Toothpaste "Aquafresh": description, species, reviews

The history of the Aquafresh brand began in Portugal, where in 1972 the GlaxoSmithKline organization started producing this brand. The toothpaste that enters the world market is produced only at GlaxoSmithKline plants without any licenses and intermediaries. Such rigidity of manufacturer's measures prevents the appearance of counterfeits on the market and is a guarantee of quality and safety of use. In this article, toothpaste "Aquafresh" will be considered.

Emblem of the brand

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What is the emblem of the brand symbol of? Three stripes: blue, white and red are not just for beauty, they should emphasize the results of the systematic use of the product - fresh breath, healthy gums and strong teeth. The brand slogan Aquafresh today sounds like this: "3 in 1 - protection for the whole family."

What is unique about Aquafresh toothpaste? The reviews confirm that at first the manufacture of the products had a scientific basis. The manufacturer produced innovative toothpaste solutions. The company has several technology laboratories and about a dozen research centers that constantly monitor products to improve the composition of toothpastes and develop new types of toothpastes. The target consumer segment is a family that cares about the health of teeth and oral hygiene.

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What is the difference between the toothpaste "Aquafresh" and other pastes?

First, the brand produced toothpastes that prevent bleeding of the gums and caries, but today a wide range of oral care products is produced under the Aquafresh brand: several types of toothbrushes, rinsers, toothpastes for prevention and treatment, and whitening gel strips WhiteTrays, issued in February 2007. There is also a toothpaste "Aquafresh" with a dispenser.

In terms of the toothpastes of this brand, they are all multicomponent in their composition, but they always consist of three ingredients: a binary fluorine system, calcium carbonate and calcium glycerophosphate.

To date, the company can offer a large selection of products, including several types of toothpastes.

Types of pastes

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To date, the company can offer customers a wide range of toothpastes.

Aquafresh "Comprehensive protection" will provide the whole family with all-round care. This paste has eight advantages, as well as the enhancement of active minerals, so that there is always fresh breath and strong enamel. The cost of this toothpaste is from 133 to 172 rubles.

Toothpaste "Aquafresh Complex protection Extra Freshness" strengthens enamel, is rich in minerals and has a pleasant taste. The cost of this product is from 148 to 169 rubles.

Aquafresh "Complex protection Bleaching" - paste, which is part of the "Integrated Protection" series, but has a small effect of bleaching. The cost of this variety is from 148 to 169 rubles.

Aquafresh "Refreshing-mint" and "Mild-mint" - paste, with the use of which saturation of the enamel with fluoride, which helps strengthen the teeth from the inside. It also has a pleasant mint flavor. How much does this toothpaste Aquafresh cost? The average price is 61 rubles.

Aquafresh High Definition is a product whose work can be evaluated after the first use, as the incredibly thin particles of Illumipearls are removed from the teeth by plaque, polishing and bleaching up to three times better. This is a real opportunity to achieve the desired beauty and whiteness of teeth. The average cost of toothpaste is 104 rubles.

With doser

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You can also note the presence of toothpaste Aquafresh series with a dispenser. Its cost is about 100 rubles, which is quite democratic. It has a number of advantages: it is pleasant to taste( tender mint), not too liquid consistency, it foams well enough and not too much, it favors breathing refreshment, it helps to remove teeth from plaque, reduces excessive sensitivity of teeth. As for the package itself, it is not without advantages, the tube is very convenient to use. You put it, press the button, and it gives out the necessary portion of the paste.

Children's Toothpaste «Aquafresh»

Children's toothpastes Aquafresh Kids help children's teeth to grow healthy. Milk teeth of children look very nice. But it should be remembered that their enamel is 50% thinner than in adults. At the baby the first tooth was cut, we start to accustom it to clean. Just like adults, milk teeth are cleaned 2 times a day, and then they will be strong and healthy for a long time. In the pastes Aquafresh Kids contains fluoride, which strengthens and protects the teeth from sugar, which contributes to the development of caries. These toothpastes have a pleasant mint flavor that children like, this also contributes to high demand.


The toothpastes of Aquafresh have many advantages: the quality of the products is flawless, there are no counterfeits, the composition is enriched with minerals, in the paste there is a binary fluorine system that helps protect the tooth enamel from acids.

What else can the "Aquafresh" paste do?

Also a notable advantage of Aquafresh in comparison with its world-famous analogs is the absence of the SLS component, a dangerous refinery product, which acts as an amplifier for the formation of foam.

However, we can not say about the lack, namely, the presence of propylparaben and methylparaben( this is available for all types of toothpastes).Regardless of this shortcoming, Aquafresh has a huge number of awards and is recognized as a quality leader.


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Reviews for this paste are very good. You can choose a product that will be available to everyone at a price. Toothpaste is safe and can be used by children. Only need to buy a special children's series. Kids really like the pleasant mint flavor. Convenient paste "Aquafresh" with a dispenser. Its cost is low. Moreover, the paste has a lot of advantages, it foams well, gently polishes and whitens teeth while retaining enamel.