Radiation sickness: signs, symptoms and consequences

Every disease is dangerous and insidious in its own way. Unpleasant symptoms along with a bad state of health make us think about the fact that the ailment has already come. Such a phenomenon as radiation sickness, is a vivid representative of such ailments. Many have heard about the existence of radiation pathologies and the seriousness of such consequences for a person. The event in Chernobyl, known throughout the world, informed people in the shortest possible time about the presence of a serious danger that comes from radioactive radiation. In what exactly is this kind of danger, we learn in this article. How to recognize the signs of radiation sickness? signs of radiation sickness

How does the ailment occur?

So, radiation sickness is called the reaction from the human body to the impact of life-threatening radioactive radiation. Under the influence of such an unfavorable factor in the cells unnatural processes are triggered for normal functioning, which entail certain failures in many structures of vital activity. This disease is extremely dangerous for life, as it is an irreversible process, the destructive effect of which can only be suspended a little. Signs of radiation sickness are important to determine in a timely manner.

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Influence of radioactive radiation

Radioactive radiation affects the body as an aggressive factor that causes concomitant diseases. Its danger directly depends on the time and the total radiation area. In addition, the way of getting radiation into the body itself influences. No less important role is played by the immune resistance of the human body.

Given the extent of the lesion, the underlying zones are identified, most often undergoing pathological changes as a result of radiation sickness:

  • Digestive system.
  • Nervous system.
  • Spinal cord.
  • The circulatory system.

Consequences of radiation pathology in these parts of the body lead to serious dysfunctions that arise as a single complication or can be combined with several. A similar combination is observed in lesions of the third degree. Such consequences can acquire very serious forms up to lethal outcomes. the first sign of radiation sickness

Classification of radiation sickness

Depending on the period of exposure to radiation, the radiation sickness is divided into the following types:

  • Acute form.
  • Chronic form.

Acute radiation sickness is considered the consequence of a short radiation exposure, which is over 1 g. This dose is a critical form causing rapid changes in the human body, which mainly lead to serious complications, and sometimes to the death of the patient.

Symptoms of radiation sickness vary in degrees.

Chronic form

Chronic radiation pathology can occur due to prolonged contact with a radiation source, the radiation from which is equal to the limit of up to 1 g. Often patients with chronic radiation sickness are employees of nuclear power plants, who have to contact radiation. Depending on the degree of radiation penetration, this disease is classified into the following types:

  • An internal form that arises as a consequence of the ingress of radioactive elements into the body. In this case, radiation enters through the respiratory system or digestive system. This factor is decisive in the treatment, since in the first place the organs undergoing irradiation are exposed to damage.
  • An external form in which radioactive effects occur through the skin of a person.

Thus, radiation sickness, the signs of which have already made themselves felt, can have different forms, it is classified depending on the severity of the ailment. signs of radiation sickness in degrees

Radiation sickness: the degree of damage to the body

All the possible consequences of radiation sickness, as a rule, lead to serious dysfunctions that can manifest themselves as single complications or combine with several. There are three degrees of radiation exposure:

  • First degree. This stage of defeat is characterized by a minimally dangerous effect of radiation on a person. The symptomatology of the disease at this stage does not even always appear. In this case, complete diagnosis shows only the initial pathological changes in the functioning of vital systems. This stage is successfully corrected by means of timely medical treatment. What are the signs of radiation sickness after radiation therapy?
  • Second degree. This degree of disease has more pronounced manifestations in comparison with the previous form. The consequences of such a radioactive effect can also be successfully treated. But against its background, the risk of serious health problems in the future is increasing several times. Unfortunately, quite often these problems are cancer.
  • Third degree. This form is a serious threat to human life. It is characterized by numerous changes in the normal functioning of vital body systems, which can often lead to its death. Treatment of such conditions is mainly aimed at eliminating the consequences of radioactive exposure. It should be noted that the consequences of radiation exposure of the third degree are almost irreversible. A person can only partially improve his health, but, unfortunately, cases of complete disability are not uncommon.

Symptoms of radiation sickness

Radiation sickness, the treatment of which has not yet begun, has its symptoms, manifested depending on the degree of radiation damage to the body. So, what is the first sign of radiation sickness? About this further.

The main symptoms are as follows: radiation sickness symptoms symptoms effects

  • Against the background of the first degree of the disease, a person has a feeling of nausea, vomiting, dryness or bitterness in the mouth. It is not excluded the development of tachycardia and tremor. All these symptoms are temporary and soon, as a rule, disappear after reconstitution therapy, as well as elimination of the source of radiation. It can be said, this is the first sign of radiation sickness.
  • In the context of radiation damage of the second degree, a violation in the coordination of movements is often noted along with the presence of skin rashes across the entire body area. Also, a person can begin to experience periodic spasms of the eyes, and, in addition, all the symptoms of the first degree manifest themselves. In the event that the required therapy is not performed in a timely manner, the second degree can develop into the next heavier form. Alopecia can also occur in patients. The condition may also be accompanied by a decrease in reflex reactions. At this stage, blood pressure drops in patients. Symptoms of radiation sickness vary considerably in degrees.
  • Symptoms of the third degree of irradiation mainly depend on which organs were affected by radioactive interference. In such conditions, the patient has all the above symptoms, and in addition, those of them that are characteristic of concomitant pathology. In this phase of the disease, the state of immunity deteriorates noticeably in patients, and, in addition, hemorrhagic syndrome occurs, which is accompanied by severe bleeding. At this stage, there is a complete intoxication of the body. There is an exacerbation of the risk of all kinds of infectious diseases.

