the reflex described above and thus eliminate the annoying symptom. This cough remedy for a child up to a year or later can be given only after a thorough examination. Uncontrolled and independent reception of such drugs can easily lead to pneumonia, bronchitis and other complications. Means with a similar effect have the following trade names: "Erespal", "Kodelak Neo", "Sinekod" and so on.

cough remedy for children 3 years old

Wet cough

A cough remedy for children under one year can be divided into two main groups. Some drugs dilute sputum and increase its amount. They are called mucolytic. Other compounds act directly on the mucus, contributing to its departure. They can be called expectorant.

For the treatment of wet cough use medicines "Bromgeksin", "Ambroxol", "Acetylcysteine".For expectoration of already diluted sputum, preparations based on natural remedies( mother-and-stepmother, lypocrine, violets, oregano, licorice) are often used. One of the popular and safe means is the "Gerbion".

cough remedy for children under one year old

Allergic manifestation of

Cough remedy for children up to one year can have antihistaminic effect. It is necessary in case of allergic reaction. It is worth recalling that only the doctor can determine the cause of the onset of the symptom. Most antihistamines are contraindicated in children of the first year of life. However, a specialist can choose the correct and safe dose for your crumbs.

These include "Tsetrin", "Zirtek", "Fenistil", "Supratin", "Tavegil" and many others. Some formulations are available in liquid form. They are much more convenient to give to small children. Many antihistamines cause drowsiness. You need to be prepared for this manifestation and do not panic when the regime of your crumbs gets a little off. In addition to the listed medicines, to eliminate the allergic cough you need to exclude its cause. With the help of tests you can determine what exactly your baby is reacting to.

Antibacterial and immunomodulating formulations

If the symptom is caused by a viral infection, in most cases you will not need a cough remedy for children.2 years is the age when the child independently forms immunity. His body can fight the infection by itself. You just need to help him and organize comfortable conditions. Preparations, appointed in this case, have the names "Ergoferon", "Anaferon", "Isoprinozin" and so on. They help to maintain immunity and have an antiviral effect.

With prolonged and prolonged cough with an increase in body temperature, antibiotics are usually prescribed. In this case, it is an inflammation with which the child's body can not cope on its own. Cough remedy for children( 2 years and under) can be called "Sumamed", "Amoxiclav", "Flemoxin" and so on.

folk remedies for a child up to a year

Children's cough for children( 1 year)

Some parents prefer not to resort to using medicines. They are confident in the safety and efficacy of folk remedies. Your attention will be presented several recipes for such medicines.

Onion syrup. Take two large bulbs and dip them into boiling water. Place a tablespoon of sugar. Simmer for 20 minutes. After this, strain and cool. Give the child up to 12 months to 50 milliliters three times a day. This cough for children( 3 years) can have a high dosage - 100 milliliters per dose.

Milk with butter. Excellent eliminates dry debilitating cough this remedy. Heat 100 milliliters of milk and add one teaspoon of butter. Cool to a comfortable temperature and let the child drink in small sips.

Boiled lemon. Boil for 5 minutes lemon, then cut and squeeze. Add to the composition a few drops of glycerin and honey. Mix everything thoroughly. Give the drug to the baby on a teaspoon three times a day.

folk remedies for children 1 year old

Effective cough remedy for a child up to the year

One of the most effective means for treating the described symptom is inhalation. It is produced with the help of special equipment. It is worth noting that hot inhalation with increasing body temperatures is prohibited. Also it is not recommended to conduct them at home. Everything is explained by the fact that the temperature of the steam should be optimal. Often parents bring their treatment to the point that they burn the baby's airways and simply worsen his condition.

Cold inhalations are allowed even for newborn babies. With a severe debilitating cough, they are administered with drugs such as Berodual and Pulmicort. They open the bronchi and facilitate breathing. Also for inhalation, you can apply Ambrobene and Lazolvan. As you already know, these compounds dilute sputum and promote its excretion. Often doctors recommend that inhalations should be carried out with ordinary mineral water. Alkali favorably affects dry cough, softening the airways.

effective cough remedy for a child up to a year

Instead of concluding

Now you know which one you can use the cough remedy for children 3 years and under. Remember that it is not enough to eliminate only the symptom. It is necessary to find out what caused it. An integrated approach to correction will help you get good results in a short time. The average duration of a pathological cough, provided timely and correct treatment is 7-10 days. Do not wait for the sign to disappear tomorrow. Have patience and be healthy!