What can be useful for us

Spineback erect is a perennial herbaceous plant, which belongs to the family of rosy-colored plants. The plant is not very well-known, but still useful and necessary. In fact, there are many reasons why a person should know what the tattoo is upright. Kalgan, zavyaznik, Dubrovka, Dubrovnik Root, Drevlyanka, whispering - as it was called by our ancestors. They knew perfectly well that this plant has useful properties. In folk medicine, it has been used for many centuries.

It is not difficult to find a fingerprint. As a rule, it grows on wet places, especially on peat bogs. You can often see it in dense forests.

Rhizome rhizome woody, horizontal and very thick. The stems of the spine are erect, straight, according to the name. Triple, sessile, they are distinguished by two rather large stipules. The leaves are large-filamentous, and the flowers are small, solitary, their color is greenish-yellow. This plant blooms from about May to October.

For medical purposes, it is customary to use not only the rhizomes, but also the aerial part of the plant. The collection can be conducted both in spring and in autumn.

Straightening: application and useful properties

Traditional medicine knows perfectly well that from this useful plant it is possible to prepare a magnificent remedy that has anti-inflammatory, astringent, hemostatic, bactericidal action. The anti-inflammatory properties of this plant are explained by the fact that it contains tannins that are capable of creating a biological film that protects against mechanical, chemical and bacterial influences. Also, these substances lower the permeability of capillaries and narrow the vessels. It is also worth noting that the cinquefoil has a cholagogic and expectorant effect.

In medicine, it is used for very very different purposes. Its tincture on olive oil can be used in the treatment of skin cracks. The broth of this plant is recommended for those who suffer from chronic or acute hepatitis or cirrhosis.

Generally, the broth or tincture of the rhizome should be used for diarrhea, internal bleeding and dysentery. This same remedy can be used for rinsing with tonsillitis, stomatitis, gingivitis. In the raw form of the rhizome is used for homeopathy.

Since the drugs, which contain the erect penis erect, are capable of stopping blood, they are widely used in the treatment of wounds of any degree of complexity. The bottom line is that these drugs also perfectly disinfect the wound. For these properties it is appreciated by dentists and very often used in their practice.

Infusion on the rhizome of this plant helps with kidney diseases, juice - with various liver diseases, ointment promotes wound healing, the powder is used for bleeding external.

In medicine, not only the rhizome is used, but also the aerial part of the cinquefoil erect. Infusion from it is an excellent remedy for hemorrhoidal bleeding, with hemoptysis, as well as with laryngitis and gingivitis.

It is contraindicated for those with hypertension, atonic constipation or individual intolerance. The cattail is quite safe, but nevertheless the doctor's consultation here also does not hurt.

Spindle erect is also used in cooking. What is the use of it? In general, it is used as a seasoning for canned fish. For other purposes, it is rarely used here. It can also be an integral part in the preparation of aromatic alcoholic infusions. In agriculture, it goes to feed cattle. Still on the basis of it can be prepared a dye, which is used to treat the skin.