Proper nutrition with radiation therapy

Cancer is a terrible disease, accompanied by a mass of negative consequences, treatment and compliance with the recommendations of a doctor. One of the most popular and effective methods of treatment to date is radiation therapy. To reduce the severity and the number of negative consequences of the method during the procedure and after it, a certain diet should be observed.

nutrition with radiation therapy

To whom and why is the radiotherapy procedure

Radiotherapy treatment is prescribed for cancer diseases. The reason for using this method is the high sensitivity of patients' cells to radiation. Affected cells of multiply rapidly, which leads to a transient development of the disease. The effect of ionizing radiation suppresses the development of the disease and destroys the pathological elements.

The reverse side of an effective cancer treatment procedure is the abundance of negative consequences for the body. The patient begins to feel bad, tired faster, dizziness, nausea, other unpleasant symptoms develop. In order for the treatment and recovery process to be easier, a person is advised to change the

nutrition for radiation therapy. It must be balanced and complete.

Cervical cancer: effects, nutrition after radiotherapy of the uterus

Treatment with ionizing effects never goes unnoticed for the patient's body. The consequences depend on the selected type and method of the procedure. There are two types of radiation therapy:

  1. External - the effect on the tumor is produced through the skin with the help of linear catalyst
  2. Internal - the procedure is performed with the help of pain medications. The radiation source is put into a specialized capsule, which is inserted into the woman's vagina, then it passes through the cervix to this organ.

The most serious consequence of treatment is infertility. It is caused by active exposure directly to the ovaries. After the procedure, their work changes. It stops production of certain hormones( progesterone and estrogen).Shortly thereafter, ovulation stops, which means that it is not possible to become pregnant.

nutrition after radiotherapy

On average, a complete change in the work of the female body occurs within 3-4 months. After that comes menopause. In view of this feature, the doctor makes the treatment. If the patient is not yet ready to give up the opportunity to conceive a child, other methods of fighting cervical cancer can be selected.

Other consequences of treatment may include:

  • bleeding;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • loose stool;
  • irritation;
  • poor health and general weakness.

For the relief of symptoms, the use of creams, medications and special nutrition for radiation therapy of the uterus is prescribed. It will help to cope and alleviate many consequences of the disease and treatment. Nutrition for radiotherapy of the cervix should be gentle. It is recommended to switch to a fractional use of food, drink a sufficient amount of liquid.

Nutrition when undergoing treatment

Already during treatment will have to reconsider their views on the diet. Despite the possible occurrence of unpleasant symptoms( nausea, lack of appetite) , nutrition during radiation therapy should be balanced. To reduce nausea, it is recommended to switch to a fractional diet, and special attention should be paid to high-calorie food. It will help maintain the strength of the body even in small portions of food, besides it will be easier to maintain weight.

nutrition with radiation therapy of the breast

Power for radiation therapy should consist of 4-5 meals, while portions should be made small. The feeling of overeating can only worsen the general well-being of the patient. There may be symptoms such as burning sensation or discomfort in the throat. In such a situation, it is best to switch to the nutrition of the mashed food. This will reduce the trauma of the larynx. Food should be steamed, stewed or baked.

Drawing up menus and recommendations after radiotherapy

Radiation therapy is a complex treatment that leaves consequences in the work of the body. After its implementation, it is recommended to follow certain nutrition after radiation therapy .General recommendations for these patients are as follows:

  • Switch to fractional power. This will help to balance the menu and reduce the burden on the entire body. It is necessary to divide the whole volume of consumed food into 5-6 receptions, and the portions should be small.
  • Consumption of sufficient liquid. It supports the body's defenses. It is worth to drink at least 2 liters of liquid per day, and it is pure drinking water. In addition, you can drink tea, compotes, jelly, but avoid too sweet taste of drinks. It will be useful to periodically use freshly squeezed juices from vegetables and fruits.
  • Harmful habits weaken the defenses of the body. During treatment, the body is weak and needs support. It is recommended to stop smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs.
  • Avoid complex and heavy products. These include fried, smoked, pickled, spicy, sour.
  • Minimize or completely eliminate the use of coffee and liquids containing caffeine.
  • Prohibitions apply to dairy products. It is allowed to leave only fermented milk products( kefir, ryazhenka, bifilux and others).Cottage cheese can also be included in the menu, but not fatty varieties.
  • Products leading to gas formation and bloating, also have to be deleted( beans, cabbage, mushrooms and others).

