Russia, Kislovodsk, sanatorium "Elita": review, description and reviews

In the first half of the 19th century, the town of Kislovodsk became famous as a balneological resort. Sanatorium "Elita" is its youngest health resort, which began its activity in late 2012.It differs from other similar institutions in that it is private, organized in individual ownership. To withstand competition with well-known throughout the country and enjoy well-deserved recognition of people health resorts, the giants of the spa business, of which in Kislovodsk several dozen, the owners of "Elite" decided to make the main emphasis on impeccable service. Therefore, everything from the arrival of guests and ending with their departure home, here is highly qualitative, pleasant for mental rest and effective for treatment.

Location how to reach

The health resort "Elita" is quite conveniently located. Russia, Kislovodsk, in particular, has a well-developed transport network. This city is located in the Stavropol Territory, in its southern part, just 65 km from another famous Caucasian resort and a large city - Mineral Waters. Sanatorium "Elita" is built on one of the central streets, called Linear, the postal number of building 8. It is not in the center or on the outskirts, in a quiet beautiful area near the park Komsomolsky, to which only 300 meters. Not far from the health resort and the wonderful lake Gorodskoe. To other interesting objects, such as the Central Market, the Circus, the railway station, you can walk somewhere in 25 minutes, or you can reach the minibuses in 5 minutes.

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Kislovodsk health resort Elite

To get to the sanatorium "Elita" in Kislovodsk is not difficult. The plane needs to fly to Mineralnye Vody, and from there it's easiest to take a taxi. If you do not want to pay a lot of money, you need to go from the airport to the railway station Minvod, and then take the train to Kislovodsk.

It's even easier to go by train directly to Kislovodsk. On the day of arrival to their guests, the sanatorium provides a free transfer.

If you go to the treatment of a personal car, you need, for example, from Moscow to follow the highway E50 to Mineralnye Vody, and then along the A157 to Kislovodsk.

Medical profile

Sanatorium "Elita"( Kislovodsk, Russia) is licensed for treatment of the following diseases, as well as organs and systems of the human body:

- gastrointestinal tract( gastritis, ulcer, colitis, esophagitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis);

- lungs( asthma, bronchitis of any etiology, pneumonia);

- ENT organs;

- heart( angina, arrhythmia, rehabilitation after a heart attack);

- blood vessels( varicose veins, hypertension, thrombophlebitis);

- musculoskeletal system( arthrosis, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, rheumatism, arthritis);

- urogenital system( cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, hemorrhoids, enuresis);

- gynecology( inflammations of female organs, infertility, hormonal disorders, mastopathy);

- thyroid gland( diabetes mellitus, thyroiditis).

In addition to the main treatment, in the health resort there are programs that specialize in restoring the health of men and women, as well as specific programs for the treatment of the spine. health resort Elite Kislovodsk reviews

Diagnostic base

With a variety of ailments people go to Kislovodsk. Sanatorium "Elita" offers its guests to pass examination on modern devices of the latest models and in a laboratory equipped with new technologies. Here perform:

- urinalysis;

- blood tests( general, advanced, biochemical);

- ECG;

- ultrasound examination( requiring payment);

- research with the help of the device "Delphis";

- ECG monitoring by Holter;

- daily monitoring of ECG and blood pressure.

In the health resort you can consult a therapist, urologist, gynecologist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, gastroenterologist, psychologist, nutritionist, physiotherapist. Therapeutic base of

According to numerous reviews of people, a very good effect on improving health is observed in all who visited the sanatorium "Elite".Kislovodsk is famous for its unique natural factors, helping to get rid of various diseases. Its main asset is mineral springs, thanks to which the city got its name. The most famous source is Narzan. The water in it is hydrocarbonate-sulfate, and in addition, also calcium-magnesium. In different wells it has an unequal mineralization and differs in percentage of carbon dioxide. On the territory of the sanatorium there is own pump room, water from which helps with problems with the intestines, stomach, liver. In the health resort, in addition to natural factors, the latest technologies are used to treat people, as well as methods that have been tested by time and research. Here you can get such procedures:

- baths( coniferous, mineral, pearl, dry carbonic, iodide-bromine);

- therapeutic showers( ascending, Charcot, circular, in the swimming pool hydromassage);

- mud treatment( applications, tampons);

- inhalations;

- magnetotherapy on various devices;

- therapeutic saunas( alpine, turkish, sunny, Finnish);

- massage of limbs, body, urological( manual and hardware);

- herbal treatment;

- ozone therapy;

- salt cave;

- treatment with currents, vibrations of different frequency and amplitude;

- electrophoresis;

- microclysters and intestinal irrigation. health resort Elite Kislovodsk

Innovative and non-traditional methods of therapy are also used in the sanatorium:

- treatment with color, aromas;

- therapeutic heating on the furnace;

- treatment with leeches;

- hippotherapy;

- healing by fire and others.

