Fasting on Oganyan Marve: reviews. Exit from starvation in Ohanyan

Marat Vaharshakovna Oganyan is a candidate of biological sciences, an environmental doctor. She is sure that illnesses need to be treated without any chemist's medicine. Her method is to use natural factors, including in the self-restoring function of the human body.

fasting on Ohanyan

What results did the

achieve? There are numerous evidences that, as a result, seemingly incurable diseases were cured. The person recovered, while the official medicine predicted a disappointing diagnosis, and sometimes even a quick death.

The best treatment, of course, occurs at the stage of disease prevention, that is, the preservation of health from birth. The basis of the same method is hunger for the Ohanians, which includes the intake of freshly squeezed juices, herbal decoctions, and a series of enemas.

What you need to buy for fasting

Having decided on such a recovery procedure, you should stock up in the pharmacy in advance:

  • magnesium sulfate is a white bitter salt, and if a person suffers from gastrointestinal illnesses, the salt is replaced with castor oil;
  • herbs - oregano, mint, field horsetail, lemon balm, yarrow, plantain, motherwort, chamomile, mother and stepmother, calendula flowers, thyme, spurge, sage, rennet, nettle, valerian root( all herbs take 50 grams and mix);
  • with Esmarch's mug with a tube - it must be strictly individual for each member of the family.

If a person suffers from gastritis, then instead of the broth of all herbs, you should drink only peppermint, adding honey. From the second week, you can gradually add other herbs, as well as citrus juices, potato, beetroot, carrot and apple. When there is nausea and vomiting reflex, you can drink a few glasses of water with the addition of a teaspoon of soda to each. Sometimes vomiting is caused specifically, pressing a finger on the root of the tongue.

starvation on the Oganyan march

If there is an allergy to all herbs, honey and lemon, then the first days drink only the broth of wild rose, and then gradually add everything else. In the presence of allergies, even on dog rose, the first days drink water, then broth of wild rose and so on.

The following products are purchased in the store:

  • grapefruits, oranges, lemons( on the box) and six liters of honey;
  • sea salt and baking soda;
  • funnel for transfusion into Esmarch's mug.

Preparatory phase of

Before you start fasting on the Ohanyan, you need to go completely to another mode.

Go to bed now you need to try at nine in the evening, and get up at six in the morning. TV before going to bed does not look, but to devote time to an evening walk.

From six to seven in the evening, drink a glass of water with dissolved magnesium sulfate( 50 grams) and lemon juice. If there is a peptic ulcer, then drink castor oil with lemon juice, and with acute pancreatitis add a decoction of Senna( at the rate of 2 tablespoons per 300 milliliters of water).

Filling the hot water bottle with hot water, lie on the right side and put it under the liver. But this procedure is excluded if a person has hepatitis or has stones in the bile ducts.

For an hour, lying on its side, you should drink 3 cups of broth with the addition of lemon juice and honey.

3 more glasses to drink before sleeping.

For the most complete people it is recommended to add not 50 grams, but 60 to 75 grams.

On the first day of fasting, and with complete complexion - for three days, you should drink a laxative from magnesium sulfate and castor oil or herbs of Senna.

Basic period of

Fasting on Oganyan includes some accompanying procedures. So, a full course of washing the intestines is a few weeks in the morning. Fourteen days of enemas are done every other day, and then during the same time, once a week.

Since the morning two liters of warm water with the addition of sea salt and baking soda are poured into Esmarch's cup. Immediately after this, you can go to the toilet. This is done three times in a row, after which they take a hot shower.

fasting by the march oganyan reviews

To prepare the decoction, all the above herbs are mixed. Take 4 to 6 tablespoons of the mixture and brew in three liters of water for an hour, after which the water is filtered and squeezed.

In each glass add a spoon of honey, which is dissolved in the broth, and lemon juice. A glass of liquid is drunk every hour. This regime is held for a whole week.

From the second week, add grapefruit and orange juice in a volume of 2 to 3 liters.

All 3 weeks you can not eat anything.

Teeth are rinsed with sea salt, cleaning the plaque with a toothbrush.