Fourth degree - against the background of all this the patient raises his temperature and drops his blood pressure. There are signs of acute radiation sickness. Also, patients have a faster pulse and a person begins to overcome weakness. It is not excluded the occurrence of edema in the gum area, along with the appearance of necrotic ulcers in the digestive system.

These are the main signs of radiation sickness of 1-4 degrees.

Diagnosis of radiation sickness

Diagnosis of radiation pathology is carried out through various medical methods and methods, which directly depends on the stage at which this dangerous disease occurs. First of all, in such cases it is necessary to collect a detailed anamnesis. The doctor listens to all the patient's complaints. After this, the following blood tests are mandatory: signs of radiation sickness after radiation therapy

  • General clinical analysis.
  • Blood for biochemistry.
  • Coagulogram.

In addition, in the diagnosis, the patient's bone marrow is examined along with its internal organs. Such diagnostics is carried out by means of ultrasound. In addition, endoscopy and radiography are performed. It is thanks to the blood indicator that it is possible to determine the severity of the disease. Later on the analysis of blood can also be observed for the dynamics of phase changes in the disease.

Preventive measures

It is important to determine the signs of radiation sickness of 1 degree in time. But ideally, it is better not to allow the development of an ailment at all.

In order to prevent radiation sickness, constant use of various protection options is required if the person is directly in the radio emission zone. Also, as part of preventive measures, drugs that are radioprotectors are used that can significantly reduce the radiosensitivity of the human body. In addition, radioprotectors slow down the course of various radiochemical reactions. It should be noted that the use of such drugs occurs half an hour before exposure to radiation. The directly protective properties of such drugs last for five hours.

And it is important to remember that indications of death from acute radiation sickness include indomitable vomiting, diarrhea with blood, unconsciousness, general convulsions, and then death.

Treatment of radiation sickness

To my great regret, no one is immune from radiation sickness. This disease is diagnosed in medical practice not only in adults, but also in young children. The reasons for its occurrence are always very different, ranging from conventional foods taken from the Chernobyl zone, ending with radiation exposure in industrial conditions. Timely diagnosis of the disease often saves lives for many people, and, on the contrary, delaying treatment often ends in a fatal outcome. As a rule, the main methods of treatment of radiation pathology are directed to the following methods:

  • A complete picture of the lesion of internal organs is determined. It is on the basis of such a survey that complex therapy is prescribed, which is directed to the restoration, for example, of the organs of the digestive, hematopoietic or nervous system. Much, as already noted, depends on when the radiation sickness, its signs and periods were recorded.
  • Stage of treatment. Therapy of radiation sickness must be carried out under the strict control of the doctor and must be sent to remove from the patient's body all kinds of radioactive substances. Any prescribed medication should be taken by the patient on time and strictly according to prescription, because this disease is only aggravated without proper treatment. That is, the longer a person does not treat radiation sickness, the higher the probability of even more serious consequences for health. signs of radiation sickness 1 4 degrees
  • Stimulation and enhancement of immunity. Whatever the severity of radiation exposure, the timing of the patient's further recovery directly depends on how quickly his immunity can restore his former health. Therefore, stimulation of immunity is considered an extremely important stage of treatment aimed at rapid recovery. For this purpose, immunostimulants are used in medical practice, and, in addition, they use a vitamin diet, which is directed to strengthening immunity.
  • Prevention of the disease implies the subsequent complete exclusion from the life of the patient of any factors that can have a radioactive effect on his body. As part of the preventive action, you can name the job change, along with the timing of X-ray examinations, which should be conducted no more than once a year. It is important to note that X-rays should completely exclude women in cases of pregnancy.

Folk methods for the treatment of radiation pathology

Folk remedies for the treatment of radiation pathologies are often used as part of a comprehensive cure for the disease, along with basic medication. In fact, there are a lot of ways to treat radiation sickness, but to list all modern techniques and methods, and, in addition, to name specific medications is inexpedient because the appointment of a rehabilitative treatment should only be done by the attending physician.

So, as already noted, folk remedies for elimination of signs of acute radiation sickness are often used in the framework of complex treatment along with the main drug therapy. Unconventional therapy is directed to the removal of radionuclides from the body, in addition, the immune system is stimulated. For all these purposes, the folk medicine sector has a whole arsenal of excellent tools that can have a soft effect on the entire body, allowing the use of such methods for a long time. Folk treatment is quite effective and is considered an excellent way for prevention. signs of acute radiation sickness

The most proven tools

In fact, all sorts of recipes are very many, consider some of the most proven and effective of them:

  • Tincture, cooked on the basis of needles. With the help of this tincture, it is possible to neutralize the radioactive effect, that is, to remove radionuclides from the human body. This infusion is prepared on the basis of half a liter of boiled water. Also, five tablespoons of ground needle needles are taken. Tincture to boil to bring is not necessary. It is required to insist for one day. Prepared medicine is required to drink during the day in full. The procedure is repeated a day later for one month.
  • Sea buckthorn oil. Healing oil from sea-buckthorn is perfect not only for preventive measures, but also for treatment. This product has a pronounced antiradiation effect. The essence of the application is as follows: take one teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil three times a day for exactly one month.

The article deals with radiation sickness, signs, symptoms, consequences are presented.