One Touch Ultra Glucometer: Key Features, Instructions for Use and Feedback

Diabetes is becoming an increasingly difficult problem. Annually this disease is diagnosed in a larger number of people, including children under seven years of age and even newborns. Doctors say that diabetes is not a disease, but becomes a way of life for a person whose body does not produce enough insulin to break down glucose. Since too high a level of sugar in the blood can cause a person, it is important that each patient is able to track his indicator on his own. For this, there are glucometers.

What is a glucometer for?

These devices are vital for people with diabetes. With their help, they can easily monitor the level of glucose in the blood. Based on these results, patients can adjust their daily diet, determine the need to visit a doctor again or the ineffectiveness of the dose of medication used to maintain the sugar level.

one-touch glucometer

If you have such a device at home, you do not need to go to a polyclinic to take a blood test, which makes life easier for diabetics. It also allows parents to monitor the level of sugar in children. Since going to the hospital for them can become unnecessary stress.

Description and Specifications

The One Touch Ultra Glucometer is the easiest and most convenient to use among the entire range of devices. With him can cope as a child, and an elderly person. The device is controlled using only two buttons.

The instrument saves up to 500 last test results, preserving also the date and time of the test. These data can be transferred to a computer to be able to monitor the annual and monthly changes in sugar levels. Usually the glucose level is checked twice a day: morning and evening. If necessary, tests can be carried out unlimited number of times during the day.

Special express strips are required for the test. The result does not take more than 10 seconds. At the same time, sugar can be measured at a humidity of up to 90 percent. The temperature regime of the device is from 5 to 40 degrees. The height above sea level should not exceed 3040 m.

The device automatically turns on when the test strip is placed in the compartment and turns off 2 minutes after the test is completed.

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The device does not require special care, but the needle pens for punctures are better treated with alcohol solutions once a week. Also, one should not give his pen for tests to other people, even relatives. The accuracy of the device will be higher if only one person uses it.

How to configure?

The instrument starts with the settings required. The debugging process is easy and will take very little time:

  1. You need to enter the current date and time( this allows you to fix the time interval when the test is performed).
  2. Set the knob for punctures by setting the spring length gauge to the desired position.

Initially the pen is set to puncture the skin on the ring finger. To use it on other parts of the body( palm, forearm), you must move the spring meter to the appropriate division. In the instructions for using the One Touch Ultra, you can find a detailed description of this process. It should come complete with the device.

Operation mechanism

The One Touch Ultra Glucometer is one of the newest devices for detecting the level of sugar content in blood plasma. As with previous issues, the principle of the device is the appearance of a current from the chemical interaction of the reagent on the test strip with the glucose present in the blood of the test person. After that, the device fixes this current and determines the sugar concentration, displaying its indices on the display in mmol / l.

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The data obtained in this way is much more accurate than the results obtained by any other methods of detecting glucose.

One Touch Ultra Glucometer: Instruction for Use

To achieve a more accurate result, all the steps listed below should be clearly followed. Before starting the test, you must wash your hands with any other disinfectant. If there is no way to do this, you need to at least wipe your hands with alcohol-containing napkins to avoid the risk of infection after a puncture. Then it follows:

  • Set the device according to the puncture site.
  • Prepare all the necessary tools for the procedure: a cotton-wool soaked in alcohol or an alcoholic napkin, test strips, a puncturing pen and the device itself.
  • It is necessary to lock the handle spring at 7( for adults).
  • Insert the test strip into the instrument.
  • Treat the site of the future puncture with a disinfectant.
  • Make a puncture.
  • Collect the blood on the working part of the test strip.
  • Again, treat the puncture site with a disinfectant and wait until bleeding stops( typical for patients with high blood pressure).
  • Save the resulting results.

touch meter ultra strips

In case the results are not displayed, the following reasons are possible:

  • battery;
  • had insufficient blood;
  • has expired the service life of test strips;
  • failure in the device itself.

Reasons to choose a glucose meter One Touch Ultra Easy

For many diabetics, having such a device at hand is a vital necessity. The market of medical devices is represented by many different models, but the meter One Touch Ultra Easy stands out against their background.

First, the device is characterized by a modern and comfortable design. It has very small dimensions. Its dimensions are only 108 x 32 x 17 mm, and the weight is slightly more than 30 grams, which allows you to take it with you to work and to rest. You can use it at any time and no matter where the patient is.

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Convenient and clear monochrome display with large characters allows even patients of advanced age to use the meter on their own. An intuitive menu was also created targeting all patient groups.

The device is exceptionally accurate in obtaining data on blood levels, which sometimes exceed even the results of tests from the laboratory.

The One Touch Ultra contains a USB cable, which is used to transfer the received data to a personal computer or laptop of the patient. In the future, this information can be printed on the printer and sent to the doctor for an appointment so that he can track the dynamics of changes in the glucose level.

Cost of the meter

The most popular blood level meter is the One Touch Ultra glucometer. The price for this device may vary depending on the region, city and pharmacy network where it is purchased. The average cost of one device is 2400 rubles. The delivery includes the device itself, a puncturing pen, 10 test strips, a removable cap for taking blood from the shoulder, 10 lancets, a control solution, a soft case, a warranty card and instructions in Russian for the Touch Ultra.

glucose meter one touch ultra instruction

Strips with a reagent cost about 900 rubles for a package of fifty pieces. Large packaging costs about 1800. You can buy them both in ordinary pharmacies, and in specialized stores selling medical equipment and equipment.

Reviews about the meter

The device has an indefinite manufacturer's warranty, which immediately indicates the high quality of the assembly. That is why people with diabetes most often prefer this particular model of a glucometer. Ease of use and accuracy of results are also the reasons for choosing this particular model.