Flatulence: causes and treatment of folk remedies in children and adults, symptoms

Isolation of gases from the human intestine is called flutulenia. This term is not familiar to all people. This article will tell you about what is flatulence. Causes and treatment of folk remedies will be described later. Also you will learn about the ways of correction of this condition with the help of medicines.

flatulence causes and treatment with folk remedies

What is flatulence?

Causes and treatment of folk remedies in children and adults can be different. Currently, manufacturers of drugs offer consumers a variety of different compounds for correction. Among them there are herbs that are allowed to be eaten even by babies. Also you can choose medicines containing chemical components. They are more effective, but less secure means. What is flatulence?

This condition is characterized by increased gassing in the intestine. Normally, up to 0.9 liters of gases are present in the human body. However, with meteorism this number can increase threefold. It is worth noting that children and elderly people are most often meteoric. This does not exclude the appearance of a symptom in middle-aged people.

causes of flatulence in adults

Pathology or norm?

Before finding out what causes flatulence in adults and the treatment of folk remedies, it must be said that the symptom may be the norm or a sign of pathology. In the first case, correction is not required. After the intestine is freed from excess accumulation of gases, unpleasant sensations will disappear. When a need arises, the patient can take medications that help the intestines to get rid of flatulence.

If the causes of flatulence in adults and children lie in the occurrence of pathological conditions, then it is necessary to begin treatment as soon as possible. It can be medicated or popular. It is worth noting that the second type of correction can be quite dangerous. Do not fight the pathology yourself. It makes sense to consult a doctor and get the appropriate appointments.

intestinal flatulence treatment with folk remedies

Symptoms of the described condition

Before talking about what causes flatulence and treatment with folk remedies, one should mention the symptoms of this condition. Among them, the following features can be distinguished:

  • Spasm. With increasing gas formation, a strong stretching of the intestinal wall occurs. This is exacerbated if the constipation is attached. A person experiences periodic spasms, which can last up to several hours.
  • Increased abdomen. With increased gas formation, the intestine is stretched, and adjacent organs can slightly shift. This causes an increase in the peritoneum. Often a person feels that he can not get into his usual clothes. Eating or heartburn. With flatulence, there is a pressure that acts on the stomach. As a result, nausea starts, accompanied by a belch with an unpleasant aftertaste.
  • Rumbling in the abdominal cavity. With increased gas formation and accumulation of liquid fecal masses, rumbling can occur. It appears due to the wandering of gases that mix with the feces.
  • Diarrhea( diarrhea) or constipation. Often, flatulence is accompanied by a violation of the stool. Thus the person can face both with a constipation, and with a diarrhea. It all depends on the cause of the symptom.
  • Flutulence. Direct release of gases from the intestine, accompanied by a unique sound and unpleasant odor.

Flatulence: causes and treatment of folk remedies( is there a correlation?)

Should I correct the increased gas production in the intestine? Of course, yes, in the case when it brings discomfort. If the flotation takes place independently and painlessly, then the correction can be avoided. Depending on what symptoms has flatulence, and treatment with folk remedies is made according to the appropriate scheme. If the pathology is manifested by a violation of the stool, then certain recipes are used. When it comes to pain, other methods help.

Doctors say that most folk remedies can not cope with serious pathologies. Sometimes flatulence can be caused by a tumor process. In this case, the patient needs urgent medical assistance. The use of grandmother's recipes can only aggravate the situation and complicate the process of subsequent treatment. Let's consider what causes can cause flatulence, and treatment with folk remedies of different pathologies should also be described below.

flatulence symptoms and treatment with folk remedies

Normal processes

What are the causes of flatulence in infants? When a child is born, his intestines are sterile. At the first feeding, a variety of bacteria enter the digestive tract. Some of them are useful and help in the formation of the right microflora. Others cause fermentation and gas formation. It should be noted that in most children this process is accompanied by pain and discomfort.

Treatment of this condition is usually done by folk remedies. So, in the fight against colic helps warm. Take the heating pad or iron the diaper. Then attach the device to the tummy of the kid. In a few minutes the crumb will become much easier. Also, nursing mothers should watch their food and do not use gas-producing products. They can also provoke an increase in gas formation.

Flatulence: Causes and treatment with folk remedies( chamomile)

Almost all inflammatory processes in the intestine cause increased gas production. Self-medication can lead to complications. This must be remembered if you are going to carry out correction by folk remedies.

flatulence in adults causes and treatment of folk remedies

The most popular anti-inflammatory drug is chamomile. The dried flowers of this plant contribute to the elimination of bacteria and the destruction of viruses in the digestive tract. It should be noted that some patients may be contraindicated in herbal medicine. So, oncological patients should with special care approach to similar methods.

Chamomile for the treatment of intestines is prepared in the following way. Take two tablespoons of dried inflorescences and fill them with 300 milliliters of boiling water. Allow the broth to stand for 15-20 minutes, then strain. Add one teaspoon of honey to the received liquid and mix thoroughly. Drink the prepared mixture of 100 milliliters three times daily before meals.

Nutrition and bowel response

If you experience bowel flatulence, folk remedies may include the use of a diet. Often increasing the production of gases occurs when you consume large amounts of fiber. It can be bran, raw vegetables and fruits, greens. Also to flatulence lead dishes with cabbage and beans. Carbonated drinks, white bread and other yeast pastries can lead to increased gas formation. Alcoholic drinks act in the same way.

How can this state be adjusted by folk methods? Observe the diet. If diarrhea has joined the described condition, then you should prefer dishes from rice, jelly-like soups, strong tea with breadcrumbs. With constipation, try to diversify your diet with liquid dishes and plenty of drinking water. In this case, exclude from the diet the above products, leading to flatulence. In particularly difficult situations it is worth taking some herbal preparations, for example, "Dufalac", "Senade", "Gutasil".

flatulence and treatment of folk remedies

Neoplasms in the intestine

To meteorism always lead to tumor processes in the intestine. Treatment of folk remedies in these cases is categorically not welcomed. However, some patients say that propolis, garlic or some other miraculous folk remedies helped them to treat the tumor.

If gas formation is caused by calculous stones, then in this case an enema will be an effective remedy. At the same time, its volume should be at least two liters. Remember that you can use these medicines only when you are sure of the accuracy of the diagnosis. For example, intestinal obstruction is a direct contraindication to the conduct of enemation.

Effective folk remedies

In addition to the above compounds for combating flatulence, there are some other effective folk remedies. Among them are the following.

flatulence causes and treatment of folk remedies in children

Seeds of cumin and anise. These compounds contribute to the prevention of fermentation and the removal of pain. After each meal, simply chew some of these seeds, then spit out the leftovers.
  • Licorice and mint. Of these herbs, it is preferable to make tea. To do this, take the dried plant and fill it with boiling water. Let them brew the broth, then take one cup to three times a day. Dill or fennel. These pharmacy herbs are also used for making a drink. The plant promotes the splitting of gases in the intestines and stomach, and also relieves spasm. Dill and fennel are carminative. If necessary, natural grass can be replaced with oil, which is sold in almost every pharmacy.
  • Be Healthy!