Treatment of psoriasis folk methods.

Psoriasis: diagnosis, causes and treatment of psoriasis by folk methods.

Before moving on to the question of how to cure psoriasis, let's look at what it is and what causes stimulate the development of psoriasis? Many people know that psoriasis is a disease of the skin, namely, the epidermis, while it is characterized by the duration of the course and the chronic inflammatory character. It appears on the skin in the form of pinkish, intensely flaky areas. Distinctive features of the disease: the presence on the skin of dense pinkish tubercles with a peeling surface, accompanied by unpleasant sensations of itching, stiffness of the skin, etc. It is caused by the fact that at the cellular level the processes of cell division and their rejection are accelerated, which manifest as an ecdysis. Exacerbation of psoriasis entails the appearance of new papules, and old papules, at this time, turn pale. The external manifestation of this disease is similar to some types of lichen. Scientifically proven is the fact that this disease is not contagious.

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Causes of psoriasis.

Despite the fact that this disease is known for a long time, but up to now there is no common opinion about what is the cause of its occurrence. However, there is no doubt that this disease can be both acquired and inherited. Science recorded, so-called, two periods, at what age people can get this disease: 16-20 and 57-60 years. And, the darker the less, you can identify with the main factors that provoke the disease. These include: alcohol, nicotine, stress, skin trauma, including sunburn, HIV, a number of medications containing: lithium, interferon A, terbinafine, etc.

Psoriasis: the nature and range of its action.

This skin is affected by the skin, initially appearing, as a rule, on the scalp. With it, there is no hair loss, unlike ringworm.

There is a palmar-plantar form of this disease. It, as a rule, proceeds simultaneously with a psoriasis of nails. Papillomas are formed on the palms and feet, and the nails become loose, crumble around the edges, they appear dents and grooves.

This disease can occur in severe forms, when the appearing flaking scales acquire a multilayered and yellowish color. Under such a papule, a wet bright surface is an exudative form.

To severe forms of psoriasis also include psoriatic erythroderma. With this form, a large area of ​​the skin is affected. There are numerous inflamed skin areas with bright color and itching.

Another kind of psoriasis, characterized by the presence in various parts of the skin of the bubbles, filled with fluid, deterioration and increased body temperature - pustular psoriasis.

Arthropathic psoriasis affects not only the skin, but also small joints of feet, hands. Is manifested by joint pain during movement.

Pediatric psoriasis, having a drop-shaped form, is a consequence of the transferred disease: chickenpox, sore throats, etc.

If the dermatologist has diagnosed you this way, he will definitely give the necessary recommendations how to cure psoriasis.

Treatment of this disease is rather laborious and does not always lead to a complete cure, but despite the complexity and inexplicability of many of its nuances, there is not only medical but also folk treatment. Since the disease is considered an ancient disease, folk treatment of psoriasis goes back to antiquity and passed through many millennia, quite successfully honing ways to combat this disease.

Begin the treatment of psoriasis folk methods is with a diet. It is necessary to exclude such food products as chocolate, garlic, onions, alcohol, spicy seasonings, because they can exacerbate the disease. Also, when treating psoriasis with folk methods, it is advisable to stop using honey, from smoking, smoked products, fatty foods, fried foods. Accelerates the treatment of psoriasis folk methods proper nutrition, namely boiled foods, mainly - not fatty fish, fruits, vegetables. Avoid direct sunlight. And at the same time to use for the treatment of herbs: celandine, tea mushroom for baths with immersion of the whole body or some of its affected parts. After such a bath to wipe is not recommended.

You can prepare a mixture consisting of the juice Kalanchoe( 10 g), eucalyptus oil( 30 g) and honey( 10 g), which is applied to the affected skin.

One of the most effective folk remedies is fresh chicken eggs. After boiling, boil them for 15 minutes, then separate the yolks and crush them into a gruel. The resulting gruel is toasted in a clean, empty frying pan over a small fire. In the process of roasting( 5 minutes), stir it occasionally. From what happens, you need to squeeze out the oil and spread them affected areas of the skin at least 2 times during the day. From 10 eggs, as a rule, leaves 50 gr of oil.

Also with psoriasis, it is recommended to thoroughly rub the affected areas with alcohol, but then it is necessary to lubricate them with the juice of a hernaria.

Another recipe that helps to get rid of this disease: 50 g of fruits, flowers of Japanese Sophora Japanese, insist on 500 grams of vodka for 30 days. Drink the infusion you need three times a day for 1 hour half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is at least 3 months. In that case, If vodka is contraindicated to you, you can apply water infusion of the same plant, infused overnight in a thermos bottle.

Daily intake of sea-buckthorn oil helps daily, while it can and should be applied externally as a 5% ointment.

For lotions in this disease, you can use garlic, which is crushed, poured with boiling water and infused for an hour.