Vaccination against influenza: reviews. Vaccination against influenza "Grippol", "Fluvaxin"

One of the most insidious respiratory diseases is influenza. The patient complains of high fever, aches in the whole body, weakness. And most importantly, this disease is fraught with serious complications. Every year new strains of the influenza virus appear, with which the body is very difficult to fight. To protect yourself from this disease, it is necessary to make vaccinations in a timely manner. One of the most common and popular means of prevention is the drug "Grippol".Also popular is the "Fluvaxin" medication. Vaccination against influenza reviews is mostly positive. If you follow the instructions, you will be able to protect yourself from an insidious infection.

Preparations "Grippol" and "Fluvaxin".Composition of drugs

These vaccines are considered to be most effective in the prevention of influenza. They are a solution in the form of a colorless liquid for intramuscular or subcutaneous administration. The drugs include haemagglutinin influenza A virus strain H1N1, influenza A virus strain H3N2, influenza B virus and polyoxidonium. Additionally, a preservative is used. The antigenic composition of vaccines can vary in accordance with WHO requirements and epidemiological situation.

vaccination against influenza Drugs are produced in ampoules in a dosage ready for administration. The vaccination against the flu is positive. In most cases, during the epidemic, it is possible to avoid infection.

Action of the vaccine on the body

The main purpose of the vaccine is the prevention of influenza. When ingested, the drug forms a permanent immunity to the disease. Vaccination is tolerated well by adults and small patients. Many parents have a question, is it worth it to do flu shots to children? Experts' feedback shows that small patients are most vulnerable to infection. A vaccine is the best measure of prevention.

inoculation against influenza reviews After the administration of substances after 10 days, immunity to influenza strains is developed. The positive result persists throughout the year. Gives excellent results not only inoculation against influenza in children. The reviews show that elderly patients are equally vulnerable to the disease. They should also be vaccinated.

Thanks to vaccination, the work of the immune system increases, which increases the potential of antibodies to other colds. At the same time, there are practically no side effects of the vaccine against influenza Grippol. The reviews show that negative consequences are observed only if the vaccination is done incorrectly.

Indications for use

The main goal of vaccination is the prevention of influenza. The drug can be administered to patients starting from the age of six months. It is necessary to do vaccination to workers in the service sector, medicine, teachers.

inoculations from influenza to children reviews To people who often suffer from respiratory diseases, vaccination will help to significantly improve well-being. This category of citizens is most susceptible to infection with the influenza virus. In addition, as mentioned above, the drug increases the body's defenses. This means that other colds will not be scary.

Reviews of flu vaccine "Fluvaxin", as well as the "Grippol", has a positive. Patients note that vaccination significantly reduces the risk of infection.


Before the introduction of the vaccine, it is worth consulting with the therapist, to study the drug reviews. Vaccination against influenza is contraindicated if there is an increased sensitivity to individual components of the drug. Do not inject into patients who are allergic to chicken protein. The vaccine is not administered in the presence of colds and with exacerbation of chronic processes in the body. The vaccination against the flu will only be positive if the procedure is carried out in accordance with the rules.

vaccination against influenza reviews When pregnant, vaccination is carried out with caution. If there is a need for the drug, it should be done in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. During breastfeeding there are no restrictions for vaccination. If everything follows the instructions, it will show excellent vaccine results from influenza Grippol. The reviews show that timely vaccination helps reduce the incidence rate.

Dosage of the medicine

Experts recommend that the drug be administered every year before the onset of colds. It is best to vaccinate at the very beginning of the epidemiological period. For young children between the ages of six months and three years, the vaccine should be administered at a dose of 0.25 twice per month.

inoculation against influenza in children reviews Babies older than three, as well as adults, are given a single dose of vaccine in a dosage of 0.5 ml. Patients with immunocompromised immunization should be vaccinated twice with an interval of 30 days. The vaccine is injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously into the deltoid muscle of the shoulder. The drug should be opened immediately before use. It is strictly necessary to comply with all sanitary measures if flu vaccine is used to vaccinate Fluvaxin. The reviews show that good results can be achieved with the correct dosage regimen.

Side effects of

Local reactions in the field of vaccine administration may be observed. It manifests as hyperemia and edema. In rare cases, flu symptoms may occur for several days after the procedure. They are accompanied by mild discomfort, low temperature, weakness. Such a reaction to the introduction of the drug quickly passes and does not require treatment.

In some cases, allergic reactions to vaccine components. All you need to do is take an antihistamine.

Special instructions

It is forbidden to administer the vaccine intravenously. In the room where the drug is used, the necessary means must be stored to provide first aid with an instant allergic reaction. Preliminary it is necessary to go an examination of the therapist, who will give permission for the vaccination. The doctor should make sure that the patient is absolutely healthy. After vaccination, it is necessary to be under medical supervision for another hour. Special attention should be paid to flu vaccinations for children. The reviews show that adverse reactions are more likely to occur in small patients.

inoculation against influenza fluvaccine reviews The vaccine should be transported and stored at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. Do not use the vaccine if it has been frozen. From the pharmacy medicine is only available on prescription.

Summing up

Whether to vaccinate or not, everyone decides on their own. Statistics show that patients who have been vaccinated are significantly less likely to be ill. In addition, the described drugs have virtually no contraindications. May be the best measure to prevent a flu shot. The patient's testimony serves as proof.