All these rules will have to be followed by patients who have been irradiated by any organ. Nutrition for radiation therapy( breast , cervix and other organs) is much the same.

nutrition with radiation therapy of the uterus

The products required after treatment

The nutrition with radiation therapy varies markedly. Of the diet will have to exclude many favorite products, and others, on the contrary, to enter. On what it is necessary to pay attention?

  1. Despite many restrictions in the use of fruits and vegetables, there is also a list of allowed products. Among the fruits is to pay attention to apples( it is best to bake them in the oven) and bananas. Many berries are useful, for example, black currant. From vegetables include in the diet zucchini, carrots, pumpkin and beets.
  2. Vegetable soups - purees or soups without meat will be useful.
  3. Do not forget about the greens. It contains an abundance of vitamins, which are necessary for the body in a difficult period.
  4. Meat and fish products need to be introduced gradually. Gradually increase the portion. Dishes must be cooked for a couple, bake or simmer. Among the meat, choose white varieties( chicken, turkey, rabbit).
  5. Pay attention to the herbal infusions. Useful infusions of chamomile, nettle, radioli.

nutrition during radiotherapy

Decreased appetite after treatment with

Often, treatment affects the patient's appetite. The diet for radiation therapy should be saturated and balanced. Abundant drinking is also a prerequisite for well-being. You can make infusions of herbs, such as oregano, wormwood. You need to consume them three times a day before eating a few drops.

To increase appetite well helps to boil the dogrose, black currant and mountain ash. To do this, the dogrose is poured with boiling water and left overnight. In the morning, the drink is ready for use. You can try adding berries of mountain ash or currant.

It is worth including in the menu nuts, honey, chicken eggs. Restore the appetite often helps some types of spices( mint, lemon, cinnamon, ginger and some others).

Nutrition in the treatment of radiation therapy should be drawn up in accordance with the recommendations of the attending physician, so it is worth to preliminary agree on similar products with it in order to avoid the development of allergies.

Development of concomitant diseases: leukopenia

Treatment with radiation therapy can cause some concomitant diseases. For example, leukopenia or thrombocytopenia. To alleviate the condition, a medical diet and the use of some herbs are often prescribed.

With leukopenia, it is recommended to use a plantain decoction. The leaves are brewed with boiling water and insisted for several hours. Ready-made broth should be consumed three times per day for one tablespoon. You can add psyllium to dishes or eat raw in salads.

nutrition after radiotherapy of the uterus

Development of concomitant diseases: thrombocytopenia

In the case of developing a disease such as thrombocytopenia, attention should be paid to parsley. It will be useful to prepare broths, add it to dishes and salads.

To prepare the broth, pour a small amount of greenery with boiling water and leave to stand for 4-5 hours. At the end of the time, the drug is ready for use.

When bloody discharge occurs during urination, it is recommended to make infusions from barberry.

Rehabilitation period

Cancer is a serious disease that causes damage to the body. Even greater losses and burdens for the patient will be associated with treatment. Radiation therapy is reflected not only on the organ that was affected, but also on the entire body. Therefore, one of the most important stages of rehabilitation is to make the right menu and follow the recommendations of the doctor in charge.

Cope with a difficult period will help rest, walking in the fresh air. It is recommended to ventilate frequently the D room where the patient is located. We should not forget about warm clothes, because hypothermia is extremely undesirable. Gradually, you can begin to engage in special gymnastics in a light form.

nutrition in the treatment of radiation therapy

During the rehabilitation period, patients are given supplemental medication.


Treatment of cancer with radiation therapy is a great stress for the whole organism. Cope with it will be possible only if all the recommendations of the doctor, including the observance of proper nutrition.