Cigarettes "LM": information about the manufacturer and assortment

Worldwide popular brands of tobacco products in fact there is today is not so much. And it's not about the world's refusal to smoke. Cigarettes are easier and cheaper to produce for local implementation. Only very large corporations or the best quality products manage to enter the world market. A worthy example - cigarettes "LM", which is not the first decade is one of the most popular brands in more than 75 countries. How did this brand manage to win the love of consumers and keep it for many years?

General information on the trade mark

Cigarette lm Tobacco products sold under the trademark "LM" are manufactured by the international corporation Philip Morris International. The name of the cigarettes was given the first letters of the names of the creators. Accordingly, the usual combination of letters L & M stands for "Liggett & Myers"( Liggett & Myers).

What is the secret of brand popularity? The number of types of produced tobacco products under this brand can be counted on the fingers. However, they all differ significantly from each other. And if desired, every consumer will find cigarettes "LM", which will best satisfy his needs. Throughout its history, the brand has changed the packaging design and sales concepts many times. What is curious, while it remains popular and recognizable, and the products sold continue to be in demand.

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Types of cigarettes L & M

The most common types of tobacco products produced under the trademark "LM": Lights, Super Lights, Filter, Menthol. Somewhat less frequently you can see today's Cran Grape, Strawberry and One. Throughout its history, the brand has changed product design more than once, not all consumers have met with joy, but despite this, it does not get any more fans. In Russia, cigarettes "LM" can be bought today in any tobacco store, and this is an undoubted success.

Are these tobacco products safe for health?

Lm Cigarette Compact For all the time of production, the L & M products have been advertised under a variety of slogans. The most memorable of them: "The new taste is easier than the lung" and "Discover your world."But are these tobacco products really not harmful to health?

If you believe the promises of the manufacturer, cigarettes "LM" are relatively safe and cause minimal damage to health. The use of high-quality raw materials, special twisting technology and filters should minimize the amount of harmful tar and combustion products that enter the body of the smoker. Especially it concerns new species, for example "LM-compact" - cigarettes, which appeared on the market relatively recently.

However, it is not necessary to believe advertising, smoking of any tobacco products causes serious harm to the body. Safe cigarettes do not exist, and the least harmful are considered to be electronic. Classic tobacco products should be consumed in limited quantities, or even better display willpower and completely abandon them forever.