Cryodestruction of cervical erosion is an effective way to treat a common disease

One of the characteristics of the female body is the inaccessibility of the organs of the reproductive system for visual examination by a doctor. Their specific location is often the cause of untimely, even too late detection of diseases of reproductive organs in women. It's completely different with the cervix. At usual survey the gynecologist can observe the changes which have occured on its mucous surface, and consequently, to the skilled doctor-gynecologist on forces to notice all neoplasms on mucous and to prevent an opportunity of their development or escalation in oncological diseases.

One of the most frequently detected diseases in preventive examinations is cervical erosion. The identification of erosion should lead to a thorough medical examination. The fact is that being a benign neoplasm by nature, erosion tends to degenerate and may, after time, become the cause of oncology of the cervix. There are several methods of treating the disease, but the most effective of them today is cryodestruction of cervical erosion.

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An outpatient cryodestruction, according to women, is a completely painless procedure that does not require any means at all, even for local anesthesia. The fact that the process of cooling the surface causes a weakening of the sensitivity of nerve endings and tissues, has a spastic effect on the vessels and prevents the occurrence of bleeding. This is not all the advantages of the procedure, cryodestruction of cervical erosion gives an opportunity to directly affect the disease, nearby tissues are not injured or damaged.

The outpatient surgery, which takes just a couple of minutes of operation, allows a woman to immediately return to a full life. As a result of the treatment of the source of erosion with cooled nitrogen, edema develops in the tissues of the uterus. Also, women sometimes complain of discharge after cryodestruction of the cervix. This phenomenon - a natural defense of the body, worry about the discharge is not worth it. Healing of prune erosion occurs during the month, sometimes a little longer. The time of the operation should be discussed with the doctor - it is usually recommended to choose the first phase of the menstrual cycle, approximately the 7th-10th day.

The operation is preceded by a thorough examination at the gynecologist, conducting colposcopy. It will also be necessary to study smears from the vagina and cervix. It is very important before the operation to identify the presence of an infection or pathogenic microflora and to produce a preliminary therapeutic treatment.

Timely cryodestruction of cervical erosion in the most cases leads to complete tissue repair without leaving scars. A very important point - the operation does not lead to a deterioration in the elasticity of the fallopian tubes, this is especially important if the woman becomes pregnant. Cryodestruction of cervical erosion can not subsequently cause complications with the opening of the cervix during childbirth. This kind of erosion treatment is shown to all nulliparous women.

In fact, cryodestruction of cervical erosion is an operative intervention that has some contraindications: the presence of acute inflammatory processes of the reproductive organs, endometriosis, the detection of the third degree of dysplasia - in such cases cryodestruction of cervical erosion is not performed. Women's comments about the procedure are usually positive. Especially well responded to those who after the treatment managed to get pregnant and safely give birth to beautiful kids.