Causes of burning in the stomach

The sensation of burning in the area of ​​the stomach is familiar to almost every adult and is no longer routinely perceived as a serious disruption of the digestive tract. Getting rid of an unpleasant symptom comes from 1-2 lingual tablets or a sachet enveloping the esophageal mucosa, and the cause of a possible disease remains unclear until the onset of development of critical complications. burning in the stomach

Burning and accompanying symptoms

Often, burning in the stomach comes as a single symptom, but with a constant ignoring of the sign, a slight, seemingly deviant digestion, "fills" with details, among which can be observed:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • bitter or sour belch;
  • permanent sour taste on tongue;
  • change of voice to hoarse or hoarse;
  • tingling in the process of ingestion of food;
  • dry cough without the dynamics of transition to a wet cough.

In addition, pain may also increase, starting with a slight burning sensation in the stomach and growing up to cutting pains between the shoulder

blades or on the left side of the chest. A characteristic sign of obvious malfunctions in the intestines and digestive tract as a whole will be a bad smell from the mouth, not interrupted by any local refreshing means.

Gastritis as a cause of burning

Gastritis is a general term that combines several different pathologies that develop and flow in approximately one scenario and in one direction - affecting the gastric mucosa. In total, gastritis is divided into two main forms and several subspecies, characterizing the symptoms of acute course.

The simplest gastritis arises from eating food, irritating the walls of the stomach and provoking tissue thinning of the mucosa. The natural acidic environment of the stomach, continuing to affect the damaged mucosa with the same intensity, gradually corrodes it, leading to the development of the disease. The primary and the main sign, indicating this pathology, and will become a burning sensation in the stomach.

Other causes of gastritis can be:

  • colonization of the intestinal bacterium Helicobacter pylori;
  • chronic neuroses;
  • some medicines;
  • aggressive factors of production.

It is proved that in the most extensive risk group of gastritis are people who abuse alcohol and smoke more than 7 cigarettes during the day. burning in the stomach and esophagus

Pregnancy is the cause of heartburn.

Burning in the stomach during pregnancy refers to the symptoms of acid dyspepsia, that is, heartburn caused by compression of the digestive tract organs with a large fetus. This happens after the 20th week of pregnancy, when the force of pressing the muscular sphincter of the esophagus is weakened and the gastric juice gets to seep into the esophagus.

Another cause of burning in the stomach on a long term may be a fluctuating at high rates of hormonal levels. As a result of the increased secretion of secretion, the digestive process slows down at times and this manifests itself in unpleasant sensations almost immediately after ingestion, especially spicy, fried or fatty.

Response to

Drugs Medicines taken at exactly the prescribed dosages and at the time( relative to meals) indicated in the annotation rarely cause side effects in the form of burning and pain in the area of ​​the stomach. Exceptions are preparations containing as the main active element salicylic acid or the active formula of iron or potassium. Such drugs cause irritation - rezi, pain, burning - if they are taken too often or drink on an empty stomach.

Try to take only those drugs that are controversial, which have a protective and slowly soluble coating. They quickly slip into the stomach, not irritating the tender walls of the esophagus as they move, but are activated only when a large part of the negative aggressive reaction is absorbed by the acidic environment of the stomach. pain and burning in the stomach

Incorrect power supply

Nutrition can be called illiterate if its nature does not belong to the generally accepted rules of a food culture. In single cases of deviation from these rules, strong problems with the stomach should not arise, since the digestive system has a certain margin of safety and the ability to quickly recover. However, the accumulation of periodically overlapping factors of gross disturbance of the food culture will sooner or later lead to one of the severe forms of gastritis, as already mentioned above.

The main serious "crimes" against the stomach are:

  • snacks "on the run" on dry day;
  • irregular power supply( on a case by case basis);
  • absence in the daily diet of hot dishes;
  • synthetic, low-quality food( fast food);Stale products;
  • abuse of spices, spicy seasonings and preservatives.

