How is prune useful for women? Benefit and harm of dried fruit for the body

Prunes call dried plum fruits. They are incredibly useful for health and immunity in general. They are widely used in medicine and cooking, prunes add an unusual flavor to any dish. After a series of experiments, scientists came to a common opinion that prunes positively affect the state of human health, as well as the physical form.

Widely used this dried fruit in dentistry. Its main advantage is that you absolutely do not need to do anything with it: to cook or cook. It is delicious in different types: both fresh and dried. We'll figure out how useful a prune is for women.

What's in the composition?

Prunes and dried apricots are very tasty and useful in themselves, they contain a large amount of essential trace elements. These products saturate the body with vitamins, which are needed by man for normal functioning and activity.

what is useful prune for women

Why is prune useful for a woman's body? This question is of concern to many.

Dried fruit is widely used in case of stomach problems. When constipation occurs, it performs a kind of laxative effect. It contains such a substance as pectin, it acts as a balm and scrub on the stomach, removes all harmful elements from the body, various heavy metals and dangerous elements. The prunes also contain several acids, among which are:

  • salicylic;
  • lemon;
  • apple.

What is the use?

With these acids prunes become even more valuable. In detail we will consider, than prunes for women are useful:

  • for a gastroenteric path he helps to struggle with locks and facilitates process of growing thin;
  • has an antibacterial property, stopping the multiplication of various harmful bacteria and viral infections, among which even an E. coli can be isolated;
  • improves appetite, increasing the secretion of gastric juice;
  • in case of a slow metabolism, prunes have the property of activating the hepatic function.

useful properties of prunes for women

Those who suffer from high blood pressure, you need to eat it every day. In the case of systematic use, the pressure is normalized. For a daily rate, five berries are sufficient. If you have problems with the teeth, often gum inflames, you need to resolve and keep the dried prunes in your mouth. Those people who have problems with the cardiovascular system, and also in the presence of such a disease as dystonia, it is very useful to eat prunes.

What other useful properties of prunes for women?

It positively affects the walls of the vessels, thereby increasing their elasticity. This berry improves not only health, but overall well-being. Improves working capacity and increases immunity, so we can conclude that it strengthens our entire body as a whole.

It has a lot of calcium, so those people who are engaged in sports, it is especially useful that he was in the diet. Substances contained in berries, activates the work of cholagogue organs. Thanks to antioxidants, which are contained in a huge volume, the immune system is significantly strengthened. The organism in this case is slightly easier to fight with various viral infections.

How does a prune affect women's health?

Why is prune useful for women during menopause?

Prunes protect the bone system from the occurrence of osteoporosis. To do this, you need to eat 100 grams of these berries every day. It is also useful to eat prunes during pregnancy, as many girls suffer from swelling due to excessive accumulation of fluid. Prunes remove puffiness in the face and body, thanks to the large amount of potassium that it contains.

what is useful dried dried prunes for women

Now let's see in more detail how useful dried apricots and prunes for women:

  1. During pregnancy, the expectant mother needs to be especially careful about choosing a diet, because proper nutrition is the guarantee of health for both mother and child. During this period there is a strong hormonal adjustment, the body requires a large number of vitamins. And since prunes are rich in various vitamins and beneficial microelements, it must be included in the diet. This is due to the fact that it significantly improves the well-being of the pregnant woman, supports the physical form.
  2. Elimination of constipation. In 70% of pregnant women, due to pregnancy and hormonal splash, constipation is common. The laxative effect also contains the beneficial properties of dried prunes for women.
  3. This product has a positive effect on metabolic processes. Due to the high content of potassium in the berries, edemas are eliminated. In addition, the microelement prevents their formation.
  4. Prunes normalizes blood pressure. Especially often, increased or decreased pressure affects future mothers in the last trimester of pregnancy, so it is important to eat prunes every day.
  5. Due to the fact that during pregnancy all hormones behave absolutely differently, the skin and hair condition may worsen: the skin becomes dry, and the hair is brittle, and various eruptions in the form of acne can also appear.

And this is still far from the whole list of what prunes are useful for women.

than a prune is useful for an organism of a woman

Reduction of excess weight with prunes

Dried fruits are very useful for people who want to reduce their weight and for those with a body mass index significantly exceeds the norm. Prunes can perfectly replace sweets and various sweets, but you need to observe the measure and not overeat in everything.

This product is able to remove absolutely all harmful elements from the body, among them slags and toxins. In frequent cases, the main cause of heavy weight, and a slow decline, is the intoxication of the body.

useful properties of dried prunes for women

We offer an excellent recipe for cooking dishes from these ingredients. This recipe is not only delicious, but also incredibly useful for your health. Strengthen your immune system, and help weight decline.

Recipe for cooking

Necessary ingredients:

  • 300 grams of prunes;
  • raisins 200 grams;
  • dried apricots 150 grams;
  • rose hips 100 grams.

All must be thoroughly rinsed with cool water several times, thrown into a blender and beat until smooth. After that, for taste, you need to add a little honey. This mixture should be consumed 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening 1-2 tablespoons. Store necessarily in a cool place. To improve the effect, doctors advise drinking plenty of liquid, namely purified water, and not soda. This recipe is useful for both children and adults. What is useful dried dried prunes for women - it is clear, but is there any contraindication?

Harm and contraindications

In addition, that prunes are incredibly useful for human health, there is still harm. To prevent this phenomenon, you need to familiarize yourself with this berry. It is prudent to use prunes in people who are obese or have diabetes. Of course, you can eat it, but in small quantities, and only after consulting a doctor. During breastfeeding is also not advised to get involved in prunes, as it can worsen the taste of milk, and the baby can give up breast.

how useful dried apricots and prunes for women

Because it has a diuretic effect, it can adversely affect the child's digestive system. It is important to buy a quality prune, because during long-term storage or processing it can contain chemicals. That's why, when you buy prunes, you need to be especially careful and careful. If a person is allergic or has problems with the kidneys, or rather the presence of stones, it is forbidden to include prunes in your diet.

Useful properties and contraindications for women of this fruit are described.

How to choose a quality prune?

The most important thing you need to pay attention to is first and foremost color. It should be black, if the berry is too glossy, this indicates that it was treated with a chemical element to improve the appearance. Brown color indicates heat treatment( this is done in order to conduct disinfection), it will taste a bit bitter to taste.

To make sure of the quality of prunes, you can put it in the water for half an hour, if it does not change the appearance and remains the same as before, then you can safely eat it. This means that he was not subjected to any influence. Before eating berries, it must necessarily be washed with running water. And it's best to put in cool water for 20 minutes. You can also treat it with boiling water. There is an interesting fact that prunes, which with a bone, have much more useful microelements than purified ones - many experiments have shown this.

prune useful properties and contraindications for women


In this article, we examined: how useful a prune for women and how much a day to eat this product will be enough to maintain health.

Prunes can be both beneficial and vice versa. You can not eat prunes if you have problems with blood sugar or an allergy. Before using without fail, visit a dietician. He will advise you how, when and in what quantity to eat this product. If you take into account the nuances and fulfill all the requirements, it will only bring benefit and no harm. Prunes must be of good quality, without the presence of chemical treatments. Be healthy!