Diet for breastfeeding for weight loss without harm to the health of the child

Pregnancy is both a touching and difficult period for any representative of the beautiful half of humanity. During the gestation of the fetus, the woman's body changes and rebuilds, so after the birth her body becomes different. A common problem for women who have recently given birth is a set of excess weight. Often, intense workout in the gym and tough diets help to cope with the defects of the figure, but young moms can not so exhaust themselves, because they need to breastfeed. Refusing lactation can not be in any case, since it is with the mother's milk that the baby gets more micronutrients and vitamins that help him cope with the diseases. In this case, the ideal solution will be a diet with breastfeeding for weight loss. Breastfeeding Diet

Principle of the breastfeeding diet

Breast milk is a complete nutritious liquid for the baby, which provides it with high immunity and good resistance to viruses. Studies show that children, who in the first months of their lives were fed breast milk, are much healthier than those given to mothers by purchasing mixtures. But the quality of milk depends on how the woman eats. Diet during feeding is quite acceptable, but doctors advise to adhere to the following principles:

  1. The diet should be balanced by all useful substances and microelements. In this case, a diet with breastfeeding for weight loss will benefit not only mom, but also a child.
  2. Fasting to lose weight is prohibited. The mother should eat well, so that breast milk could form and the bolo is the most nutritious for chroha.
  3. To ensure that the diet when breastfeeding for weight loss has produced good results, when buying products, you should carefully read their composition on the label. If you see that the goods are saturated with chemicals, do not eat it.

Compliance with the above rules will help to not harm the child and get rid of extra pounds. diet when feeding

Taboo when losing weight with breastfeeding

Let's consider what not to use for young mothers who want to lose weight and at the same time feed the baby with their own milk:

  • Alcohol. Drinking alcohol and breastfeeding are incompatible. Moreover, the mothers who used alcohol on the eve of the day, in no case can milk their child. Diet in breastfeeding for weight loss involves the complete exclusion of such beverages.
  • All kinds of cabbage and leguminous plants, since they can lead to increased gas formation in the child.
  • Milk of high fat content and bread of dark varieties - these products are too heavy for digestion.
  • Strong tea and coffee. These drinks contain caffeine, which is contraindicated to the baby.
  • Too salty and sharp foods.
  • A large number of sweets.

Diet in breastfeeding for weight loss involves the exclusion of all of the above products from the diet. Such a measure will help to lose weight and not to harm the baby.

Dukan Diet for young mothers

Duck diet is a fairly easy diet for breastfeeding for weight loss. Girls and women around the world use it not only after pregnancy and childbirth, but also at other times. For young mothers, dieticians offer an adapted version of the Ducane diet, which is aimed at preserving the health of the baby and the woman.

useful diet for breastfeeding for weight loss

Let's consider an exemplary diet according to this scheme:

  1. We begin the morning with pancakes with meat and yogurt. It is desirable that the main ingredient of the filling is a boiled chicken breast, scrolled through a meat grinder. Yogurt should be low-fat.
  2. A couple of hours after breakfast, you can have a snack with fruit. In this case, the use of grapes and bananas is prohibited.
  3. Lunch consists of vegetable salad, light soup with meatballs and boiled fish fillets. Salad can not be filled with butter or sour cream.
  4. A few hours after lunch, it is worthwhile to refresh yourself with cottage cheese and berries, as well as a weak black tea without sugar.
  5. For dinner, eat stewed vegetables, boiled chicken breast and lentils.
  6. Before going to bed, drink a glass of yogurt so as not to feel hunger at night.

This diet for breastfeeding( for weight loss - the most it!) Is designed for two weeks, for which a representative of the beautiful half of humanity can lose up to 14 kilograms.

Japanese diet with breastfeeding

The Japanese are one of the most slender nations in the world. You rarely will be able to meet an Asian woman who is obese. And it's not about the rapid metabolism or other characteristics of the body: the Japanese in the arsenal have a variety of diets that help to lose weight as quickly as possible. One of them is presented below.

  • In the morning, boil half a glass of rice without adding salt and breakfast this portion. In addition to this meal, you can drink a cup of green tea without sugar.
  • For lunch, you can eat a piece of boiled or fried fish, and also drink a glass of tomato juice.
  • You can have dinner with a portion of fruit, but you should avoid bananas, because they are too heavy for rapid digestion.

The principle of the Japanese diet is that a woman consumes a nourishing and easily digestible food, so the excess fat does not remain on the body. To speed up the process of losing weight, any diet( with breastfeeding including) should be accompanied by the consumption of large amounts of liquid. At the Japanese it is necessary to drink not less than one and a half liters of still purified water per day. The duration of such a scheme is thirteen days. Easy diet with breastfeeding for weight loss We want to draw your attention to a very important point. Although the above diet is quite effective, and many use it, experts do not recommend such a diet for breastfeeding mothers and women with poor health, as it can worsen the state of health, lead to suppression of lactation and harm the baby. And the reason is simple: the daily calorie intake of food is too low.

"6 petals" diet for young mothers

This diet for weight loss during breastfeeding involves eating the same product all day. But, contrary to popular belief, it is absolutely safe. If you need a diet with breastfeeding for weight loss without harm to health, then this option is ideal. To lose weight, you must adhere to the following diet:

  • The first day - eat any fish: salmon, hake, pink salmon, mackerel, herring and so on. It can be fried, baked or boiled( to taste).
  • The second day - eat only vegetables: eggplants, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, sweet pepper, etc. The only exception is that you can not eat potatoes, since it promotes a slow metabolism. Vegetables can be eaten raw, baked, stewed, etc.
  • The third day is chicken meat. It is famous for its nutritional properties and quick digestibility. Boiled chicken breast will energize for the whole day. Also, chicken meat can be fried with a small amount of oil, without the addition of salt.
  • Fourth day - eat any cereals and cereals. They provide the necessary supply of vitamins and microelements for active life.
  • The fifth day - eat only cottage cheese, and without the addition of sugar and sour cream.
  • The sixth day - eat any fruit: oranges, kiwi, bananas, tangerines, grapes, apples, etc. If such a diet is boring for the whole day, you can make a delicious fruit salad.

