How to treat antritis with folk remedies at home

Genyantritis is an inflammatory process in the maxillary sinuses, which begin to disturb headaches, sinus pains, pressure on the eyes, nasal congestion, discharge from the nose of a mucous or purulent nature. The popular treatment of sinusitis removes acute symptoms, makes it feel better, and removes signs of the disease. There are a lot of recipes known, some of them are transmitted from ancestors to descendants for several centuries, but now they have not lost their relevance.

For the removal of headaches a good effect gives an unusual treatment of sinusitis with folk remedies, such as cyclamen juice. This procedure is not very pleasant, but useful. The patient should drip two drops of fresh cyclamen juice into two nostrils, after which he begins to sneeze, cough and sweat, and from his nose begins to emit pus yellowish and greenish color. After a while, the general well-being improves, and the headache disappears. Thus, cyclamen juice, causing an outflow of pus, which was the cause of the headache, eliminates two signs of the disease at once. But you need to remember that you can not abuse it, this plant is poisonous and can be used only for adults.

My eldest daughter in childhood often caught a cold, and this led to the development of her sinusitis. For two years we suffered, constantly lay in the hospital, twice did medical punctures. Once again, when we were with her in the hospital, I caught a glimpse of a newspaper where an article was printed in which the treatment of sinusitis with folk remedies was prescribed. We tried, and since then, some recipes have taken on their arms. Here they I will share with you, as they are, indeed, tested in personal practice.

To relieve the stuffiness of the nose at night, I buried a mixture of aloe, calanchoe and onion juice with my daughter. First, I instilled a full pipette into one nostril, first putting it on the appropriate side, then, the same thing repeated with the second nostril. In addition, she warmed her nose before going to bed with handkerchiefs, which in turn kept on the battery. Then she slept much more at night. At home, a mixture of aloe juice, celandine and honey in the nose dripped, inhalations with propolis, with fir oil, with honey, breathed over the potato steam. Constantly tried various national remedies for sinusitis, which would make breathing through the nose more free.

And when they met with a special massage and respiratory gymnastics, it became much easier. The daughter herself mastered some simple exercises and began to do them at the first signs of a cold. Even the doctors were surprised that we became their rare patients. Since then, there was no need for punctures, so painful for the daughter. One of the exercises it performs so far, it perfectly frees nasal breathing with nasal congestion. To do this, you need to take a deep breath with your mouth, and on a long and strong exhalation through your nose, with your mouth closed, your index fingers clamp your nostrils, releasing them for a split second. It turns out "musical massage".Doing it is fun, easy, and the benefits are huge.

The second exercise is so simple that even a small child can do it, and the effect is simply astounding. So, try to knock on the bridge of your nose with your finger for three minutes, rest for about twenty minutes and repeat. If you perform this exercise during the day two to three times per hour, you can restore the nasal breathing for a day. And do not be afraid of the painstaking treatment, believe me, it's worth it. The child will stop breathing with his mouth, choking with an irritating cough, at night it will fall asleep more calmly, is not it a joy for the mother!

We tried as a treatment of sinusitis folk remedies to apply compresses from grated black radish in the evenings. They had a warming effect, relieved pain and inflammation in the maxillary sinuses, but caused a strong reddening and itching of the skin. I had to give them up, my daughter is allergic, so, probably, there was such a reaction. So with compresses for children, you need to be more careful.

We learned from our own experience that during the exacerbation of the disease it is necessary to adhere to a diet, drink more liquid, especially juices. Carrot, beet and cucumber juices in the form of cocktails are tasty, healthy and have a curative effect. Prohibition of certain foodstuffs is also considered by doctors as treatment of genyantritis with folk remedies. When exacerbating, you should not eat buns, white bread, rice, pasta and potatoes, fried and spicy food, drink milk.

Drops with honey in the nose, honey compresses, inhalations with honey, especially chewing honeycombs with honey for 20 minutes every day several times, perfectly facilitates nasal breathing, and significantly improves well-being. Children really like to chew honeycombs with honey, and in fact it is not only tasty, but also useful. Muscular exercises of the face are performed, which leads to an outflow of pus, and immunity is strengthened.

So you can treat genyantritis at home, combining the appointment of a doctor and folk remedies.