In addition to citrus, Oganyan starvation also involves the use of vegetable juices( from carrots, beets, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, zucchini, greens), as well as other fruits( apples, watermelon, pumpkin).

After a week and a half, you can begin to dig in the nose juice of grated and squeezed tuber Cyclamena. The juice is diluted in water in a ratio of 1/10.The plant is purchased in a flower shop. The course of instillation can continue in difficult cases up to six months. And the hunger lasts for Ohanians 21 days.


This is a very critical period. To it it is necessary to approach with not less attention, than to the period when medical starvation on Ohanian lasts.

In the early days they eat fruit, grated on the grater, continuing to drink herbal tea, juices, tea with honey and plain water. Then in the diet are added mashed vegetables, salads are prepared, but are filled only with lemon juice or homemade sour cream. After a week and a half every day, eaten raw yolk from domestic chickens. Vegetable unrefined pure oil is added to the salads. Useful and will be seaweed, which is purchased in specialized stores, but not in pharmacies, honey in honeycombs or pergas, green cocktails, grapes and yellow tomato.

method of starvation in Ohanyan

And how to eat afterwards?

They return to normal nutrition very slowly. Only two months later you can eat as always. And, when the stage of "exit from starvation" on the Ohanian is over, it is recommended to revise all of its former diet and change it if not completely, then at least make some adjustments.

Buckwheat, barley, oatmeal and millet porridge should be boiled on water, adding onions, butter( butter or vegetable).Soups and borscht to do only vegetable. In some cases it is recommended to repeat fasting every three months for 1-2 years.

Fasting by Marve Ohanyan will give a positive result only if after him a person adheres to certain rules in the diet:

  • , fish, meat and dairy products are excluded from the diet;
  • from bread and products from it is also better to refuse, but with great desire the product is baked at home;
  • vegetable oil for food is not fried and not bitter.

We get rid of purulent deposits from the nose

. The cleansing of the body in general is best combined with the purification of the paranasal sinuses from the pus. To this end, after a morning enema, lying on its back, a tuber of a plant called cyclamen is instilled in a drop of water diluted with water.

It is necessary to prepare for the fact that the procedure is far from the most pleasant and even painful. But doing it is extremely important for those who want to be absolutely healthy. Any influenza and respiratory infections will go away with an absolute guarantee. Having dripped each nostril, it is necessary to lie still for 5 to 10 minutes. After that, you should drink a couple of glasses of hot broth of herbs with honey and lemon juice, bend over to the floor, stay in this position for up to 2 minutes, and then go up and rinse your face with hot water. In addition, inhalations with eucalyptus, fir or mint oil are made. Balm "Zvezdochka" is also suitable. Cyclamen is digested 2 to 3 times a day for at least two weeks.

The juice recipe is as follows: the tuber plants are cleaned, washed and rubbed on a fine grater. The juice is squeezed with gauze and diluted with distilled water 1/10.In the refrigerator, the product is stored for up to 10 days. At the end of this time, a new solution is prepared.

From the nose, a lot of pus and mucus will start to emit, which serves as an "excellent" medium for the spread of the influenza virus, which multiplies, gets into the blood and "walks" through the body. The brain is the first organ on the line, which is affected by the virus, which can cause headaches. After that, the heart becomes ill. Everyone knows that a simple flu can even lead to death. Meanwhile, it is quite possible to fight against it. And along with the flu, other diseases will also disappear, including allergies, epilepsy, bronchial asthma and even infertility.

Thus, hunger for Marve Ohanyan will save a person not only from the flu virus, but from a number of serious diseases, such as heart attack, sclerosis, diabetes and allergies.

Fasting( Marva Ohanian): feedback from

The Internet today is not only a source of information of a general type. People often turn to him to find out the opinion of people on this or that question. How does the hunger for Ohanians deserve the users? Reviews of this are often accompanied by detailed comments of his condition, when a person has experienced the technique on his own. In them, you can find periods of easy health. But there are times when it becomes very bad.

provisional starvation in Ohanyan

Below is a shortened diary of a man who filled in those days when he was fasting.

