Preparation "Entegnin": instructions for use, reviews

In modern pharmacy chains, you can find many drugs that have an adsorbing effect. You can purchase them without an appropriate prescription. Most of these medicines are not absorbed into the blood, but act solely in the intestines. They excrete toxin, allergens and other harmful substances from the body. The same medicine has the "Entegnin".Instructions for use, feedback on this tool will be presented to your attention further. The article will tell you about the features of using the medicine and give it a description.

entegnin instruction for children

What is it?

About the drug "Entegnin" instructions for use says it's a pill. A preparation of 100 and 50 capsules in a pack is produced. The main active ingredient is lignin hydrolyzed. The amount of this component is 0.4 grams per tablet.

The drug can be purchased without a special prescription. However, before using, you should carefully read the instructions or consult a doctor. About the tablets "Entegnin" reviews say that it has an affordable price in comparison with its counterparts. One pack of the drug will cost you 200 rubles. If you want to buy 100 tablets, then this package will cost from 250 rubles.

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entegnine instruction on the use of analogues

Indications for prescribing

About the Entegnine medication the instruction manual says that it can be used without prescribing a doctor. Harm does not medicate. However, it is necessary to use tablets carefully, strictly following the annotation. Indications for use will be the following situations:

  • poisoning with medicines and food;
  • of an intestinal infection of bacterial or viral origin;
  • lack of dietary fiber, irregular stools;
  • work on harmful production( in chemical laboratories, printing shops and so on);
  • residence in adverse areas( areas of high radiation).

About the drug "Entegnin" instructions for use do not provide this information, but doctors and patients say that the tablets can be used to improve the condition of the skin and hair. Also, the composition is prescribed for a hangover syndrome.

Contraindications: are they?

What important information does the user give us about the Entegnine product? The abstract says that the medicine has no contraindications. It can be used for children, pregnant women. Even during breastfeeding, the need for treatment does not require the abolition of lactation.

However, it is worth remembering that some people may have an increased sensitivity to the components. In this case, advises to abandon the use of tablets "Entegnin" instructions for use. Analogs of this drug may have other active ingredients. Ask your doctor, the doctor will pick up a suitable substitute for you.

entegnine and instructions for use

"Entegnin": instruction for the use of

For children and adults, the medication is prescribed for internal administration. Unlike other medications with the same effect, the composition must be taken with food. The dosage depends on the age and weight of the patient.

Adults are recommended to take 2 tablets three times a day. In this case, the total portion will be 12 percent of the daily intake of dietary fiber. In some cases, the dosage is increased. However, such an appointment should be made by a doctor.

For children, the formula is prescribed 1 tablet up to 3 times a day, depending on the age and severity of the disease. The drug can be crushed before use. The course of treatment is from several days to a month. If necessary, after a short break, therapy can be repeated.

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How does the medicine work?

About the agent "Entegnine N" instructions for use says that the drug is formed from wood derivatives. The composition is not digested in the stomach and intestines. The medicine collects all harmful substances( toxins, cholesterol, bilirubin, viruses and bacteria), and then removes them from the body naturally. Tablets swell in the intestines, contacting with water. As a result, digestion is established, peristalsis improves, the stool becomes regular. The drug favorably affects the microflora of the large intestine, promoting the proliferation of beneficial bacteria.

A feature of the described medicine is that it can remove not only harmful, but also useful substances. Therefore, when using other drugs, it is worth keeping to the individual scheme. Thus, a break between the described remedy and the taking of other medications should be at least two hours.

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Feedback from consumers

About the drug "Entegnin" reviews are mostly good. Consumers say that the drug works on the intestines. With frequent constipation, the stool is normalized. Also after the course of the medication the skin condition improves. This is especially often noted by representatives of the weaker sex. Vitamins and useful elements begin to be absorbed in full.

Patients' opinions say that the remedy can be used for prevention purposes. The composition also affects the immune defense of the body. As under its action all harmful substances are deduced, the person is much better resists infections. The medicine, according to consumers, has a very good price. Many similar drugs cost several times more.

Remember that you should not rely only on instructions and feedback. Be sure to consult a doctor for advice.