"Klotrimazol", solution from nail fungus: reviews, instructions for use and composition

What are the therapeutic properties of Clotrimazole( a solution from nail fungus)?Customer reviews and features of this tool are described below. Also, we will provide information on how to apply this medication, what ingredients it contains, and so on. clotrimazole solution from nail fungus reviews

Composition, form and packaging of the local preparation

The antifungal agent "Medana Clotrimazole"( solution) goes on sale in dark vials packed in a cardboard box. In this case, the preparation itself is a transparent 1% liquid, which has a characteristic odor.

The active ingredient of this agent is clotrimazole. Also in the composition of the solution are auxiliary components in the form of ethyl alcohol anhydrous and isopropyl myristate.

Therapeutic features of a local medicine

What is a drug "Clotrimazole"( a solution from a nail fungus)?The reviews state that this product is intended for external use. It is a derivative of imidazole and has the broadest spectrum of action.

This drug has a detrimental effect on virtually all pathogenic fungi that cause infectious diseases in humans.

The principle of clotrimazole is to slow down the synthesis of ergosterol, which is necessary for the structure of cell membranes of fungi. This effect disrupts their permeability, and also leads to subsequent cell lysis.

After application of small concentrations, this drug has fungistatic effect, and when using high doses - fungicidal. clotrimazole solution from fungus nails отзывы цена

What is the use of the drug Klotrimazol( solution from nail fungus)?Reviews say that it has a harmful effect on dermatophytes, as well as yeast dimorphic and mold fungi.

It is impossible not to say that this agent shows weak antibacterial properties.

Indications for the use of a local medicinal liquid

. What infections are treated with Clotrimazole( a solution from nail fungus)?Testimonials of experienced specialists indicate the following indications of this remedy:

  • onychomycosis;
  • infections of the oral mucosa that are caused by yeast-like fungi;
  • mycoses of palms and feet;
  • dermatomycosis of the trunk, head and groin areas;
  • of erythrasma;
  • trichophytosis;
  • lichen ruffed.

Prohibitions on the use of the antifungal drug

When is the use of the drug Klotrimazol prohibited? A solution from nail fungus( reviews, the price will be considered at the end of the article) has the following contraindications: antifungal agent medana clotrimazole solution

  • hypersensitivity to clotrimazole, and other components of the agent;
  • first trimester of pregnancy.

Also, this medication should not be applied to the eyes and other mucous membranes.

Dosage and route of use

How should I use Clotrimazole( a solution from nail fungus)?Comments( the composition of the local medication was presented above) report that this remedy is intended solely for external use.

For effective therapy, several drops of liquid must be rubbed into the affected skin areas three times a day. After eliminating the primary signs of the disease, therapy should continue for another 4 weeks, until all symptoms of the disease have completely stopped.

With the development of dermatomycosis, the stop solution must be applied after each water treatment. In this case, the skin of the feet should be thoroughly dried with a towel, especially in the spaces between the fingers.

This drug should not be used together with a bandage( occlusal).

Actions negative

In most cases the Clotrimazole solution is well tolerated by patients. In rare cases, against the background of its use, there may be a local allergic reaction in the form of burning, slight irritation in the place of application of the drug and itching. Also, sometimes, patients have extensive erythema, swelling, rashes, epidermal scaling and urticaria. cream clotrimazole reviews of doctors and patients

Drug Interaction and Overdose

With prolonged use of Clotrimazole in conjunction with other antifungal drugs for external use, its effectiveness is significantly reduced.

High concentrations of propyl ester of para- hydroxybenzoic acid strengthen the effect of the agent under consideration, and "Dexamethasone", on the contrary, reduces its antifungal properties.

Due to low absorption of Clotrimazole( with external application), an overdose is unlikely to occur.

Special Information

In addition to the solution in question, you can also find clotrimazole cream in pharmacies. Reviews of doctors and patients argue that the therapeutic efficacy of both drugs is exactly the same.

Avoid contact with eyes during use. Also during the treatment should not wear clothes and shoes made of materials that do not allow heat and moisture to pass through.

After taking water procedures, all painful areas must be carefully dried. Clothing covering the affected areas, as well as towels should be changed every day and washed at a temperature of 90 degrees.

If after the beginning of therapy the symptoms of the disease do not disappear within a month, then verification of the diagnosis is required.

Children under 11 years of age can use this medication only after consulting a doctor. clotrimazole solution from fungus nails testimonials composition

During pregnancy and feeding, there was no adverse effect on the fetus and the baby. However, specialists do not recommend using this drug in the first trimester.

Reviews and price

Numerous reviews on this tool are mostly positive. Patients argue that the Clotrimazole solution acts as a highly effective antifungal agent. Positive changes in the state of human health are noted already after a few weeks after the start of treatment.

Also, the advantages of a local medicine include its low cost( about 165 rubles) and ease of use.