Serious and increasingly common cause of burning in the stomach and esophagus becomes a systematic overeating. Worried by the stretched walls of the muscle sac - the stomach - pain receptors, they begin, first as "eating", and then "out of habit", stimulate the brain with irritating signals. In response, the brain sends pain signals that are not always recognized as epistragal, and the problem continues to accumulate. burning in the area of ​​the stomach causes


Severe burning in the stomach, accompanied by intestinal distress and even acute pain, can occur due to neuroses or frequent stressful situations. On the basis of nervous shock, the entire human body, including the stomach, is exposed to severe oxygen starvation - the blood flow starts to move more slowly and the supply of the digestive tract with nutrients decreases several times.

It is believed that more than half the population of European countries are subject to symptoms of so-called nerve gastritis. Even statistics of the disease of stomach cancer, which almost in 20% of all cases originates from the defeat of the body at the psychic level, even after developing into pure physiology of gastritis, ulcers, pancreatitis or oncology.

Understand that the burning sensation in the stomach area has come from the nerves, it is possible to order the elimination of other negative factors: alcohol and smoking dependence, stable "sitting on drugs", illicit nutrition. If none of these examples are suitable for your lifestyle, but there are frequent stresses, then the cause of the diagnosis is found. burning sensation in the stomach


The gastroenterologist is engaged in the diagnosis of diseases associated with pain and burning in the stomach. From the whole set of diagnostic studies, the doctor will select several( with mandatory blood donation for analysis) most appropriate for the symptomatology collected in the anamnesis, and also focusing on the results of the physical examination performed by himself.

All samples and visual examinations in the absence of an "acute abdomen" are performed on an outpatient basis:

  • Gastroscopy is an endoscopy study that gives a picture on the monitor in real time and allows to assess the condition of all organs of the digestive system where the camera will access;
  • X-ray of the hollow organ( stomach), which helps to detect any abnormalities in the form of abnormal growth or damage to the stomach tissues;
  • sample of exhaled air, for the determination of Helicobacter pylori;
  • tissue sample of the gastric mucosa( biopsy), which analyzes the presence of tumor growth.

Taking a sample of gastric juice, as well as a clinical blood test, with suspicion of gastritis is mandatory. burning sensation in the stomach

Traditional methods of treatment of burning in the stomach

The most "popular" method - drinking a soda 1% solution - is recommended to use only as a last resort and with no other means at hand. Slightly slower, but safer for the gastric mucosa is milk of high fat content or mineral water without gas( 4-5 large sips).

A universal remedy for treating all types of gastritis is the raw juice of young potatoes. To drink it it is necessary regularly - on 1/3 glasses in the morning on an empty stomach and before a night dream;all within 3 weeks. Unpleasant to taste, saturated with starches fluid normalizes the level of acidity of the body, envelops the mucous and at the same time serves as a unique source of iron - in potatoes it is even more than in apples. It is suitable for adults and children from the age of five.

Temporary relief is obtained by chewing and swallowing a piece of root of ayr or horse sorrel. You can cook even complex herbal infusions from chamomile flowers taken equal, leaves of plantain and St. John's wort. However, such a tool will only be in effect as long as it is accepted.

To cure gastritis or stop the development of complications, only using folk therapy can not. Thus, symptoms - burning, resists or indigestion, are removed - but full-fledged treatment is carried out only by medicinal means. slight burning in the stomach

Drug Therapy

After receiving the diagnostic results, a patient with a complaint of burning sensation in the stomach is prescribed a treatment regimen. Obviously among the drugs will be:

  • antacids, soothing the irritated esophagus( "Rennie", "Almagel");
  • gastroprotectors protecting the mucous organs of digestion( "Tribimol", "De Nol");
  • alginates, warning the effect of stomach acid on the walls of the stomach( "Tagamet", "Zantak");
  • prokinetics are metabolic accelerators due to increased intestinal peristalsis( Fractal, Cerucal).

It's worth mentioning that even the most effective prescribed treatment will lead to half the result without reviewing and correctly evaluating the factors that led to the disease - malnutrition, stress, excess weight, bad habits. Responsibility for recovery, shifted entirely to doctors and accepted means, in 100% of cases leads to relapses and worsening of the general condition.