"Okzhetpes" - sanatorium in Shchuchinsk-Borovo resort zone of Kazakhstan: treatment, reviews

Surely not everyone will come to the idea of ​​going to treatment and rest in the resorts of Kazakhstan. And very vain, because among them there are places that are known far beyond this state and are rightfully worthy to be visited by as many tourists as possible. After all, for example, the Schuchinsko-Borovskaya resort zone, famous for its magnificent mountains and clear lakes, gives its guests an unforgettable experience. Nature has created the best conditions for treating all sorts of diseases here, which is why many health resorts were built in this area.

Here is the famous "Okzhetpes" - a sanatorium owned by the Medical Center of the Presidential Affairs Department. Its infrastructure and medical facilities are at a very high level, so there are almost no visitors coming from here.

When is the Kazakhstan health center established?

The birth of LOK "Okzhetpes" can be considered to be the year 1965.The sanatorium opened its doors on the basis of a rest house owned by the Tselinny Regional Executive Committee. Already in 1966 everyone knew it as a climatic health resort called "Yasnaya Polyana".The sanatorium could simultaneously receive 75 patients for treatment.

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In the summer of 2001, to be exact in July, they decided to conduct a capital reconstruction in the health resort. When it was over, a new date appeared in the life of the institution: March 17, 2003.Yes, the complex was being repaired for two years, but now "Okzhetpes" is a sanatorium equipped with the latest technology, which managed to even get a few prestigious awards.

One of them, issued in 2006, referred the sanatorium to the "Best resorts of the world".Awarded her for the fact that in the health resort "Okzhetpes" an active scientific activity was carried out and great successes were achieved in the organization of health improvement processes.

The modern description of the health resort

Today the health resort "Okzhetpes"( Borovoye) is a modern wellness complex. It is equipped with the best advanced technology, designed for diagnosing and timely treatment of patients of all ages, including the smallest.

On the territory of the health resort there is a main residential complex consisting of seven floors. It is here in comfortable rooms accommodate guests arriving here."Okzhetpes" is a sanatorium that works all year round, so vacationers can enjoy local beauties and receive high quality treatment in various months and seasons.

Green and well-groomed territory abounds with beautiful flower beds and benches, where you can relax during a walk or just sit for your own pleasure. Cute pavilions, meeting guests here and there, can also be a great place to unite with nature. You can come to Borovoye Lake, because there is an equipped beach. So in the summer, swimming is one of the types of leisure in the health resort.

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Exact location

The "Okzhetpes" sanatorium is located in an insanely beautiful place with a majestic pine forest. In the immediate vicinity of the health resort there is the amazing Borovoye Lake, which, without a doubt, is the real gem of the whole Burabay. Nearby there are also unique natural attractions, which are familiar to every fan of these places. Speech, of course, is about incredibly beautiful rocks under the names of Jumbaktas and Okzhetpes. And if you go for a short walk through the pine forest, you can be near Polyana Abylai-Khan.

The distance from the capital of Kazakhstan to the health resort is 250 km, and to the regional center of Kokshetau it is necessary to drive only 70 km.

How to get here?

Travelers who have purchased tours to the health resort Okzhetpes have few options to get here. All methods of transfer to the health center are reduced to personal or public transport.

For example, from the international airport in Astana or Almaty it is best to come by rail to a resort called Borovoye. Already from here you can book a taxi or board a minibus or a bus, which will take you to the village of Burabai.

Car journey straight from Astana or Kokshetau should pass through the city of Shchuchinsk, and then continue along the regional highway already before entering the sanatorium.

Number fund

"Okzhetpes" is a sanatorium that offers its guests a variety of spacious rooms, each of which is equipped with necessary new furniture and modern home appliances.

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There are more than 100 rooms of different categories on seven floors of a residential building. For their rest and treatment, tourists can choose:

  • Number one-room area of ​​19 square meters. There is a double bed, necessary furniture, TV, air conditioning, telephone, safe, slippers with bathrobe and hairdryer.
  • Two-room suite of the second class with a balcony of 27.5 square meters. The bedroom is equipped with a double bed. In the living room there is a beautiful corner for rest, each of the rooms is equipped with a TV.
  • Two-room suite of the first class. In an area of ​​30 meters there is a marathon, a coffee table and a bidet.
  • Vip number. Contains two bedrooms of 32.5 square meters. There are two mini-refrigerators and a closet, an electric kettle, a chest of drawers and a coffee table. In the bathroom the guests have a bidet and two sinks.
  • Luxury apartments, consisting of two bedrooms, two living rooms and a hallway, a total area of ​​165.6 square meters. A standard set of furniture here is doubled, there are also two sideboards, a table and a tea set. In addition to the two mini-refrigerators, the room is equipped with a large refrigerator.

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Every day there is a high-quality cleaning in all rooms, so they are always clean and tidy.

What diseases are treated in a sanatorium?

Okazhetpes sanatorium welcomes all guests who have diseases:

  • all year round, cardiovascular, nervous and musculoskeletal;
  • of ENT and respiratory organs;
  • skin and peripheral vessels;
  • digestive organs;
  • gynecological and urological.

Special health programs were also established by the leading specialists of the sanatorium, combining the corrective, diagnostic and information-teaching methods of medicine aimed at restoring the body. In the list of these programs there are such popular destinations as "Easy breathing", "Women's health", "Slender figure" and "Easy walk".