The real diary at the time of fasting

The fasting of a man was associated not so much with losing weight as with spiritual searching and developing certain qualities in oneself.

He decided to raise the level of his energy, develop independence from food, train willpower and spirit, increase creativity, rejuvenate and prepare with his wife to conceive a child.

Herbs, honey and citrus fruits cost almost 4 thousand rubles. Another 2 thousand were standing fruit and other products for the first time coming out of starvation.

The first three days were surprisingly easy and free. The man ran around in the mornings and easily followed all the recommendations of the Ohanyans.

Only on the fourth day did I feel unwell: my head ached and my blood pressure increased. But the fast was decided to continue. Two more days were not easy. But improvement in vision was noted.

Then the state changed from vigorous to irritable. There was a certain inhibition and general weakness. But when these conditions passed, they were replaced again by freshness and an energetic rise was felt.

By the end of the second week, it was felt that the body had become much more intense to clean. People noticed that the person began to look much healthier and younger. Despite the lack of food, during the spate of energy, he made more and more push-ups and even set his own record, making them a quantity that he had never before succeeded.

hunger strike in Oganyan 21 days

For three weeks, of course, there were always thoughts of eating, but at the same time, a new habit was developing, life without it. The man became so accustomed to his new condition that when the conditional starvation on the Ohanyan came to an end, he was ready to live as long without food.

Comments were added for another five days after leaving hunger, when the taste of food was re-tasted. The results of the experiment, which were not even expected to be achieved, included:

  • feeling very well with a sudden change in the weather( earlier he had felt unwell in such periods);
  • disappearance of snoring;
  • easy assimilation of milk( a man is an athlete, and his diet included sports nutrition).

It is clear that this man's method of starvation on the Ohanyan left only positive emotions and recovery.

Of course, you can find negative feedback from those who decided to try a hunger strike. But there are many more positive opinions.

What Marva Oganyan herself says

Fasting, in the opinion of Marva Vagarshakovna, is the only beneficial remedy that will really help in case of illness. Spiking his child with drugs, parents, in fact, doom him to chronic illness in adulthood.

The disease indicates a large number of accumulated poisons, from which you can get rid of nothing but eating, but consuming a lot of liquid.

So, a person gets infected with a flu when the body becomes contaminated when pus is formed in it. The virus can dilute it, helping to remove it from the body. Therefore, it is better to perceive the flu as an assistant, and not as an attack, from which you want to get rid as soon as possible, getting drunk on pills.

If you drink broths of herbs, dissolving honey in them, then it will have a much more beneficial effect on recovery compared to medication.

M. Ohanyan recommends starvation in case of kidney diseases. Food, which serves to start the process of metabolism, is transformed, gets into tissues, and waste is thrown away. It should be understood that these waste are excreted by the kidneys, and do not exit through the large intestine. They pass the lymphatic system, the blood, and through the kidneys are excreted in the urine.

Treatment is common, with the help of herbal decoctions with the addition of honey and lemon juice.

exit from fasting in Oganyan

It is difficult to overestimate the usefulness of vitamin fruit and vegetable juices and cocktails. And if you add nuts and sprouted wheat to them, they will perfectly digest and will not exactly cause the antibodies that cause the allergic reaction. Therefore, if antibodies are not formed with the use of food, then there will be no reasons for allergy either.

Marva Vagarshakovna will also talk in detail about the pre- and postoperative period, namely, how to eat right at this time. Three weeks to the operation should be prepared, cleaning your body. Then it will pass easier, and no chicken broth will be needed after the operation, which is often offered in hospitals. But the juice will have the most beneficial effect.

Natural sugar is found in fruits and honey. A healthy person can eat these foods in unlimited quantities. If he suffers from diabetes, he must distinguish between what and how much he should consume.

These and many other tips and recommendations are given by Marva Vagarshakovna. Therefore, the hunger for the Ohanyans, whose methodology has become very famous, is not all that can be learned at its seminars or books. In the works of MV Ohanyan, you can find information about what will help better in the presence of specific diseases, and even how to give birth to a child physiologically correctly at home.