This useful diet with breastfeeding for weight loss allows you to lose weight to six kilograms in just six days, and without much effort. Diet for losing weight during breastfeeding

The optimal diet for breastfeeding

The following diet will help not only to lose up to seven kilograms per week, but also will bring minimal harm to the child. The creators of this diet have ruled out all products that may cause the allergic reaction of the baby. Therefore, it should be observed for those women who have an allergy can be inherited.

  1. Eight in the morning - breakfast: a little cottage cheese with no added sugar or sour cream, boiled quail or chicken eggs. Drink it all with tea and cumin, which improves lactation.
  2. Ten in the morning - a light snack: brew a weak green tea, snack it with crackers from wholemeal.
  3. An hour of the day - lunch: make a light soup of fish or seafood, also boil your favorite vegetables and eat them as a side dish.
  4. Five o'clock in the evening - a snack: drink a glass of low-fat kefir. Seven o'clock in the evening - dinner( last meal): eat a salad of cabbage and cucumber, cooked without adding oil and salt, and a piece of boiled chicken.

This diet is quite tough, so nursing women can observe it for not more than a week. But already in seven days a tremendous result is visible! Important nuance: cabbage and cucumbers are not recommended for young mothers, whose babies are breastfed. Therefore, before you sit on the mentioned above diet, it is better to consult a pediatrician. How to lose weight with breastfeeding

Buckwheat diet for breastfeeding

Buckwheat is one of the most useful cereals known to mankind today. Its benefit is that it speeds up metabolism, blood circulation, slows down the aging process and makes the skin more attractive. In addition, recent studies confirmed the information that buckwheat improves lactation, so it is recommended to use it for women who have recently given birth to a baby and are breastfeeding. In addition, nutritionists are advised to include buckwheat in the diet of those women who want to lose weight, but they can not do it. Breastfeeding Diet

Do not know how to lose weight with breastfeeding? Buckwheat diet is what you need!

  • Breakfast: fruit and berry salad and a cup of green tea without added sugar. Salad can be made from blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, apples, bananas, etc. Add your favorite fruits and berries there, but do not fill the dish with anything.
  • Lunch: light soup from seafood( without potatoes), boiled or stewed vegetables, a glass of kefir.
  • Snack: your favorite fruit.
  • Dinner: a standard portion of buckwheat porridge. You do not need to add salt or any condiments there, since they are natural enhancers of appetite. If you can not eat ordinary buckwheat without salt, you can add soy sauce.

It is necessary to stick to the buckwheat diet for at least one week. Its developers say that during this time you can lose more than ten kilograms. Such a diet with breastfeeding for weight loss( reviews about it - a direct confirmation of that) effectively works even in those cases when there is no other way to get rid of excess kilograms.

Cheese soup - the best dish for fast weight loss

If you gain weight after giving birth and want to lose it, but you can not keep to a diet due to lack of time or willpower, then you just need to add cheese soup to your diet. To make it, you need one bulb, one carrot, a little butter, a packet of processed cheese, parsley, crackers( you can make it yourself, cut the bread into small pieces and fry in the oven), salt, pepper.

First you need to put the water to simmer. Onions and carrots should be peeled and washed. Cut the onion into small pieces, and grate carrots on a fine grater. After that, make a roast of vegetables, frying them in a frying pan with a small amount of butter.

Cheese should also be grated. After that, grill and grated cheese should be thrown into boiling water. Rinse the parsley and finely chop it. Add to the pan. Cook the soup for about twenty minutes, after which it can be served to the table. Before serving, sprinkle a portion of soup with rusks.

Breastfeeding Diet for Slimming Menus

Hepatic balls - the perfect snack for young mothers who want to lose weight

This appetizer will suit all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, which is not helped by any diet for breastfeeding for weight loss. The menu can be made independently, but it is necessary to include a dish such as liver balls.

For their preparation, you need to prepare two onions, five potatoes, half a kilogram of chicken liver, two boiled chicken eggs and two raw eggs, a little flour.

Finely chop the onions and saute them on low heat with the liver chopped into pieces. After fifteen minutes, we add there the chopped hard-boiled eggs. From the potatoes we make mashed potatoes, to which we add raw eggs and flour. Mix it so that the dough turns out. From it we form cakes, in the center of which we place a mixture of boiled eggs and liver. Next, we make balls, which can then be fried or baked in the oven.

Lazy vareniki - delicious and defatted!

Lazy vareniki are prepared from ingredients that do not harm the health of the baby and the figure of the mother. For their preparation, you need half a kilo of cottage cheese, flour, one egg and a pinch of salt. First of all, you need to prepare the dough - only from flour, salt and eggs. Next, form the sausage and cut it into balls. In the center we spread cottage cheese and we make a varenik. After you have finished molding vareniki, put them to cool in the refrigerator for half an hour. After this time they can be cooked. When serving, sprinkle a portion of parsley and dill. In this case, if you want to lose weight, do not add to them sour cream, even fat-free.

Above are examples of diets that you can follow if you want to lose weight after delivery and not to spoil breast milk. We also offer you dishes from which you can make your own menu. Be healthy and beautiful!