Short description

As in the health resort you can rest without treatment, some call her hotel-sanatorium "Elita".Kislovodsk, thanks to the climate that prevails here, from a modest settlement became paradise a beautiful city, adorned with thousands of flowers and hundreds of trees. The sanatorium fits perfectly into the urban design, as its small territory is literally buried in verdure. All infrastructure facilities here are compact, so vacationers very quickly, without tiring transitions, fall, for example, from the hospital to the dormitory or to the restaurant. In addition to the buildings that housed the clinic, diagnostic rooms, a spa, a dining room, a swimming pool and a gym, there is a parking lot on the territory( free of charge) and stables( for horse walks and hippotherapy).Pride and a bright highlight of the health resort - its tea house, where evening parties are arranged and nightly gatherings over a cup of tea. You can also enjoy free honey, jams, pastries. health resort Elite in Kislovodsk


Different living conditions can offer their guests health resorts, which are so rich in Kislovodsk. Sanatorium "Elite" is pleasantly distinguished among others with its own, we can say, chic rooms. Here, even the "Standards" look luxurious. All rooms have an exclusive design, are furnished with expensive furniture of the highest quality, decorated with paintings, stylish lamps, mirrors, fashionable curtains, and some categories plus everything and false ceilings. To give more coziness, the floors are everywhere covered with carpets in the tone of the furniture. Balconies in the rooms there, but the views from the windows are wonderful. It can be a territory, a city, mountains in the distance. Residential building, where all the guests are accommodated, is built in three floors, but there is no elevator, which must be taken into account by people who have problems with their legs.

Room categories:

"Standard" consists of 1 room, designed for 1 or 2 guests. This is the cheapest accommodation that the Elita sanatorium can provide, but even here the guests feel that they are notable people, indeed the elite of society.

Equipment - furniture needed for coziness and comfort( wardrobe, bed, bedside tables, table, curbstone for a large modern TV), mirror, good roomy fridge, electric kettle, and to it a set of dishes, telephone. In the hygiene room there is a shower cubicle, a washbasin, heated towel rails, a hairdryer, a toilet, bathrobes, personal hygiene products.

"Studio" consists of 1 room, designed for 2 people. The rooms of this category are more spacious than the "Standards", they are furnished with more stylish furniture, including a soft sofa. health resort Elite Kislovodsk prices

"Lux" consists of a bedroom and a living room, designed for 2 persons. The room is very beautiful, it looks, you can say, in a royal way. In the hygiene room there are large rectangular baths.

«Apartments».The room consists of a very spacious, luxurious bedroom and living room with huge windows, a set of expensive upholstered furniture( two sofas, armchairs, ottoman), with a large table and a set of chairs. In the hygiene room there is a spacious corner bath.


All the best is ready to provide its guests with the sanatorium "Elita"( Kislovodsk).The reviews of the people who have visited here are especially devoted to the organization of catering. It takes place in the restaurant and is carried out according to the system of the customized diet menu. Holidaymakers note that all meals, although dietary, taste like home cooking and even better. In addition to the restaurant, the sanatorium has a cafe where you can pamper yourself with excellent shish kebabs. But the main advantage of food in this health resort is its famous tea, sweets and intimate evenings of tea-house. hotel health resort Elite Kislovodsk


In the valley, surrounded on the perimeter by mountains, in the very beginning of the 18th century a fortress was built. For more than 200 years, the city of Kislovodsk has grown here. Sanatorium "Elita" is located near the stop of public transport, so that vacationers can easily make excursions to this famous resort, get acquainted with its monuments of architecture, stroll through one of the largest parks in the region, visit the water park, circus, dolphinarium, museums and exhibitions.

But it's interesting to spend time you can, and not leaving the sanatorium. There are 2 large swimming pools( open and covered), which are free and unlimited in time. For lovers of a quiet holiday in "Elite" there is a library, there is a hall with billiard tables and tennis tables, there is a rental office for chess and other board games.

In the evening all guests are invited to the teahouse, and after wishing to continue their active rest, karaoke, a cafe with live music, a night club with a disco are waiting. health resort Elite Kislovodsk Russia

Sanatorium "Elita"( Kislovodsk), prices

The climate in the valley, where Kislovodsk is located, is quite mild. In summer there is no heat, in winter - strong frosts, atmospheric pressure does not jump, there are no magnetic storms. And yet, the weather can present unpleasant surprises in the form of piercing wind, slush, precipitation, in particular wet snow. All these can please nature from November to March. In spring, Kislovodsk is warm and sunny, although precipitation is not so rare in this period. Summer here is warm, rains if they go, then not for long. Such weather conditions affect the prices of the resorts. In "Elite" the most expensive vouchers in the high season, that is, from May to October. The cost of "Standard" during this period is from 2680 rubles per person per day. In the low season, the same number costs 2180 rubles for one day. Children receive a small discount of 10%.The prices can vary, therefore at booking it is desirable to specify at the operator or on an official site.


Sanatorium "Elita" has 4 stars, but many vacationers believe that it deserves more. Its advantages:

- unique hospitality of all personnel, professionalism, friendliness, desire to help in any matter;

- excellent location;

- compact;

- beautiful rooms, beautiful, cozy and clean;

- delicious food;

- good treatment;

- evenings in the tea house;

- free pool;

- Wi-Fi is also free, it works throughout the territory;

is an interesting leisure organization.

Disadvantages of this health resort are not noticed.