"Avicenna" - clinical and diagnostic center Rostov-on-Don: description, services and reviews

Avicena is a clinical diagnostic center( Rostov-on-Don), which provides medical services for children with neurological diseases, developmental lag and pathology of the musculoskeletal system. In three centers, patients are accepted from birth to 18 years of age. Assistance is provided for MHI policies( a limited range of services) and on a commercial basis.


Avicena is a clinical diagnostic center( Rostov-on-Don), specializing in helping children with neurological pathologies. Services are provided for MHI policies and on a commercial basis. The opening of the first institution took place in 2009.The network has unified medical standards of care, modern diagnostic equipment has been installed from the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment.

The staff is focused on working with children. Doctors have a high level of training and extensive work experience. To provide effective assistance in the first year of the child's life, a comprehensive program "Be healthy, baby" has been developed and implemented in clinics. It allows early diagnosis of abnormalities in the development of the neuropsychological activity of the baby and begin treatment with subsequent rehabilitation. Early diagnosis and effective therapies often cope with the problem without complications.

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Avicena is a clinical diagnostic center( Rostov-on-Don), which provides assistance to children in the following directions:

  • Consultations of specialized specialists( neurologists, orthopedists, otolaryngologists, pediatricians, manual therapists, etc.).
  • Ultrasound diagnosis( dopplerography of the vessels of the brain and neck, spine, GI organs, reproductive organs, thyroid gland, etc.).
  • Functional diagnostics( EEG, rheoencephalography, EMG, ENMG, etc.).
  • Individual rehabilitation programs( massage, manual therapy, micro-polarization, exercise therapy, etc.).
  • Massage for any age( medical, preventive).
  • Osteopathy( structural, craniosacral, visceral).
  • Paraffin-ozocerite applications( diseases of the respiratory system, PNS, musculoskeletal system, etc.).
  • Electrophoresis of medicinal preparations.
  • Micropolarization of the brain.
  • Magnetic stimulation of the brain( spinal, head).

Diagnostic Center "Avicenna"( Russia) for the first time in Rostov-on-Don for children at risk of damage to the central nervous system, introduced a unique rehabilitation program. Procedures are at home, a range of therapeutic and preventive measures includes special massage, exercise therapy and the patronage of a specialist. The complex approach gives positive results in the correction of the child's condition.

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One-Day Surveys

Avicena( Clinical Diagnostic Center, Rostov-on-Don) offers comprehensive services for children. For babies, the program provides the following activities:

  • Doctor's appointment with a neurologist and a vertebrologist.
  • Ultrasound examination of the brain( through the fontanel zone, temporal bone).Dopplerography of vessels( head, neck).
  • Electromyography.
  • EEG with functional samples.
  • US of individual parts of the spine and adjacent tissues.
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of hip joints.


For preschoolers and students, the program provides the same full range of studies, electrocardiography is added to the minimum required. The children's neurological center "Avicenna"( Rostov-on-Don) offers to undergo comprehensive surveys on CHI programs. To use the opportunity, you must have a referral from the doctor from the health center at your place of residence, as well as an extract from the medical card, where the diagnosis of the child is indicated.

In addition to the financial component, for the convenience of clients, it is possible to carry out a preventive examination on a day off. On Saturdays, patients will be pleased to receive the central branch of the network - Avicena( clinical diagnostic center, Rostov) on Tolstoy. For one day, you can go through the whole body of the child and get the final verdict of a specialist. According to doctors, such events are sufficient to hold once a year.

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Positive feedbacks

Reviews about the diagnostic center "Avicenna"( Russia) in Rostov-on-Don with positive reviews left in favor of excellent modern equipment, highly professional specialists, cleanliness and general comfort of the clinic. Parents say that one of the weighty bonuses in favor of a medical institution is the opportunity to undergo the necessary examinations on the policy of CHI.Especially those who were assigned several studies were happy with this circumstance. Having received the results, the majority of visitors took advantage of the treatment procedures of the center already on a paid basis.

Clients believe that the clinic employs very good specialists who easily find a common language with children and parents. Doctors patiently answer all the pressing questions. The results of the surveys, their decoding are ready in the shortest time and on demand are always issued in hands.

Neutral feedback

In neutral responses, parents note that the equipment and doctors of the center are beyond praise. Efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis, treatment and counseling have raised the confidence of most clients.

With existing advantages, customers are confused about the service - in the registry they confuse the entries, quite often they impolitely respond or simply refuse to admit for OMS, if the patient is late for the appointed time.

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Negative feedback from

"Avicena"( clinical diagnostic center, Rostov) in many patients caused a negative attitude. This is due to the work of the registry staff. In the reviews, clients say that it is impossible to reach the centers, and if this is possible, then no one can give a clear answer to the question posed.

It's not easier with the ability to record to the reception in the phone mode, the only way to get the necessary information is available in person near the reception desk. But there are many such customers - clients are required to take the results of tests, make an appointment for diagnosis or consultation, which is why the situation is nervous and causes irritation in everyone.

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There are a small number of reviews in which parents noted the unceremoniousness of doctors who do not answer questions or impose additional paid surveys without any motivation. There are stories that doctors allow themselves to be late for reception, creating queues, which is very harmful for young children. In the stories it is mentioned that it is time for some centers to change the room - too tight corridors and small rooms create hubbiness, discomfort and serve as an excuse for refusing mothers with young children to use strollers.

In general, the network "Avicena"( clinical and diagnostic center, Rostov) on the Communist Prospect, Tolstoy Square or on the street. Kazakh customers have caused more positive impressions. Visitors felt that high-quality specialists and services on MHI policies are sufficient reasons for constant service in the clinics of the network.

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Addresses and mode of operation

Clinical and diagnostic centers "Avicenna" invite children and parents to the addresses:

  • Area of ​​Leo Tolstoy, building 2A.
  • Prospekt Kommunistichesky, building 40.
  • Kazakh street, building 129.

The work schedule is on weekdays - from 08:00 to 20:00, on Saturdays - from 08:00 to 17:00.

Useful information

A package of documents is required for servicing of MHI policies, which includes:

  • MHI policy;
  • referral from a polyclinic at the place of residence;
  • an extract from the medical history;
  • passport or child's birth certificate.

Based on the insurance policy, patients can receive a limited range of services, namely:

  • Consultation of leading specialists - neurologist or orthopedist - to assign the necessary functional or ultrasound studies.
  • Consultation with an orthopedist or neurologist for a course of therapeutic massage, rehabilitation, exercise therapy, physiotherapy or individual sessions with a speech therapist.
  • Some kinds of functional diagnostics( electromyography, REG, EEG, etc.).