Methods of treatment

The medical base available in the sanatorium "Okzhetpes" is very rich and truly unique. All patients here are highly qualified doctors of various directions, due to which the picture of the health status of each guest is very complete and detailed. You can consult a cardiologist, therapist, endocrinologist, nutritionist, gynecologist, otolaryngologist, dentist and neurologist.

Also with the help of modern methods of hardware diagnostics, high-quality analyzes of biomaterials, various studies and monitoring are carried out. Of course, in the health resort there are all kinds of rooms for procedures and massage, physiotherapy and balneology departments, a separate room for inhalations, as well as phytobar.

individual diet

In the treatment of diseases by the doctors of the sanatorium, natural remedies directly affecting the improvement of the patients state are used:

- a unique climate with clean air and the presence of pine forest;

- mineral water from Lake Maybalik, which contains a lot of magnesium and bromine salts;

- mud mud from the lake called Balpashor;

- radon water and pantotherapy;

- treatment with koumiss and mineral water "Kulager-Arasan";

- treatment with the help of diets.

What does a spa treatment program include?

Purchasing a sanatorium ticket to the health resort "Okzhetpes", patients receive a certain list of health and medical procedures. Based on the data on the health of a person, the doctor makes an individual treatment course, which will include such activities:

  • consultations of medical specialists;
  • general blood and urine tests;
  • ECG;
  • therapeutic walks;
  • diet food;
  • herbal medicine;
  • koumis treatment;
  • reception of several types of mineral water;
  • exercise therapy;
  • various baths, mud cure, hydropathy;
  • Climatotherapy;
  • physio-, magneto-, laser therapy;
  • reception of oxygen cocktails,
  • inhalation;
  • cabinet of psychological relief;
  • gynecological and dental irrigation with mineral water;
  • swimming pool;
  • fitness;
  • ski walks.

sanatoriums of kazakhstan prices

Treatment courses in the sanatorium are designed for 6, 10 or 14 days.

How is the food organized?

In each sanatorium, nutrition is an integral part of the entire medical process, which is assigned to patients. And Okzhetpes in this matter is not an exception to the rules. Special medical diets are organized here for tourists. Each of them is characterized by a certain kind of cooking, as well as a special vitamin and mineral composition.

There are four meals a day during the day, koumiss is given out at a separate time. In some cases, patients who need more frequent meals, in consultation with the attending physician can be set individual diet.

health resort okzhetpes

Patients eat one-shift meals in a spacious dining room that can hold up to 200 people at a time. In the resort there is a system of ordering meals on the menu, that is, every patient from the dishes offered in the menu chooses the next day what he liked best. At the same time, each guest is offered a list of meals that fully complies with the diet prescribed by the doctor.

Does the sanatorium have entertainment and other services?

Sanatorium "Okzhetpes" offers its guests not only high-quality treatment. At a time when patients are free from the procedures and consultations of specialists, they can have a great time and find a job for their liking.

For this, all the necessary conditions have been created on the territory of the health resort. Internet lovers can enjoy fast wireless Wi-Fi, which is confidently caught throughout the territory. Book lovers can visit the local library and choose suitable literature there. Some of the patients will probably want to play billiards, because in the sanatorium there are as many as four special tables with everything necessary for the game.

Evenings can be missed in the cinema, designed for 250 seats. At 17-00 here show cartoons, and the adult session starts at 8 pm. In the lobby of the restaurant every evening, there is a cheerful event. For example, there can be organized a disco, various concerts or singing karaoke.

For young patients of the sanatorium there is an equipped children's room, the fun of which is provided to every child. And for those who follow their appearance or just want to relax, there is a spa complex, which gladly accepts every guest.

You can also organize various excursions to the natural attractions of this region, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of these places.

How much do I pay for the pleasure?

In this sanatorium in Kazakhstan accommodation prices are considered very high. However, the list and quality of services that are offered here fully justify their cost. It is indicated, by the way, in tenge - the national currency of Kazakhstan. To understand the price level, you should know that for 100 tenge you need to give about 18.9 rubles.

In the most expensive season( from June to August), prices for one day start from 42 400 tenge for a single room. At the same time, the most expensive apartments will cost 112 700 tenge, two-room suites of 1 and 2 classes will cost respectively 50 900 and 56 800 tenge. A two-bedroom VIP will cost 59 800 tenge.

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The rest of the time you can visit the sanatorium "Okzhetpes" with accommodation in a single room for 35 000, in two-room suites of 1 and 2 categories for 46 600 and 52 000 tenge respectively. For a two-room vip it will be necessary to give 54 800, and for an apartment 103 000 tenge.

You can buy tickets to this sanatorium with the help of various travel companies, for example, through the company "A-Mega Tour", located in the city of Kokshetau.

Guests talk about the sanatorium

All patients coming to the health resort "Okzhetpes"( Borovoe), the reviews leave almost the same positive. They like everything in this place: both the treatment, and the area surrounding the health resort, and clean, comfortable rooms. Praise guests and varied food, as well as a wide range of provided treatment procedures.

Against the background of such enthusiastic responses, even the high cost of recreation in this place is not particularly noticeable.

Resorts in Kazakhstan are not very popular in our country. However, some places due to their unique qualities have long been known. Sanatorium "Okzhetpes" deserves to be among the most desired places of rest and treatment for every resident of not only Kazakhstan, but also neighboring republics.