Male doctor: how is called, and when should it be treated?

In most cases, men take their health without due attention. Any woman knows that for all the problems of her sexual system she needs to turn to a gynecologist. And, as a matter of fact, quite often does so. At men all is much more difficult: some of them at all do not know, that there is a special male doctor, as its specialization is called and what diseases exist in this sphere.

male doctor as called

Why do men not like doctors?

There are many diseases of the reproductive system of men, causing discomfort of varying degrees. They can be expressed by problems with urination, erection, pain, etc. Not everyone, experiencing such symptoms, a man, especially if they are weakly expressed, decides that he needs a doctor for men's problems. As such a specialist is called, only those representatives of the stronger sex are interested in, who have quite serious deviations.

Many women accuse their spouses of not being afraid to leave their families without a breadwinner. However, the reason for this attitude toward one's own health is often their care for their relatives. A man, realizing how much depends on him, can not, or rather, does not want to afford to hurt himself. Health problems have a negative impact on self-esteem, so they ignore them.

Who solves the problems of the male sexual sphere?

Some representatives of the stronger sex still willingly visit doctors, others run to them under duress, exhausted from suffering. However, for both of them, the first task to be solved on the road to recovery is to find the answer to the question: what is the name of the male sexual doctor?

the doctor on man

The main expert in this field of medicine is an andrologist. This specialist deals directly with the problems of the male sexual sphere. However, because of the specific nature of the structure of the human body, namely the close connection of its systems, the andrologist can not confine himself to knowledge from the narrow focus of his activity.

What other experts can help?

Andrologist knowledge should include information from such areas of medical science as sexology, genetics, endocrinology, psychology, immunology, genetics, venereology, microsurgery and others. If during the examination it turns out that the disease has a direct relationship to one of the listed specializations of medicine, it is not always effective if only a male doctor will be treated. As the specialist is called, who will provide additional help, the patient must report the andrologist.

For example, if a sexually transmitted infection is detected, you may need the help of a venereologist. Problems in the field of sexual relations are sometimes able to solve a psychologist or sexologist. With prostate adenoma, a visit to the surgeon, to which the male doctor will send the patient, is mandatory. What is the name of the disease that affects a man, treatment and forecasts will be reported by the appropriate specialist.

How can urologist help?

An andrologist can be found in almost every city. They usually take a reception in clinics that specialize in men's health or family planning. Repeated visits to such specialists together with treatment can significantly affect the family budget. But is it possible to get free help if a male doctor is needed? What is the name of such a specialist?

as called the male sexual doctor

Almost every state polyclinic is receiving a urologist. It is he who can help diagnose and cure the disease, since his specialization partly includes knowledge from andrology. But it is possible that in the end you will still have to turn to the andrologist or another highly specialized doctor.