Cardiocenter of Volgograd: review

Currently, many causes are identified that cause heart disease. The realities of our life are such that the "cores" become larger, and by age they are by no means old men. Ischemia is almost the main cause of death in a fairly young age. This is an inadequate blood supply to the myocardium, which leads to thrombosis of the coronary arteries. Clots became a real threat to people. Therefore, anyone who feels unpleasant sensations in the chest, it is important to know about the true cause of their origin and not to let the terrible disease on its own. After all, the sooner you start treatment, the more chances for a long life full of joy and fulfilled hopes.

Urgent to see a doctor

There are several signs of heart pathologies, which are worth paying attention to. First of all, these are pains in the chest and behind the breastbone. They can have different character and duration. Heart troubles can be accompanied by shortness of breath or a feeling of lack of air. And if there is dizziness or periodic loss of consciousness, it is impossible to do without the help of a specialist.

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cardiocenter Volgograd how to reach

In every regional or regional city of our country there are cardiological clinics. So, and Volgograd was no exception. Here is located the regional cardiological center, where doctors of the highest qualification receive patients with cardiac pathologies. In the cardiology center in Volgograd, you can get advice or perform surgery for complex heart rhythm disturbances and cardiac pacing.

Modern equipment of the clinic

In this clinic, each department is the main thing. So, the anesthesia-resuscitation department takes complex patients round the clock and supervises 6 operating rooms. The cardio center of Volgograd has a department of extracorporal hemocorrection. Here, help is provided to patients who need it. Also in this department patients with acute renal failure, hyperhydrosis enter.

cardiocenter Volgograd MRI

In the cardiology center in Volgograd, there is a department of neurosurgery for 30 beds. For carrying out various manipulations and procedures, the department has the most modern equipment. It provides a sufficiently high level of diagnosis and treatment. To do this, cardiovascular surgeons in Volgograd regularly attend refresher courses in advanced neurosurgical centers in Russia and Europe.

Pediatric cardiology

In January 2013, the clinic opened a children's cardiology department for 20 beds and created all conditions for a comfortable stay of a child with one parent. In addition to two rooms for babies, in this department there is a dairy kitchen.

Volgograd Cardiology Center

Cardiocentre physicians provide their small patients with a wide range of services, such as pulmonary artery narrowing, bypass surgery, cardiac multiple cardiac abnormalities. Experienced specialists conduct consultations to determine and diagnose diseases, perform complex operations on a tiny heart.

The correct diagnosis is the key to successful treatment of

. There are in the cardiology center of Volgograd and MRI, as well as the clinical and diagnostic laboratory department. Its main task is to obtain the results of clinical laboratory studies to clarify or establish the correct diagnosis. Specialists of this department provide consulting assistance to physicians of treatment departments. The results of laboratory studies and MRI show the most accurate picture of the development of a disease. For assistance or consultation, you can refer to the address of the clinic: Volgograd, Universitetsky Prospect, 106. Of course, it is better to clarify in advance how to get to the cardiology center in Volgograd. There is a bus stop and a railway platform with the same name.