Norbaktin: analogues, instructions for use, indications, reviews

The preparation "Norbaktin" refers to bactericidal antibiotics of a wide spectrum of action. Such medications should be used as prescribed by the doctor and only after preliminary diagnosis. In order for the medicine to be truly effective, the patient needs to pass tests for bacteriological examination. Such diagnostics allows to determine sensitivity of microorganisms to this or that antibiotic. Independently use the drug "Norbaktin", analogues of which will be presented to you in the article, is not recommended.

norbactin analogues

Characteristics of the preparation

What is the drug "Norbaktin" analogues - you will learn further. To begin with it is necessary to get acquainted with the medicine itself. The medication has in its composition the active substance norfloxacin. The drug is produced in tablets. One pill contains 400 milligrams of the main component.

The drug has a bactericidal effect on sensitive microorganisms. The active substance belongs to the second generation of fluoroquinolones. The medicine acts on an important enzyme - DNA-gyrase. Thanks to it, bacteria become resistant to many drugs. Violation of this resistance contributes to the death of bacterial cells and the elimination of the disease. This is how the "Norbaktin" medication describes the instructions for use. Price, analogues of the drug will be presented to you below.

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How to replace the drug?

Before presenting to you what are the analogues of Norbaktin( the price will be indicated), it is necessary to say a few words about this substitution. The drug refers to antibiotics, it is prescribed for certain indications. It should not be used for self-medication. Therefore, it is unacceptable to select a substitute for the drug yourself. If, for some reason, you can not purchase this medication, you need to contact the doctor for a replacement. The misuse of antibiotics leads to unpleasant consequences: drugs simply stop helping you. Note that the drug "Norbaktin" is relatively inexpensive. You can buy a medicine in the amount of 10 tablets for only 150 rubles.

Has the preparation "Norbaktin" analogues structural. These are medications that contain norfloxacin. Their trade names and prices are as follows:

  • Norfloxacin( 160 rubles).
  • "Nolitsin"( 200 rubles).
  • "Normax"( 180 rubles.).

You can also purchase funds "Renor", "Sofazin", "Utibid", "Chibroksin" and others. All of them are absolute substitutes for "Norbaktin" tablets.

norbactin instruction on the use of analogues

Other analogues

Has the drug "Norbaktin" analogues relative. Such drugs have the same effect on the body as the original remedy. But they contain another active substance. This medication is "Monural"( 500 rubles.), "Nitroxoline"( 100 rubles.), "Palin"( 300 rubles.), "Furagin"( 350 rubles.) And so on.

All described drugs have separate contraindications and adverse reactions. You need to apply them in different ways. For this reason, they can not be generalized together. Each drug should be treated individually. When choosing this or another tool, consider all the features.

norbactin instructions for use price analogues

Indications for the use of the drug "Norbaktin": instructions for use

Medication analogues, which are structural, have the same indications for use as the original remedy. The abstract says that the drugs are effective in the following pathologies:

  • of the urinary tract infection( pyelonephritis, urethritis, bacteriuria, cystitis);
  • bacterial diseases of the genital organs( endometritis, cervicitis, vaginitis, prostatitis);
  • of the gastrointestinal tract( salmonellosis, shigellosis, ulcer);
  • gonorrhea and travelers diarrhea.

Please note that the drug "Norbaktin" will be effective only in the absence of resistance in the microorganisms that caused the disease. The drug does not treat viral and fungal pathologies.

Information that every customer needs to familiarize with

There are always instructions for use in the preparation. There are indicated the main points under which the use of the drug is contraindicated. Pay attention to them. If you have at least one of the listed signs, then treatment with this drug is prohibited. Otherwise, the risk of side effects increases at times. So, when should the drug Norbaktin be replaced with an analog?

  • When hypersensitivity to the main component.
  • Patients with severe renal failure.
  • Future mothers.
  • To the representatives of the weaker sex, leading breastfeeding.
  • With some vascular diseases and pathologies of the brain.

Adverse reactions that have been documented can be manifested by the following symptoms:

  • nausea, abdominal pain, indigestion and stool;
  • dysuria, polyuria, bleeding;
  • headache, insomnia;
  • allergy, swelling, shock.

norbaktin price comparison reviews analogs

Method of taking

Depending on the symptoms and severity of the disease, individual doses of the drug are selected. The drug can be administered in a volume of 200 to 800 milligrams of active substance per day. Treatment lasts from several days to three months. Here are some guidelines for taking tablets:

  • for infections of the urinary system 1 tablet 2 times a day for a week;
  • for the treatment of cystitis by 1 pill twice a day for three days;
  • to eliminate the exacerbation of chronic infections of the urinary tract, use 1 tablet twice a month, and then 1 capsule per day for another 12 weeks;
  • with the purpose of treatment of gonococcal infections appoint 2 tablets of medicament once;
  • for intestinal infections of a bacterial nature take 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days.

According to the instructions, the drug is sometimes prescribed for the prevention. It is prescribed for women prone to frequent recurrent infections of the urinary system. The drug is used on half the tablets after each sexual contact. The drug "Norbaktin" is used to prevent travel diarrhea for one pill a day, but not more than three weeks in a row. For better effect, the antibiotic is consumed an hour before meals or two after it. With standard course use, the cost of treatment will be about 150-300 rubles. As you can see, the price is quite affordable for Norbaktin.

norbactin instructions for use price comparison reviews analogues


Analogues of the drug, like the drug "Norbaktin", are characterized by positive feedback. Consumers say that the medicine is inexpensive and affordable. It is effective in treating genitourinary infections in both men and women. The use of an antibiotic does not bring negative consequences in the form of diarrhea, digestive disorders. Such symptoms are often found with the use of analogs of the drug.

Those patients who took the drug as prescribed by the doctor and after the diagnosis, are satisfied with the therapy. They managed to get rid of such symptoms as frequent and painful urination, burning, pain in the lower abdomen and so on. Negative opinions about the drug are formed by those consumers who took it on their own.

Instead of concluding

The article provided you with a safe and effective antibiotic, Norbaktin. Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues and medication are described for you. If you have anxiety symptoms of these diseases, then you need to consult a doctor. Self-administration of the drug is not welcome. Be healthy!