Ultrasound of the esophagus and stomach in a child: how is the procedure

Medicine does not stand still, there are new more technological devices that allow us to evaluate the human condition more accurately and informatively. Apparatus for carrying out ultrasound research is also being improved. Currently, you can make ultrasound of the esophagus, according to the results of which it becomes possible to make a diagnosis. It should be noted that this method of examination is the most effective and less traumatic, compared to gastroscopy.

It is worth saying that now through the ultrasound of the esophagus you can see not only the stomach, but also the internal parts of the intestine. A few years ago it was believed that using ultrasound devices to obtain reliable results about the state of the intestine is impossible, it is now possible.

What is the method of

Many people have heard about this method of examination of the body, like ultrasound of the esophagus, but not everything can tell something about it. The essence of the method is that by means of a sound wave of high frequency, propagating throughout the space of the internal organ, it is examined.

esophageal esophagus

The ultrasound is reflected from the boundaries of the organ and displays the resulting image on the monitor. Decipher the result can only be a specialist of the required skill. He sees what changes and deformities are present or absent in the human body. Now many medical institutions have a technique of 3- or 4D-images. It is able to give a clear picture on the monitor in color. Thus, doctors have the opportunity to accurately assess the patient's condition and prescribe the appropriate treatment regimen.


When the procedure of ultrasound of the esophagus is carried out, the patient is lying down. A semi-lying position is also allowed. Thus, the examination is carried out in comfortable conditions, which do not allow any discomfort. The only inconvenience is that a special agent in the form of a gel is applied to the patient's body. It is necessary in order to strengthen the adhesion between the sensor and the body of the person being examined.

esophageal and gastric ulcers

It should be noted that the ultrasound of the esophagus and stomach excludes the electromagnetic effect on the human body. Therefore, this method does not cause harm. Due to this property, ultrasound can be carried out both by women who have a child and children. It is worth mentioning that it is difficult to conduct any medical examinations for babies, since it is not known what kind of reaction the child will have. Can I make an ultrasound of the esophagus in infants? Yes, since this method is suitable for children's perception. In addition, it does not cause any pain. The only uncomfortable moment can be applying the gel to the baby's skin. But, as a rule, doctors with experience easily bypass this point, namely they do so that the child does not focus on the gel, which is applied to the skin.

When is ultrasound diagnosed

Usually, ultrasound examination is assigned to patients to clarify their diagnosis. The fact is that there are cases when the patient describes his symptoms in such a way that the doctor has doubts about the diagnosis. Then the patient is given a direction for ultrasound examination, according to which the doctor understands the picture of his internal organs.

Ultrasound to a child

It also happens that the patient, by virtue of his childhood, can not describe the reasons for his anxiety. Therefore it is required to conduct ultrasound of the esophagus in a child. In addition to the above-mentioned cases of the appointment of this type of examination, it is made for infants. In this version, it is practically the only possible way to determine the cause of the anxiety of the baby. It should be said that thanks to technical progress, doctors have the opportunity to diagnose ailment with a high degree of accuracy.

uzi esophagus as do

For example, a problem such as regurgitation after breastfeeding in large quantities by an infant may lead to an ultrasound examination. Of course, this is done after the examination of the baby by all specialists. If none of them gives an opinion that the baby has any pathology, and plentiful regurgitation remains, the only way to find out what the reason for this reaction of the body is, is to conduct an ultrasound study. You should know that in this age period gastroendoscopy is not carried out.

What the

study shows

For people who have reached the adult status, the direction of the ultrasound can be given by the attending physician if the patient has several indications for carrying out this type of examination. One should know that it can reveal several diseases of the esophagus. What does this study show? On the monitor, you can see signs of such pathologies as:

uzi esophagus and stomach in a child

  1. Hernia of the diaphragm, namely its esophageal opening.
  2. Esophagitis. This term is understood as the various inflammations that arise in the human esophagus.
  3. Defects associated with the esophagus of the human body.
  4. Diverticula. These are bags of a herniated nature.
  5. Ulcer.
  6. Gastritis.
  7. Oncological processes.
  8. Stenosis.
  9. Intestinal obstruction.
  10. Disturbance in the structure of the stomach.
  11. Appendicitis.
  12. Crohn's disease.
  13. Lymphadenitis.
  14. Tumors.
  15. Hemorrhages.
  16. Ascites.
  17. Stones.
  18. Incontinence.
  19. Constipation.
  20. Disturbances in the structure of the rectum.

US of the esophagus. Preparation and recommendations before the passage of the ultrasound examination

It should be noted that preparation for ultrasound is necessary in all cases, regardless of which organ is being looked at. At its core, the recommendations that must be followed by the patient before ultrasound are fairly simple. But they should not be neglected, as non-observance of these prescriptions may distort the results of the survey. And this will lead to the fact that an inaccurate diagnosis will be made.

uzi esophagus preparation

There are several preparatory stages:

  1. First of all, for two days before the expected time of ultrasound for the gastrointestinal tract, the patient must start to follow a special diet. It consists in the fact that from its diet, such products are excluded that can cause the appearance of gases and flatulence. The list of foodstuffs includes: beans, peas, cabbage, black bread, carbonated and spirits, raw vegetables, fruits.
  2. You do not need to eat before performing ultrasound. The time, which should be limited for food intake, is from 10 to 12 hours minimum. The patient should see for what time of day the procedure is prescribed. If this is the early morning hours, then you need to finish eating at 20:00.When ultrasound is scheduled for daytime or evening time, you will have to suffer and not eat throughout the day. This rule does not apply to children. If the child is older, then you can limit it to eating at least 4 hours before the time of examination. As for children who are in infancy, they should not be restricted in feeding and ultrasound can come at any time.
  3. Smoking is also prohibited before ultrasound. This is due to the fact that the examination should be conducted on an absolutely empty stomach. Also you can not drink anything. In this case there may be exceptions. They refer to those patients who can not tolerate starvation, namely they have stomach pains. Such people are allowed to drink a little warm sweet tea. Its dose should not exceed half a glass. Also allowed to eat one cookie. It must be dry.
  4. If ultrasound is done to study the small intestine, then the patient must additionally do a cleansing.

Important points in conducting the procedure

In the case where the doctor gives directions to ultrasound, his job is to give advice to the patient about what preparatory steps he needs to take. The attending doctor gives recommendations taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient.

Is it possible to make an esophagus uzi?

When a person has an ultrasound of the stomach, during the procedure he will be offered to drink water in a certain amount. This measure is necessary for a more accurate examination. The fact is that during the filling of the stomach with liquid, its walls are stretched. Then the picture on the monitor becomes more clear. In addition, the rate of water entering the stomach is assessed. By this indicator, one can draw conclusions about the presence or absence of any pathologies in the body. It is also possible to enter into the body a contrast fluid. Usually, when performing ultrasound, the patient lies on his back. However, he may be asked to turn on his side.

Features of ultrasound in a child

As mentioned above, ultrasound for children provides a unique opportunity to obtain data on the state of their body. The fact is that babies can not describe the symptoms on the basis of which they will be diagnosed. And by means of ultrasound of the esophagus and stomach in a child, a doctor has a way to determine which pathology worries.

esophagus of the child

When preparing a child for the procedure, you must follow a diet. It is also recommended to limit it to eating, at least for a few hours before the procedure. An important point is the psychological preparation of the baby. Parents should hold a conversation with him, it is better to show clearly how the ultrasound examinations pass.


Now you know what the ultrasound of the esophagus is like, how to do this procedure. Our article gives advice on how to prepare for the study.