Warmer saline - healer

Nowadays, a hot water bottle is an excellent source of heat for individual use. The salt applicator is made in the form of a sealed container made of strong PVC film. Inside this container is sodium acetate( saturated nest of salt) in a state of equilibrium. In the solution there is a catalyst in the form of a spring, when bending, an almost instantaneous start-up of the crystallization reaction of the salt takes place. The crystallization process is accompanied by thermal emissions( up to + 52-54 degrees).

A hot-water bottle is used for various forms of colds, with rhinitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, frontitis, etc., with dystonia and sleep disturbance. Helps with migraine and headaches, neck neuralgia and pain in the area of ​​the collar zone. Effectively promotes the treatment of arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, radiculitis and other similar diseases. It is useful for stretching and traumas of limbs, it removes stress and tension well. Saline applicator, in addition, is able to absorb various kinds of seals, especially those resulting from trauma.

The thermal applicator, despite its simplicity, has a rather long service life, its energy is sufficient for 2000-6000 starts( depending on the material and operating conditions).It takes 30 seconds to start it, the industry produces many varieties of such a product, the shape and size depend on the purpose and wishes of the market. It can be a hot-water bottle-collar, special children's warmers in the form of a good-natured bear, a tree or a fish, a hot-water bottle, a tonic warmer and other varieties.

In a cold season, when the temperature is below zero, a person needs heat. To date, the commodity market offers salt applicators in the form of insoles( they are also called a foot warmer).Using them, heat is stored for the feet of a person for several hours. No less interesting is the experience of using heaters, made in the form of toys for children. During illness, babies are often capricious, especially when doing some procedures. In such cases, a hot-water toy helps in the game form to conduct treatment.

Applying this heating pad instead of a mustard plaster that can irritate the baby, you can warm up almost any part of the body. Dry heat will calm the child, in this case, he can even fall asleep with a warmer-toy. The material from which the salt water heater is made is completely safe and environmentally friendly, in particular a similar salt solution is used in medicine and the food industry.

To work such a heating pad does not need additional energy( heat, electricity, etc.), it works in an autonomous mode.

A hot water bottle radiates heat similar to the heat emitted by a human body. Widows have a wide use in everyday life. Fans of winter fishing, hunting, drivers, builders, crane operators and other categories of people associated with a long stay in the cold, too, resort to the help of such heaters. Saline applicator is used not only as a source of heat, it also successfully operates as a source of cold. As a source of cold, it is necessary as a compress for bruises, bleeding wounds, sprains of muscles and ligaments, mosquito bites and even on the road to store food.

To this end, the hot-water bottle is placed in the refrigerator for 20 minutes, where the salt solution will cool to a temperature of about + 5-6 degrees. Cold compress can also be used for the prevention of migraine. After a few hours, the salt applicator, having exhausted the energy reserve, needs to be recharged, special devices are not needed for this. The restoration of the brine is that the heating pad is placed in a cloth or specially prepared bag of fabric, then for 15-20 minutes lowered into boiling water. During this period of time, the crystals of salt should dissolve, when the warmer cools down, you can consider it ready for a new procedure.