From parodontosis toothpaste: which one to choose? Pastes from periodontal disease: "Lakalut", "New pearls", "Paradontax", "Forest balsam"

Periodontal disease is a very insidious disease. In addition to the constant bleeding gums, a person is concerned about pain in the oral cavity. Will toothpaste help with periodontitis? Let's try to find out.

Symptoms of

from periodontal disease toothpaste

One of the most serious gum diseases is periodontal disease. It develops gradually, beginning with a slight sensitivity to cold or hot. Usually a person ignores such signs without resorting to a dentist. And in vain: then begins the exposure of the neck of the teeth, which causes itching in the gum area. And the last stage is constant bleeding.

The parodontium is the tissues that surround the teeth. They are inflamed during periodontal disease, giving the corresponding name to the disease.

With a daily brushing of the teeth, the patient has blood on the brush. After the procedures for oral hygiene, a person feels unpleasant burning and itching.

If you do not start treatment in time, the symptoms will only worsen.

Causes of the appearance of

Toothpaste Paradontax price

Before you know if toothpaste will save you from periodontal disease, you need to know about the causes that cause it. There are many of them, and they are not always related solely to problems of the oral cavity.

  1. Diabetes mellitus. This disease often affects the skin, gums, destroys the teeth. Changes occurring in the body with this disease affect the health of the person as a whole.
  2. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Insufficient oral hygiene. Some people prefer to brush their teeth to shine in the morning, but forget about it in the evening. As a result, the remains of food decay, causing tooth decay and various inflammations, including periodontal disease.
  4. Hormonal changes. Especially it concerns women. During menstruation or pregnancy, the body undergoes hormonal changes that can affect the condition of the oral cavity. Girls in the position note that it was during this period that they first encountered bleeding gums. The same applies to those who are experiencing menopause.
  5. Smoking. Most smokers at least once in their lives have experienced gum disease. Nicotine and harmful resins settle not only on the enamel of the teeth, but also on other tissues in the oral cavity.
  6. Hereditary factor. If you are diagnosed with periodontal disease, it is possible that one of your parents already knows how to deal with it.

Toothpaste «Paradontax»: reviews

Toothpaste Paradontsex Reviews

One of the most effective pasta is Paradontax. The manufacturer of this remedy is the English pharmaceutical company. Based on the name, we can conclude that it is intended for those who suffer from gum disease. Toothpaste "Paradontax", the price of which ranges from 140 to 170 rubles per tube, received positive feedback from consumers.

It is produced in two forms: with fluorine content and without it. The undoubted advantage of this product is its natural composition. Looking at the instructions, we will see that the paste contains:

  • peppermint;
  • sage;
  • echinacea;
  • chamomile;
  • minerals and salts;
  • zinc.

No extra additives, as we see, it does not. It is believed that fluoridated paste is more effective.

May surprise the unusual flavor of "Paradontax": it is slightly salty. This is due to the mineral salts contained in the product.

Toothpaste "Paradontax" reviews from dentists received approving, because it contains natural ingredients. Many customers noted an improvement in the condition of the gums after its application. The agent can be used continuously or in courses, when the disease worsens.

Toothpaste "New Pearls"

toothpaste new pearl

The domestic oral care product is quite popular."New Pearls" contains many rulers aimed at eliminating various problems of teeth and gums. There are several varieties that help in the fight against periodontal disease.

For example, toothpaste "New pearls" for sensitive teeth. It consists of calcium and fluoride, delicately caring for teeth. And thanks to the extract of green tea inflamed gums calm down, heal microcracks. However, the use of this paste is recommended at the first signs of periodontal disease, when the gums have not yet begun to bleed.

Stronger means of this brand is the "Cedar Complex".It is designed to care for the oral cavity when there are problems with the gums. The composition of this paste includes vitamins E, D, B, which strengthen the walls of blood vessels, preventing bleeding. Oil obtained from cedar nut, favorably affects the mucosa, caring for the tissues around the teeth. It is believed that after thirty years everyone who has ever experienced periodontitis should start using this type of paste regularly.


pasta lakalut

There are a lot of tools that help with periodontal disease. Toothpaste "Lakalut" is known for its excellent healing properties. The country-producer of this product is Germany. Among the different types of this company is a tool that helps to defeat periodontal disease. This is the paste "Lakalut Active Herbal".Its natural composition attracts many buyers. So, it contains: sage, chamomile, baden, eucalyptus. These herbs are known for their soothing effect on the gums. Distinguishes this paste and the chlorhexidine that enters it. It is usually used to rinse wounds as an antiseptic. For early wound healing, bisabolol is present in the formulation.

This paste can be used for both preventive and therapeutic purposes. According to the recommendations of dentists, it is very effective. The product has a blood-restoring effect, helps to relieve inflammation, perfectly cleanses and refreshes the oral cavity.

"Forest Balsam"

toothpaste forest balm reviews

Another Russian remedy, which fell in love with our compatriots, is the toothpaste "Forest Balsam".She has good reviews. Firstly, its price is much lower than imported prices - only 60-80 rubles per tube. Secondly, according to the opinion of consumers, it really eliminates the problems with the gums. However, its composition is not as natural as it seems at first glance. Silica, sorbitol, lauryl sulfate are just a small part of the chemical compounds that make up this balm. But the herbs are still contained in it. Usually add bark of oak, sage, St. John's wort or nettle. They all prevent bleeding, soothe the inflamed cavity of the mouth. From periodontal disease toothpaste helps. In any case, the buyers say so. Not for nothing it is one of the most common among such means.


parodontosis is cured

The variety of toothpastes on the shelves of stores always puts the consumer at a dead end. Which of them to choose? Now we know that the toothpaste "Paradontax", the price of which is higher than the domestic one, has a natural composition and copes well with gum problems. The same can be said about the "Lakalut" facility."New pearls" will also save you from periodontal disease, but the domestic product costs almost twice as much. Which of the pastes we choose, it is up to you to decide based on your own preferences and capabilities. Do not forget also about consultation with the dentist.