"Vagisil": reviews about means for intimate care

Before buying various medications people are trying to find out about them at least some feedback. Sometimes the information obtained is really useful. But do not forget that every person has an individual organism: what came up to one, may not like the other at all. The article will tell you about the Vagisil line. Comments on these funds will be provided for your information.

vagisil review

Cost, Acquisition and Composition of

What are the formation of the "Vagisil" product line? Undoubted advantage of this remedy is over-the-counter purchase. Buy any component of this type can be without prescribing a doctor. This once again confirms the safety of Vagishil. On the value of opinions are different. Many consumers agree that the products of this line have an inflated price. Producer offers to purchase the following products for intimate care:

  • Gel cleansing, maintaining pH balance( sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium chloride, glycerin, flavors and additional ingredients) - 400 rub.
  • Deodorizing gel( aloe, chamomile and additional foaming ingredients) - 450 rub.
  • Moisturizing gel( vitamin E, aloe, water and additional ingredients, giving the corresponding substance) - 450 rub.
  • Cream for intimate area( aloe and vitamins A, D, E, odor blocker) - 400 rub.
  • Cleaning napkins( vitamins, calendula, chamomile and antibacterial components) - 400 rub.

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Efficiency of means for intimate care

The "Vagisil" line of products is good. Consumers say that the cost of these products justifies itself. You can choose a cleansing gel at your discretion. There is a product that simply cleanses, protects and maintains the acid-base balance in the intimate zone. The presence of lactic acid makes this remedy also useful for female microflora. Also, the manufacturer produces a product that is a deodorant gel. It blocks unpleasant odors, it is ideal for women who lead an active lifestyle and who can not regularly perform hygienic manipulations. Also pay attention to the napkins. If you go on a hike or a trip, be sure to take them with you. Napkins will clean the intimate area, moisturize it and remove the unpleasant odor. Excellent help with menstruation.

The cream and gel are selected by consumers, which do not need to be washed off. These drugs help to remove discomfort in the intimate zone. They relieve inflammation, itching. Also blocking unpleasant odors. If you want to feel comfort, then choose "Vagisil".

vagisil for intimate hygiene reviews

"Vagisil" for intimate hygiene: negative reviews

There are also negative opinions. About creams "Vagisil" reviews similar to those of those consumers who do not carefully read the annotation. Some women want to get a medicinal effect from the drug, but this does not happen. In fact, the manufacturer does not promise such an action. This is what the instructions for use refer to the Vagisil preparations. Reviews formed in a negative channel, say that the cream has a positive effect, it gives comfort and blocks an unpleasant smell, but as soon as you stop using it - everything will be the same.

Before buying the Vagisil line, pay attention to their instructions. The manufacturer refers its product to the cosmetic. The remedy is not a medicine. If you have problems with intimate health, then "Vagisil" will only disguise them. For treatment consult a doctor. Good luck!