Microclyster "Norgalax": instruction, reviews

People often have to see a doctor with complaints of a violation of the regularity of the stool. In such cases, the doctor conducts a survey that allows you to find out the main causes of pathology and choose the right treatment. The most commonly prescribed medication for symptomatic correction is Norgalax.

norgalax instruction

Instructions for using this medication will be described in the article. You will learn about the features of the drug. Also worth mentioning is the feedback that consumers and doctors leave.

What is the composition of Norgalax microclasm?

Instruction for use of the drug reports that the main substance in it is docusate sodium. In addition, the medicament also contains additional components. Among them, we can mention glycerin, pure water and carmellose sodium.

The drug is produced in small plastic pipettes with a volume of 10 grams. They are collected in a spike of 6 pieces. Each medicine is packed in a cardboard box with the inscription "Norgalax".Instructions for use are enclosed.

Indications for use

In what situations is the patient prescribed Norgalax? The instruction informs that the agent is used to correct constipation of various etiologies. In this case, the drug is more often used once.

It is also recommended that medication be used before preparation for various types of intestinal research. These include colonoscopy, colposcopy, sigmoidoscopy and so on.

microglycemia norgalax instruction

Sometimes the remedy is recommended on the last terms of pregnancy and before childbirth. However, such an appointment should be made by a doctor. The manufacturer declines all responsibility and does not indicate this item in the annotation.

Is it always possible to apply medication?

In what situations is the Norgalax microclism contraindicated? The instruction says that the drug is not used to prevent constipation. This method of correction can be addictive. From the use of the drug should be abandoned and in the following situations:

  • in childhood to 15 years;
  • in the presence of hemorrhoids of different nature and anal fissures;
  • during inflammation in the intestine and in the obstruction of this organ;
  • in the presence of hypersensitivity and the possibility of developing an allergic reaction to one or more components of the drug;
  • during acute bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract.

How to use

How is the Nargalax enema used? Instructions should be read carefully before using the medication. The annotation shall contain the following information.

norgalaks instruction reviews

The preparation must be removed from the carton. Then separate one pipette from the entire solder. This can be done with a simple movement of the hand without using scissors. Take the cannula with two fingers so that the narrow part looks up. After that, gently unscrew the tip and squeeze out a small drop of gel. This small part of the drug will facilitate the introduction of a pipette into the anus.

Slowly insert the cannula into the anus and press the container. Further, without weakening the pressure, carefully remove the capsule. Perhaps the patient will immediately have a urge to defecate. However, for a more effective action of the drug, it is worth waiting at least 10 minutes.

How does the tool work?

Does Norgalax micro-enema start to act quickly? Instructions for use indicate that the effect of the medication occurs in 5-15 minutes. The medication enters the patient's intestines and immediately begins to spread there. nargalax enema

Glycerin promotes irritation of intestinal walls. As a result, an intensive contraction begins, and peristalsis intensifies. Stool masses gradually approach the anal opening, affecting the nerve endings.

Also, the main active substance of the drug promotes the retention of water. The result is that the feces acquire a larger volume and gradually soften. Despite the large amount of intestinal contents, it is excreted easily and without much discomfort.

Reviews on microclysterism

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to understand what is the "Nargalax" preparation instruction. Reviews about this tool are extremely positive. Patients say that the action of the medicine comes instantly. The urge to defecate begins immediately after the administration of the composition. However, the maximum effect is observed after 10 minutes. Consumers also testify that this remedy does not break the intestinal microflora, whereas the usual enemas help wash out beneficial bacteria from the body.

norgalax instructions for use

Doctors claim that only a small part of the drug is absorbed into the bloodstream. While a larger volume is retained directly in the stool and is eliminated naturally. That is why this medication is sometimes prescribed before childbirth. Experts also show that the drug can be used after this difficult process. After all, during this period, women often face problems with bowel movement. However, it is necessary to exclude the pre-existence of hemorrhoids and anal fissures, which could appear in the process of natural delivery. This once again confirms the need for prior consultation with a specialist.

Summing up the article

You got acquainted with the new modern preparation for correction of the intestine - microclyster "Norgalax".Instructions for using the medication are presented in your article. As you already know, before using this remedy, you need to consult a doctor. It is worth saying that the uncontrolled use of the compound often leads to excessive emptying of the intestine. In this case, there is a threat of dehydration. In addition, it is rare, but nevertheless there are adverse reactions to the drug. More often they are expressed in allergies( there are itching and hives).Observe the doctor's prescription. Good health to you!