How to remove the smell of garlic from the mouth: the most effective ways that will not let you down

We all know the smell of garlic. And if such an "aroma" from the mouth can not cause you discomfort, then it is unlikely to be pleasant to people around. This vegetable has a lot of useful properties. However, the consequences of its use in the form of a sharp odor can negate all the existing virtues. Some people have such a "fragrance" so badly tolerated that they can not adequately perceive the interlocutor, from which it smells of garlic. In this regard, if you ate a couple of lobules of this vegetable, for example, in order to maintain immunity during the increase in the incidence of flu and cold, then it is necessary to take appropriate measures so that people around you do not experience discomfort. Therefore, today we suggest you to understand how to remove the smell of garlic from the mouth.

How to remove the smell of garlic from the mouth

The reasons for the "fragrance"

Before you learn about how to deal with this phenomenon, we suggest to find out why there is an unpleasant smell from the mouth of garlic. So, the reason for such a "spirit" that appears after eating this product is the liberation of sulphate gases during its digestion. Avoid this will not happen, since gas enters the blood and lungs and, in addition, is released through the pores of our skin. Of course, this is not very pleasant, but not fatal, because there are many ways to get rid of the smell of garlic. Let us dwell on them in more detail, but first we will find out how to establish whether there is an unpleasant "aroma" or not.

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How to find out if there is a smell from the mouth

If we compare people with animals, then our sense of smell is much inferior to the scent of our smaller brothers. Therefore, we almost can not feel our own smell. In this regard, before you worry about the question "how to remove the smell of garlic from the mouth," you should find out whether this problem is really relevant to you. Do this with several manipulations:

- Cover your mouth and nose with your palm, then take a deep breath. If you have a bad breath, you will feel it.

- You can lick your own wrist, then wait for five seconds and sniff. So you unmistakably establish what flavor people around you feel. More precisely, it will be the smell coming from the front of your tongue.

- In order to find out what flavor comes from the back of the tongue, you can use this method. Armed with a spoon and a little scrub it the appropriate area. Manipulation is not pleasant, but it allows you to determine exactly whether there is a smell.

So, if you investigated yourself for fresh breath and came to a disappointing conclusion, then it's time to study the recommendations for eliminating this problem.

smell of garlic how to get rid

Smell of garlic: how to get rid?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely eliminate such "douche" in a short time. However, there are ways to reduce it or disguise it. So, how to remove the smell of garlic from the mouth?

Fresheners of breath

As the problem concerning an unpleasant smell from an oral cavity, which is caused also by the use of onions or garlic, is far not new, on sale already for a long time there were special preparations. This can be a spray or a chewing plate. Today in stores and pharmacies they are presented in a fairly wide range. However, in order to effectively remove the smell of garlic from the mouth, carefully examine the information on the package of the preparation for what exactly "flavors" it neutralizes.

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Oral hygiene

This method is perhaps the simplest. The smell of garlic can be cleaned by thoroughly brushing your teeth and using dental floss after you have eaten a dish that contains this vegetable. The paste will promote a refreshing breath, and the dental floss will help get rid of the particles of the product stuck in the teeth. If you do not have the opportunity to brush your teeth, you can rinse your mouth with ordinary clean water. In it you can add a little soda or salt. Such a mixture is very effective in eliminating the unpleasant smell of garlic from the skin of the hands.

Use fragrant herbs

One of the effective ways to solve the problem of "how to remove the smell of garlic from the mouth" is the use of leaves of dill or parsley. They need a little chew. In addition to eliminating the unpleasant odor, these herbs destroy harmful bacteria in the oral cavity and contribute to the protection of our gums. Chewing leaflets should be carefully and not hurrying. After this, some time should refrain from using liquid. In addition to leaflets, you can chew the root of ara or parsley.

smell from the mouth of garlic

Nuts and apples

A small handful of walnuts or cedar nuts, as well as almonds, is a good tool in the fight against the smell of garlic. You should eat these foods immediately after eating. Identical effect on our breath is also provided by cardamom grains and nutmeg. These products destroy harmful bacteria and prevent the development of putrefactive processes in the oral cavity. The same effect is provided by the use of apples. All these products are characterized by a high content of phenols. This allows them to limit the process of reproduction of bacteria, resulting in a reduced garlic flavor. Polyphenols contribute to the oxidation of sulfur compounds contained in this vegetable, and reduce the production of gas. Together, this helps to reduce bad breath. However, keep in mind that products containing polyphenols have the greatest effect when used together with garlic.

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Very effective way to combat "garlic" breath are lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits. After eating enough to eat a slice, for example, lemon, and for a while you can forget about the unpleasant "scent".Some people even resort to a little trick, carrying a half of citrus fruit in a plastic container. By the way, such a reception is often resorted to by those who, by the nature of their activities, often have to address the audience. After all, the lemon not only struggles with the smell, but also relieves dryness in the mouth.

Green tea

If, after eating a dish containing garlic, you have the opportunity to drink a cup of hot green tea, then do it. This drink will get rid of the unpleasant smell, washing away the garlic oil remaining in the oral cavity.

Mint in all kinds of

To smell the smell of garlic will allow mint. It can be both mint tea and chewing gum on the basis of this product( by the way, it will not only refresh the breath, but will also remove the leftovers of food, which will prolong the effect).In addition, peppermint pills are also available, which also make it possible to eliminate the unpleasant "scent" of garlic.