"Anti-AIDS" - first-aid kit for preventing HIV and hepatitis infection

"Anti-AIDS" - first-aid kit, which is used to treat wounds in institutions providing personal services( hairdresser, beauty salon, tattoo parlors and beauty).This kit consists of certain medicines, dressings and hygiene products.

antispeed first aid kit

Why do I need the first aid kit "Anti-AIDS"?

With this kit of medications, you can process any cut or wound to prevent the spread of infection. Use of the first aid kit is necessary in such situations:

  1. Preventive measures. The medical kit includes protective equipment: rubber gloves, medical mask, fingertip. Due to the content, the risk of infection from another person is minimized even in the case of direct contact.
  2. Prevention of infection. If a specialist in the service of domestic services is injured( cut, wound) in contact with the client, it is necessary to perform the treatment of the affected area of ​​the body."Anti-AIDS" - first-aid kit, which contains the necessary drugs for disinfection. With the help of the tools in the kit, you can stop bleeding, make disinfection of the affected areas, remove microbes trapped in the wound. In the event that it is necessary to treat the eyes with anti-viral agents, an eyedropper is provided in the medicine cabinet.
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first aid kit

Organizations working in the field of personal services and having a large staff should take care that every employee has a first aid kit "Anti-AIDS".The composition of the medicines included in the kit is aimed solely at preventing infection. It is impossible to help the already infected person by using the funds in this specially provided first aid kit, since they are powerless and useless in this case.

What is included in the first aid kit "Anti-AIDS"?

To prevent HIV infection and viral hepatitis, the Anti-AIDS kit was developed. The first aid kit should contain the following list of drugs and medical devices:

  • iodine( alcohol solution 5%);
  • medical alcohol 70%;
  • boric acid 1% solution;
  • "Protalgore" 1%;
  • distilled water( 100 ml packaging);
  • tampons from gauze and cotton wool, dressings;
  • antiseptic adhesive plaster;
  • glass pipettes( 5 pcs.);
  • potassium permanganate( р-р 0.05%);
  • fingertip( 5 pcs.) And sterile gloves;
  • disinfectant( "Chloramine B" 3%);
  • scissors;
  • antibacterial soap;
  • box for first-aid kit.

first aid kit

First aid kit "AntiAIDS"( SanPin, appendix 12) is made taking into account all recommendations and is an obligatory attribute in the organizations that provide services of household character to the population. Despite the name of the kit of medicines, it is not only designed to protect against HIV infection. The main purpose of the first aid kit is to prevent possible infection.

It is important to observe the storage times of the medications contained in the kit.

How to deal with cuts?

In case of cuts and other damage to the skin, preventive measures are taken, and the first aid kit "Anti-AIDS" is used for their carrying out. The kit includes all the necessary preparations for treatment and disinfection.

To avoid infection with HIV and hepatitis, the worker must observe precautions when working with piercing and cutting objects.

If a cut occurs, the wound must be urgently treated. By gentle pressure on the affected area, we squeeze out the blood, then we wash the hands with running water using antibacterial soap. Next, we treat with alcohol, after which we spread the iodine solution on the wound.

If the skin gets blood or other biological emissions, the site is wiped with medical alcohol. Wash skin with water with antibacterial soap and again apply alcohol solution.

antispeed first aid kit

In case of contact with blood on mucous membranes, the following manipulations should be performed:

  • eyes are washed with pure water or boric acid;
  • the mouth is rinsed with alcohol solution, manganese potassium or boric acid;
  • the nasal cavity is treated with Protargol.

Antiretroviral drugs

"Anti-AIDS" is a first-aid kit, necessary to prevent infection with such dangerous diseases as HIV and hepatitis.

Antiretroviral drugs are used for emergency preventive measures. Within a month, the administration of "Azidothymidine" is recommended. The combination of this drug with "lamivudine" increases antiretroviral activity and does not allow the formation of resistant strains. If there is a high risk of HIV infection, you should contact the AIDS center for chemopreventive measures. These patients are under the supervision of a doctor throughout the year, regularly monitored for HIV infection.